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By Paul Grubach copyright 2002-2003

Near the beginning of December at the centenary celebration for retiring

South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said

that Mississippians were proud to have voted for Sen. Thurmond in 1948 on his

pro-segregationist Dixiecrat ticket. Precipitating an uproar, Lott added "if

the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these

problems over all these years either."1

The mainstream media, Republican and Democratic Congressman, and even

President Bush himself, joined in chorus to condemn Lott comments.

As everyone knows by now, Lott subsequently apologized for his comments. "Let

me be clear: segregation and racism are immoral," the regretful Lott

asserted. Continuing to echo the "moral" sentiments of our time, Lott further

claimed, "segregation is a stain on our nation's soul. There is no other way

to describe it."2

If there ever was an issue that demonstrates the double standard and

hypocrisy that plagues our nation's "moral judgments" in regard to racial

segregation, it is the clamor and uproar that surrounds the statements of

Senator Lott.


Israel is a racially segregated state where Jews lord over, dominate and

oppress Palestinian Arabs. The Jewish scholar Uri Davis wrote a book with a

title that says it all-ISRAEL: AN APARTHEID STATE. Ninety percent of Israel's

territory has been legally defined as land, which can be leased and

cultivated only by Jews-"Israeli" Arabs need not apply. Key institutions such

as the kibbutz are reserved exclusively for Jews.3

Adel Qa'adan is an Israeli Arab who in the 1990s wanted to move his family

into the Jewish town of Katsir, Israel. Jewish officials told him that Katsir

does not accept Arabs into the community, and the Katsir local council

informed him that they would not sell homes or land in Katsir to non-Jews. In

an attempt to find a remedy to this discriminatory racial segregation, Mr.

Qa'adan took his case to the Israeli Supreme Court where he attained a

judgment in his favor.4 The Jewish state's highest court ruled the Arab

family could not be barred from living in a community built solely for Jews,

overturning a 52 year-old state policy of excluding Israeli Arab citizens

from Jewish communities. Nevertheless, the kibbutzim, or communal farms,

would remain closed to Arab residents, and the government was considering

legislation that would circumvent the Supreme Court ruling.5

The New York Times is the most powerful and influential newspaper in the

United States. To a significant extent, all news in America is what the Times

calls news. Although the seemingly anti-racist, ant-segregationist TIMES

carried a short article on the Qa'adan affair (possibly in order to give the

appearance of impartiality), they never issued an editorial condemning racial

segregation in the Zionist state, nor did they condemn Israel's other racist

practices or the fact that the kibbutzim would still exclude Arabs.6 Yet,

this same Jewish-owned, pro-Zionist newspaper issued two high-profile, pious

sounding editorials that condemned Lott for his pro-segregationist

sentiments, and suggested that he should be fired from his position as Senate

Republican leader.7 In their "This Week in Review," there was another pious

sounding article that condemned segregation in the US.8 There was no similar

article condemning racial segregation in Israel in the aftermath of the

Qa'adan affair. It was simply quietly forgotten about.

The Jewish owned, pro-Zionist, Cleveland PLAIN DEALER-Ohio's most important

newspaper-- is another mainstream newspaper that published a short article on

the Qa'adan affair.9 Although they issued an editorial condemning Trent Lott

for his pro-segregationist statements, they never editorially condemned

Israel for their segregationist practices.10

The sociopolitical agenda of the Jewish dominated New York Times and Jewish

owned Plain Dealer seems to be this-racial integration and multiculturalism

here in the United States, but ethnic segregation and Jewish domination in

Israel. Why the double standard and hypocrisy? More on this in a moment.

In 1992, a Jewish professor of sociology and ordained rabbi, Hillel Levine,

and the Jewish editor of the BROOKLINE CITIZEN, Lawrence Harmon, published a

study that showed some of the negative effects of racial integration. THE


that should give "food for thought" for all those who think that there "are

no problems with racial integration."11 Let us quote directly from the book's

dust jacket. It begins: "In 1967, members of the Boston establishment…decided

that the time had come to integrate Boston's still largely segregated

neighborhoods. The method they chose was to make mortgage loans available to

blacks who wanted to build or buy homes in middle-class neighborhoods.

However, this admirable goal, conceived in the optimistic, liberal spirit of

the time, included a 'private' agreement that in fact the mortgages would be

made available to blacks only in Dorchester, the city's well-established

Jewish neighborhood. The agreement was based on the assumption that Jewish

tolerance would more easily permit integration, in contrast to Boston's Irish

and Italian neighborhoods, where black inroads would not be welcome."

