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Shaddam Shaddam's New Vaudeville Scam!

As Iraq rapidly descends into total anarchy, a

new Broadway comedy opens in Baghdad


Copyright Joe Vialls, 3 July 2004

Psychological flooding: "Try to arouse the fear to its full fury, study it (telling yourself you can stand more), and challenge it to become even more intense. Welcome it. Be determined to stay right there as long as it takes to overpower and shrink the fear response. The fear will decline after some time, maybe after a couple hours or maybe after 6 or 8 hours (probably not that long)".  Jeffers 1987

The first psychological flooding trick used on you was America's symbolic "triumph" over President Hussein, generated by Mossad shrinks who ordered that his bronze statue in central Baghdad be defaced and then torn down. Theoretically, this should have made the Iraqi people hate Saddam for letting them down, thereby allowing the resulting power vacuum to be filled seamlessly by lovable Zionist butchers. As multiple lethal events in Iraq have shown ever since, the Iraqi people were not fooled by this pathetic Mossad psycho-babble.

            To say that New York's latest propaganda initiative got off to a bad start would be the understatement of the year. Initially, journalists who had personally viewed the prisoner stated that when an Iraqi judge asked whether or not he was Saddam Hussein, the response was affirmative. The journalists further described the prisoner as, "in good health and shorn of the long hair and gray beard he had when he was arrested in December in a bunker near his hometown in Tikrit," who afterwards "acknowledged that he was Saddam Hussein." We were then shown fanciful artistic sketches of the alleged clean-shaven tyrant and other members of his co-accused legitimate government ministers because, "no photographs of Saddam Hussein are allowed due to high security."

              Clearly these accredited journalists from San Francisco and Sydney must have been hallucinating badly, or simply mistook a clean-shaven court janitor for the alleged President of Iraq, because less than two hours later they were swiftly cast aside in favor of the "A" team from New York, headed by Mossad favorite Christiane Amanpour of CNN, a hard-nosed chief correspondent who never let truth get in her way during Gulf War One.

             Christiane had photographs all right, in fact she had several hundred feet of edited video footage direct from the 'courtroom', though we have no proof of where the mock courtroom actually is, or where the video footage was shot. But as we will see quite clearly in a moment, Amanpour's damning footage actually proves that the prisoner cannot be  President Saddam Hussein, leaving us with the problem of how to label the different players in this bizarre Orwellian tableaux. So let us shorten the name of the Mossad imposter from "Sham Saddam" to simple "Shaddam", and refer to the absent Saddam Hussein as "President Hussein", which was and still is his correct title in international law.

              Before getting technical about the problems with Shaddam, it is probably wise to understand why the Zionists took this massive chance in exposing an obvious fake, best summed up by the sheer desperation of American-appointed & controlled Deputy Foreign Minister Hamid al-Bayati, a loose-tongued Iraqi traitor who was stupid enough to admit yesterday, ""I think the trial will slow down the attacks and the insurgency because Saddam Hussein loyalists will lose hope."

             No chance of that happening at all. At exactly the same time that Amanpour started to spew her pathetic propaganda world-wide about Shaddam, a member of the Republican Guard triggered a culvert bomb in the northern city of Mosul, which destroyed a convoy taking fuel and food supplies to soldiers currently on only one hot meal a day. The massive blast tore the right arm off a member of the American Stryker Force, who died before he could be evacuated to field hospital. Christiane Amanpour did not bother to mention this, because her whole world that day revolved solely around psychologically flooding you into believing that Shaddam was President Hussein.

             Psychological flooding of this sort is not new, and has been around almost as long as Sigmund Freud.  In this particularly crude example, you were flashed more frames per second of Shaddam than you had been flashed frames per month of President Hussein when he was still visibly present in Iraq. This sheer weight of numbers then forces your brain to accept Shaddam as President Hussein, even though you may be deeply skeptical. Once you realize what has been done to you, unraveling the illusion becomes easier, because behavioral psychology in itself is merely a series of manufactured stage tricks.

            At this stage there is little point in relying on general indicators such as the "bearing" or "hand movements" of the prisoner to disprove the media, because it is simply not enough. In order to reverse this modern media mind control, it is essential to home in on hard physical irregularities, and then hang onto them grimly. Remember that your personal recall and testimony might well be needed later, when trying and sentencing journalists at the forthcoming western war crimes tribunals, to be held in New York or Guantanamo Bay.


            Allowing Shaddam to open his mouth at all in court was a serious error of judgement, because like fingerprints used by law enforcement agencies, teeth and dental work are absolutely unique, in this case proving one-hundred-percent that Shaddam never was and never could be President Hussein. If you look closely at the photo-composite at the top of this page, you will see four small inset photographs of President Hussein. In all of them you can clearly see his neat white even teeth, made possible in part by the fact that Iraq has [or had] more dental surgeons per head of population than any country in the world apart from Libya. This expert dental service was free to all Iraqis, and President Hussein's teeth were and are in pristine condition.

