whitestman: what's that all about?

sealion598: im a good friend of the owner

whitestman: owner of what?

sealion598: the room

sealion598: svi

sealion598: thats scott

whitestman: why are you playing black music in a Christian room?

sealion598: he was a admin. in my room on msn

sealion598: music?

sealion598: no

whitestman: and black preachers, why?

sealion598: ok

sealion598: u win

sealion598: im out of there

sealion598: u loose

whitestman: why will you not answer the question?

sealion598: whats the ?

whitestman: what part of the question did you not understand?

whitestman: why are you playing a black preacher?

sealion598: im a admin in there

sealion598: u have a preujust prob.

whitestman: no, I detest blacks, that's not a problem

sealion598: ok--im sorry--i wont be back--ill let the owner know & u wont be back--this is war

whitestman: yes, it is war, and it's not a war blacks can win

whitestman: blacks will lose, big time

sealion598: thought u were a friend

sealion598: im sorry i missed it

whitestman: sealion, you have yet to answer the question/

sealion598: what?

whitestman: why are you playing a black preacher and black music in this Christian forum?

sealion598: i dont understand?

whitestman: what could you possibly NOT understand?

sealion598: hes a believer

sealion598: a preacher

whitestman: sealion, blacks are not Israelites and never can be

whitestman: Christ came only for the Israelites

sealion598: im not devating that

sealion598: debating

sealion598: that

whitestman: and you're not answering the question, why not?

sealion598: im out of here--gtbu

sealion598: gbu

whitestman: why are you ignoring that question, sealion?

sealion598: u havent asked 1

whitestman: I've asked you 12 times why you felt compelled to play a recording of a black preacher, why did you do that?

sealion598: ok

sealion598: let me ask this

sealion598: why is a black preacher bad?

sealion598: if its the word?

sealion598: what is wrong?

whitestman: that is not an answer to the question, is it?

sealion598: im not a racist

sealion598: the word is the word

whitestman: what has that got to do with answering the question?

sealion598: im not a kkk person

whitestman: Christ did NOT come for blacks, only the House of Israel

sealion598: this is not a race issue

whitestman: don't tell us how to run our Christian forum, sealion

sealion598: hey

sealion598: u go to h--

sealion598: dont tell me what to do

sealion598: u got a racist prob.

sealion598: deal with it

whitestman: sealion, you don't tell us what to do, and you don't force us to associate with blacks, ok?

whitestman: we don't want to hear that garbage, and you have no right to force it on us

sealion598: i dont force u to do anything

sealion598: u can leave the room

whitestman: you came to the room and played that garbage without even asking permission

whitestman: you refuse to answer the questiion about why you did that

sealion598: i did ask

whitestman: now you insult us for what YOU did

sealion598: the owner

whitestman: we asked you why you played a black preacher, didn't we?

whitestman: did you ever answer:?

whitestman: no

whitestman: you have no right or reason to do that

whitestman: and we dust our feet of you

sealion598: lets talk ok

sealion598: i did ask

sealion598: the owner & i had a room on msn

sealion598: we r close

whitestman: Scott doesn't know why you would do that, either

sealion598: svi-moshe

whitestman: he doesn't understand why you would do that, and neither do we

sealion598: i just talked to him

sealion598: he loves td jakes

whitestman: dead wrong

sealion598: ok

whitestman: he knows td hates Whites

sealion598: all i know, is what he has told me

sealion598: no way

sealion598: do u know how mant whites he has in his church

whitestman: sealion, I detest everything blacks have done or said, so you have not right to impose this on me

sealion598: ok

sealion598: cool

sealion598: i wont

sealion598: the owner dont agree with u, but we will see

whitestman: which "owner" doesn't agree with me?

sealion598: svi moshe

whitestman: and what has that got to do with the FACT that you have NO right to impose blacks on us?

sealion598: the only 1

sealion598: i dont impose, u can always leave

whitestman: sealion, you came to OUR room and played a black preacher with NO discernible reason, and NO permsission, and now you say WE can leave?

sealion598: i told the owner i was playing it--ok

sealion598: he like him

sealion598: deal with it

sealion598: our room? i was admin. in there, why was that?--figure it out--get a clue

whitestman: you've been banned, right?

sealion598: not 4 long

whitestman: figure that out

sealion598: he closed

whitestman: what closed?

sealion598: hes my buddy

whitestman: we're all here and you're not, figure that out

sealion598: im sorry if i hurt u--ok

sealion598: thats not my intent

whitestman: you have yet to explain what your intent was, and you've been asked plenty of time

sealion598: drop dead ok--ive explained everything im going too--im not against blacks--u r--deal with it

whitestman: I detest everything blacks say and do and write

sealion598: ok--thas ur opinion

sealion598: have a blessed day

whitestman: it's the opinon of the whole world, including blacks

sealion598: ok

sealion598: what ever