What kind of "salvation" could a hooked nose kike possibly offer an Israelite woman?


The same type of "salvation" they offered Jesus:  scourging, torturing, brutally murdering and crucifying by claiming that He blasphemed God, throwing him on a dung heap, and telling us today that He's now boiling in hot excrement?


That's the ONLY type of "salvation" hooked nose kikes know--what Jesus told her is that she would be saved FROM the jews, that she would no longer need to go to the temple they usurped to "worship the father", that the time is near when she can "worship the father" right here on this mountain, right by THIS well built by YOUR "father" [read: ANCESTOR] Jacob.


Salvation comes ONLY from God, and thru His Son Jesus--NO OTHER "MAN" OR JEW CAN OFFER anybody "salvation", ESPECIALLY AN ISRAELITE.