Feminism KILLS an Extra 356,883 Americans

US Homicide RATE Almost Triples


356,883 extra Americans have been murdered since 1957 just because of the increased homicide rate.


Children raised in fatherless households are 8 times more likely to commit murder than children raised in father headed families.


The increase in the rate of fatherlessness from 6% in 1957 to 23% in 1980 led to an additional 14,090 murders in just ONE year.


Education quality plunges.

Banning school prayer cost more than 336,883 American lives just in almost tripling of the homicide rate, and it has been catastrophic in many other ways.  This factor alone is more than 8 times as many lives as were lost during the entire course of the Vietnam "War", and more than 10 times as many lives as are lost in auto accidents each year.

The Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1971, page 58, states that the homicide rate in the US in 1960 was 4.7 per 100,000 population.  This had been the murder rate in the nation for almost two centuries prior, since its founding in 1776.   Following the banning of school prayer in 1961 it began to steadily increase, reaching a record high in 1998 of 12.6.  The US homicide rate has remained at record highs since school prayer was banned.  At 95 times higher than Singapore, 8 times higher than Japan, 4.6 times higher than Korea, 8.3 times higher than Israel, it is almost the world's highest homicide rate.  Only Italy, Lithuania, and Puerto Rico (A US territory) have higher murder rates.

This violent increase in violent crimes in such a short period of time, coupled with the inability to reverse this trend even with a quadrupling of the rate at which Americans are imprisoned, coupled with a dramatic decrease in the "clearance rate" of murders, is a distinguishing feature of Americanism.  The distinguishing result is that no nation has a higher incarceration rate than the US.

Would this have happened had we not thrown God out of the American classroom in 1961?  Up until that single event, He had protected the nation for 2 centures, provided the US with the world's highest standard of living, & created one of the safest havens in the world  for our children, immigrants from all over the world, and for their children.  Not a shred of statistical evidence supports the notion that this was a good idea, that the nation benefited in one single way, that it improved the life of even one citizen, that the individual rights of a few were worth giving up the religious rights of all. Would  feminism have run its pathological course had this not happened?

If the banning of school prayer is not the root problem, then what is?  More than half a million American lives would be saved from murder over the next 3 decades if that one single problem is resolved, so it is worth considering.  What other factor could have caused Americans to kill an extra 336,883 of themselves, and another 500,000 over the next 3 decades?  This is not Christianity, nor Judaism, nor Buddhism, nor any other successful world religion, nor any other social construct which is known to work.  It is feminism which is known NOT to work.

As long as the American father fails to understand the reason for the importance of maintaing the connection between responsibility and authority, AND the reason that feminism is bent for destruction because it denies this simple concept, the American father might just as well give up and quit thinking he is going gain "men's rights" or "fathers' rights".  It'll never happen until HE knows what his own acceptance of this feminist principle has done to his own society.

It has been suggested that to despise "recreational sex" is to despise human nature.  The Bible despises "recreational sex", but it does an awfully good job of maintaining social order.  People, the Bible, and probably most American men despise murder, but does that mean that they despise human nature?  Nope.  It means that they adhere to an important moral principle.

It is human nature to murder, otherwise we wouldn't need laws against it.  It is also human nature to have sex, so we also need laws against "recreational sex", which does MUCH more damage to society than even murder.  Those countries which enforce adultery laws have murder rates one third to one tenth that of countries which DO enforce adultery laws murdrateworld.htm

In other words, strict enforcement of adultery laws would do more to reduce murder rates than enforcement of murder laws itself.  We didn't relax the enforcement of murder laws--we only relaxed enforcement of adultery laws.  And the murder rate skyrocketed, giving us the world's third highest murder rate.

There are 1.2 million divorces each year.  Our own surveys suggest that 90% of those divorces occurred because of adultery by wives.  Shere Hite brags that 70% of American wives commit adultery within 5 years of marriage.  Barbara Rothman in "Marriage and Families" reports that ONE OUT OF FIVE children born to intact families aren't even the biological offspring of the husband, per recent DNA testing.  The stress this causes to families, men, children, the legal establishment, schools, courtrooms, & wives is immense, and could easily lead to murder much more often than it does.  Almost all of the highly publicized school shootings were caused by teenagers whose families had broken up, mostly because of adultery by the mother smh.htm

1.2 million divorces adversely affects 2.4 million parents and 1.6 million children, for a total of 4 million Americans EACH YEAR.  If this compelled "only" 0.4% of them to murder someone, that by itself would explain the "inexplicible" fact that our murder rate almost tripled.

The abject failure of feminism was caused by its failure to take responsibility for those extra 336,883 Americans who were murdered since Betty Friedan sold her first book--and its penchant to blame it all on men.  Men are partly responsible, only in their failure to understand how "recreational sex" undermined society and contributed greatly to feminism. The role men play is analogous to the gun shop owner selling a gun, while the role feminists play is analogous to buying the gun, setting the trap, lying in wait, pulling the trigger, and killing 356,883 American men.