Levine and Harmon then go on to describe the negative consequences of

increasing racial integration. Tensions mounted, neighborhood crime

dramatically increased, and Jews wanted to move elsewhere. The authors show

how as a result of this policy of encouraging integration, "a population of

90,000 Jews [were] displaced within a few short years from Dorchester,

Roxbury, and Mattapan-today the home to Boston's 120,000 black residents-and

a long-standing Jewish community, with its synagogues, schools, businesses,

and life-sustaining network of relationships was utterly destroyed."

The message of the book was summed up with these words: "This is a bizarre

and revealing tale of contemporary urban history and American race relations

gone wrong. Above all, it is a story of the betrayal of the Jewish community

by its own nominal leaders, who colluded in the destruction of a tightly knit

neighborhood with deep historical roots. As such, the story holds important

lessons for all those concerned with the ongoing struggle to balance

self-determination with racial harmony in today's urban communities."

When Sen. Thurmond ran against Truman in 1948, one of the formers campaign

platforms was that racial integration would lead to the destruction of the

Southern way of life. For this, Thurmond has been incessantly condemned. Yet,

the message of the study of Jewish intellectuals Levine and Harmon is that

racial integration did in fact lead to the destruction of the Jewish way of

life for a whole Boston Jewish community.

The problem is of course is that our society "allows" Jews to expose the

negative side of racial integration when it adversely affects their own

brethren, and Jews can openly express support for the ethnically segregated,

apartheid state of Israel where Jews lord over and oppress Palestinian Arabs.

Yet, a white American Gentile "has no such right." Any white gentile claiming

that racial integration has some negative consequences for his fellow whites

is usually immediately and swiftly condemned by our pro-Zionist media. Why

the double standard and hypocrisy? We shall return to this question in a


The statistics on interracial crime are another area that the mainstream

media usually makes a concerted effort to hide. A 1992 study pointed out that

when whites commit violence, they do it to blacks 2.4% of the time. In

contrast, blacks choose white victims more than 50% of the time. Blacks kill

twice as many whites as whites kill blacks. Black-on-white robberies and gang

assaults are twenty-one times more common than white on black.12

In the 1950s, when the US was a largely racially segregated society, the vast

majority of rapes were same-race offenses. Since that time, the proportion of

black-on-white rapes has skyrocketed. In general, through the 1970s,

black-on-white rape was at least ten times more common than white-on-black

rape. In 1988, there were 9,406 reported cases of whites being raped by

blacks; in contrast, there were fewer than 10 reported cases of blacks being

raped by whites. Is the vast increase of black-on-white rape a negative

consequence of increased racial integration?13

In Israel, segregation between Jews and non-Jews is firmly established in the

social order-and the mainstream media, the US Congress, and US government

ardently support the state. In the United States, however, the mainstream

media and government ardently castigates anyone who dares to suggest that

racial integration in this country has a negative side to it.


So the question remains: why do American power elites promote racial

integration here in the United States, and racial segregation in Israel? Why

is any form of white nationalism immediately and incessantly condemned by a

media that just as ardently supports the segregated, Jewish nationalist state

of Israel? The reasons are many and complicated, too numerous and complex to

discuss in this brief essay. However, we will discuss one of the major

reasons for this state of affairs.

It was the social philosopher, Karl Mannheim, that pointed out that much of

what a society considers to be "moral, good, right and just" is in reality

simply a reflection of the sociopolitical needs and interests of that

society's power elites and controlling elements.14 The US is no exception to

this generality. It too has its power elites and controlling elements. One of

the most powerful groups in America today is the Jewish-Zionist power

elite.15 Definite forms of social consciousness derive from the fact that

this Jewish elite controls a significant slice of the power structure in the

U.S., making it relatively easy for Jews to impose their "morality" on the

country at large.

Enter Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology at California State

University (Long Beach). In his studies of the Jewish question, he explains

how Jews have profoundly shaped American society, politics, culture and mores

in conformity with Jewish group interests.16

MacDonald goes on to show that in a predominantly gentile society, Jews view

themselves as aliens and permanent outsiders. Judaism has been characterized

by genetic and cultural separation from others, and an explicit double

standard of morality-altruism and cooperation among Jews, but competition

with non-Jews.

