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Oh, really? I thought we were already running the world. Remember? Protocols of the Elders of Zion and all that?

Be careful.

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John..Seems that you have dug out a rather prehistoric example of humanity in this "Mary" she gloats about the depravity and vindictiveness of Jews is characteristic of many of them...and if given control over this nation, we can expect similar events to occur...So keep your weapons clean, powder dry, as a time is coming when they will try to usurp all power....but let it come...the historic "Jewish Problem" will be resolved overnight...JRN
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Mary: You come from a family of War Criminals. Even Hitler did not commit such atrocities.
But Zionist communists, can always justify their atrocities and then conceal their acts.

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And if China says “no”, which they will, the deal is off, and the nasty EU racists will have sent INFINITELY as much as Obama banana nigger.

John Knight

John, my Dad burned over 400 Nazis to death in a trench at Nazi concentration camp at the end of WW2. He and his troops made them dig the trench, jump into it, sprayed gas all over them and lit up their screaming asses.
My Uncle was one of many B 25 Pilots who dropped tons of bombs on Dresden killing thousands of German men women and children. John here's the kicker. My family is 100% Jewish. Have a great day.
Scary Mary