willie_175: sand_bagger_1: so you hate jews?

willie_175: I never said that I hate jews. I don't like them, but I don't hate them

willie_175: What difference does it make to you.

sand_bagger_1: then you dont like jesus

sand_bagger_1: you dumbpld man

sand_bagger_1: dumb

willie_175: Jesus was no damn jew, you dumb ass

sand_bagger_1: oh really?

willie_175: The word jews was not even invented until the middle of the 1800s

sand_bagger_1: your an old fucked up old man getting ready to go to hell

willie_175: The jews hide behind that word, just like they did the word Bolshevik when they took over Russia in 1917 and then proceeded to murder 50 million Christians

willie_175: No you are either a jew or one stupid judeochristian

sand_bagger_1: everyone on pal hates you

willie_175: Who gives a shit and you are one lying turd

sand_bagger_1: your mother is

willie_175: So you are a jew

willie_175: Too damn cowardly to admit it

sand_bagger_1: you are an old fucked up, man ,boound for the lake of fire

willie_175: hahahaha you cowardly jew

sand_bagger_1: God will turn from you

willie_175: You are just another cowardly jew.


willie_175: Here is something you can add to the list