"Scientific" Polls


Never before in history have Americans, thanks to the internet, had such a great opportunity to peer right into the corrupt political process to see how our politics, and thus our lives, have been controlled by an alien enemy foreign power, the one using our own government to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and spit on the blood of our Founding Fathers.

Never before in history have we had the opportunity to witness firsthand, debate after debate, line after line, precept after precept, just how they can and will use fraudulent "scientific" polls to frustrate the will of "we the people".  Never have we seen such a naked, frustrated, amoral grab for power right up close where all the flaws, pimples, and moles look like Mount Everest. 

And never before have we had the opportunity to expose "scientific" polls for what they are--a tool for the advancement of the "new world order" and the *destruction* of everything our Founding Fathers ever stood for, in the name of "science".

How can it be explained that, on dozens of internet polls, hundreds of thousands, even millions, of Americans select Ron Paul as their candidate on a variety of key issues at a rate of 50-92%, leaving only 1 or 2% each for Giuliani or Romney or Obama, or a woman, at the very same time that so many "scientific" polls, reported unilaterally by every "news" outlet, put Pristine Ron Paul at 5-10% and uGly Giuliani at 55%?

It can be explained.  There's nothing at all difficult about understanding how a targeted "scientific" poll can under-represent actual American public opinion by an order of magnitude.

But stop right here

But stop right here. If you proceed past this point, you will learn something that will require you to ACT--and if you don't want to ACT, please don't read any further.  Please take your civic responsibility seriously if you proceed.  The following is not intended for the light-hearted, weak-minded, nor politically correct feminazi. The following is only for those who took the oath to uphold the US Constitution against foreign *and domestic* enemies, who take that oath seriously, who understand the severe consequences of following your moral convictions in a sea of apathy and amorality, and who ARE capable of grasping just what happened to our political process, and why.

A "scientific" poll like a Gallup poll usually includes only about 1,000 interviews, and it CAN accurately predict public opinion to within one or two percentage points (+ or - 1% or 2%), when they want to.  But with such a small sample size, and with the ability to target that sample, and by using other techniques which you will learn here today, a particularly emotional topic can result in outcomes which are the exact opposite of public opinion.   Gallup's own long standing misrepresentations of public opinion about abortion and gay rights are two perfect examples of how "scientific" polls are tailored to produce the desired results.  Don't get caught up in the emotion of these polls, just remind yourself that at a time when Gallup predicted that only 17% of the voters would support laws against gay marriages, the voters in state after state, as many as 70-92% of them, passed precisely those same laws.  Gallup's misrepresentation of public opinion about abortion is equally egregious, equally as ingenious, and equally as emotional, which is why you should just place a bookmark here and not get caught up in the details, just yet.

How does Gallup target a "scientific" poll?

How does Gallup target a "scientific" poll in a way that's not possible with internet polls?  The following are just a few of the many ways this can be done:

  1. Select a small, easy to manipulate sample size.
  2. Target the demographics.
  3. Start with a leading question which misleads the respondent.
  4. Hang up on a respondent who doesn't answer the first few questions correctly.
  5. Don't even ask the *key* question in the poll.
  6. Require the respondent to select between two choices, and omit the third choice which most people would select.

Such devious means are impossible on an open internet poll, because everyone who sees the poll sees how the questions are phrased.  But most people never even see the original question in a Gallup poll which produced the answer which the "news" media screams from the roof tops.  A sample size of 1,000 would be a very small sample on the internet, and for key topics, hundreds of thousands, or millions, of replies can happen quickly, making it impossible to target the demographics.  But Gallup knows which demographics, which area code, or zip code, or income level, which sex, race, or age, would produce the desired results and they USE that information routinely.

The penchant for Gallup pollsters to hang up on people who don't answer the first few questions properly was unheard of before, but today it's common knowledge, a household word, a fact of life.  Don't worry about how that happened just yet, just remind yourself that it's now true, and remember that it's up to YOU, not "your" government, to fix it.



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