MacDonald observes that Jewish organizations view white nationalism as their

greatest potential threat and they have tended to support Black-white

integration policies presumably because such policies dilute Euro-American

power and lessen the possibility of a cohesive, nationalist Euro-American

majority that stands in opposition to the Jewish community.17

In a racially integrated, multicultural society with numerous different and

competing ethnic groups with divergent interests, it is very unlikely the

surrounding gentiles can ever develop a united and cohesive majority to

oppose the very cohesive Jewish community. "Tolerant" gentile populations

that have only a week and feeble sense of their own racial/cultural identity

are less likely to identify the Jewish community as an alien element against

which they must defend themselves. Gentile populations that have a strong

racial/cultural identity are more likely to identify certain groups of Jews

as alien outsiders, against which they must compete with. Thus, a racially

integrated, multicultural society (outside of Israel) is the type of society

that most Jewish-Zionist groups prefer, because in such a society they can

gain tremendous power and influence.

This is certainly one of the reasons why the pro-Zionist, heavily Jewish

influenced mass media and government promote a double standard of

"morality"-racial integration and multiculturalism here in the US, but racial

segregation and Jewish dominance in Israel. Such a double standard serves

their long-term sociopolitical agenda.


The reader should not misunderstand me. There was indeed a legitimate side to

the Black American civil rights movement. Surely there is no question that

Black Americans have suffered discrimination and oppression, and given that

American Blacks are citizens of a country that their ancestors have inhabited

for centuries, the civil rights movement was often motivated by legitimate

concerns. But what is almost totally overlooked by the heavily Jewish

influenced, pro-Zionist mainstream media is the negative side of racial

integration and some of the negative effects that it has had upon the white


In the United States of the future, Blacks, Jews and Whites are going to have

to come to some type of agreement and understanding regarding racial/ethnic

integration-an agreement that somehow respects the collective and individual

rights of all parties involved.


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Dear Progressive Friend,


It’s time to speak out and say enough is enough.


Many of us have wondered recently just how far the Republicans will go.  And how much the mainstream media would let them get away with.  Now we know.  Senate Republican leader Trent Lott said last week that he thought the country would have been better off if Strom Thurmond, who ran on a pro-segregationist platform, would have been elected president in 1948.


Senate Majority Leader Lott said, "I want to say this about my state:  When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him.  We're proud of it.  And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either."


Thomas B. Edsall of the Washington Post noted in a recent article, “Thurmond, then governor of South Carolina, was the presidential nominee of the breakaway Dixiecrat Party in 1948.  He carried Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and his home state.  He declared during his campaign against Democrat Harry S. Truman, who supported civil rights legislation, and Republican Thomas Dewey:  "All the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, our schools, our churches."   


To view the entire article, go to


Lott’s remarks are wholly unacceptable for someone about to assume the role of Senate Majority Leader.   They are offensive to the majority of Americans.  They are an insult to the progress this country has made over the last 50 years.  And they should be strongly repudiated – by us, by Lott’s fellow Republicans, and by the media.   Instead, the press has mostly ignored the issue and allowed it to be dismissed as an off-the-cuff remark.


In supposed defense of Lott’s comments, Bob Novak said this weekend on “Meet the Press”, “he [was] kidding around…why don’t we forget it?” 


Last time I checked racism was no laughing matter.   


We must speak out now:

�    Email Senator Lott at [email protected] and tell him to publicly rescind his remarks and to offer an apology.

�     Contact your local media outlets and tell them to address Lott’s remarks and to condemn them on their editorial pages. 

�     Write a letter to the editor of your local paper denouncing Lott’s remarks. 

�     Forward the Washington Post article to your email lists.

�     Log onto our secure web site at and make a contribution today – your support will help us raise issues such as this in a timely manner and elect candidates who will fight for our hard-won freedoms and rights. 


This is just one more reminder of the need to elect progressives who believe in fairness, equality and justice for all.  It is just one more reminder of the need for us to continue working together to make sure that our values are represented in the government.  With so much at stake in 2004 – local races, state legislatures, the Congress and the Presidency – we must fight harder than ever before.   With your help, we’ll work to identify candidates we can be proud of – to replace leaders we are ashamed of.  


I hope I can count on you to take these actions today, support Progressive Majority and continue the fight for the future. 


Gloria A. Totten
Executive Director
Progressive Majority

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