            Now look again closely, and you will see that President Hussein's upper teeth naturally close in front of his lower teeth, known in professional dental circles as 'overbite'. This condition is normal for nearly all of us, but sadly not for Shaddam, who in at least fifty of Christiane Amanpour's separate video frames proves he suffers from a rare condition known as 'underbite', where a defective or misshapen jaw bone causes the lower teeth to close in front of the upper teeth. This single forensic fact is absolute proof that Shaddam is not President Hussein. The additional fact that Shaddam has ragged uneven teeth when compared to the even teeth of President Hussein is interesting of course, but unnecessary because we already have absolute dental proof that Shaddam is an imposter.

           Two hours later while Christiane Amanpour was still furiously flooding your startled and thus receptive senses with hundreds of flashing quasi-hypnotic video frames of Shaddam via CNN, an American Marine corporal on a road west of Ramadi suddenly exploded in front of his terrified platoon. One second the corporal was standing there quite cheerfully, and the next he suddenly and without warning transformed into more than a thousand bloodied fragments of body armor, tissue and bone. 

           Lying motionless more than 1,000 yards away, the Republican Guard counter-insurgency sniper responsible for this execution continued to peer through the telescopic site of his South African Truvelo .50 caliber rifle. The Guardsman had fired a single devastating Norwegian Raufoss round which hit the corporal in his chest body armor, instantly compressing and heating the bullet's internal incendiary tip, which then ignited the high explosive charge, in turn fragmenting the bullet's outer casing, the corporal's body armor, and the corporal himself in less than 10 milliseconds.

            Please note that this highly demoralizing trauma in the American Marine platoon was caused by a single .50 Cal armor-piercing explosive Raufoss rifle round, and the Republican Guard still has a minimum inventory of 2.2 million Raufoss rounds secreted across Iraq. No doubt these highly-trained snipers will use these awesone Raufoss rounds sparingly, and with the same deadly accuracy every time.

            Back in the mock courtroom, more than a few people were wondering why Saddam Hussein, a real stickler for being clean shaven and having short hair since he was a teenager, should suddenly choose to change the habits of a lifetime and appear like a tramp with long matted hair and a bushy unkempt beard. Though we no longer need the extra details because we already have 100% dental proof that Shaddam is an imposter, here are those details for readers who still want to know the answers.

            Rather like fingerprints and teeth, every human on earth has a uniquely shaped skull. The shorter the hair the more obvious the shape of the individual skull becomes, and because we have already proved that Shaddam is an  imposter, mismatched cranial comparison as well would have made the Zionists a complete laughing stock. That takes care of the inexplicable long hair, essential to conceal this particularly revealing element of the deception.


Zionist Storm Trooper gives unarmed Iraqi civilians their first taste of western democracy

            In the case of Shaddam, the need for a thick bushy beard was and still is absolutely essential, because there is no such thing as a 'mild' form of dental underbite. Though his sponsors certainly gave Shaddam quite a lot of expensive plastic surgery around his eyes, forehead, ear lobes and so on, there is absolutely no way that soft-tissue plastic surgery can correct a badly misshapen jaw bone.

            To quote from a dental textbook, "In this case, the lower jaw and teeth are pushed out in front of the upper jaw. The lower jaw appears to be excessively large, but often the upper jaw is underdeveloped. If left untreated, the problem will worsen and require orthognathic (jaw) surgery." Any orthognathic surgery would have left Shaddam incapable of speech for months on end: entirely critical months during which he had to learn to speak approximately like President Hussein in front of the mock court, in front of Christiane Amanpour, and in front of the entire world.

            Whilst it would be nice to speculate that the Iraqi people will one day be able to uncover this gross deception for themselves, I can assure you this will not happen, if only because Zionists [and in particular the Mossad] never leave any loose ends lying around. On the same day that the mock trial was announced, American Dictator Iyad Allawi [a former Mossad operative himself], declared that the death penalty had just been placed back on the Iraqi statutes. So we can take it as read that President Hussein, who was never captured by the Americans at all, will be 'executed' at a classified location for security reasons, then buried in quicklime at an equally classified location to prevent pilgrimages to the grave of a 'martyr'.

            Of course, Shaddam is hoping that it will only be a mock execution and a mock burial, because he has been promised the usual Mossad perks of a new identity, two million bucks, a fast car, and free airline tickets to Monte Carlo. This would normally be honored if Shaddam had further vital work to do afterwards [like James Bond], but sadly this is not the case. When the "Tyrant Saddam" has been officially executed by the victorious Zionists, poor old Shaddam will fall into the category of someone who knows far too much for his own good, and in particular far too much for the greater good of the Jewish State. So, one dark night, a Mossad assassin will pump a couple of bullets into the back of his head, and Shaddam's lights will go out forever.

            Though this and earlier reports have proved and still prove that President Hussein was never captured by the Americans, nor his sons killed by them in the manner claimed, readers should be very circumspect in assuming that all three are necessarily alive and well today. Since America first illegally invaded sovereign Iraq, it has killed an absolute minimum of 5,500 civilians with random fragmentation weapons, and targeted various areas with deep penetration bunker-busting bombs.

            Thus the total number of Iraqis murdered by the Zionists is currently unknown, as are their individual identities. Under such circumstances, no serious analyst would stick his neck out and claim that Saddam, Uday and Qusay are still alive out there, because it is impossible to tell for sure. The only people likely to know the truth of the matter are very senior members of the Republican Guard, and possibly the Kremlin.


            In terms of determining exactly who is ultimately responsible for killing your sons and daughters in a foreign land, and why, we are drawn inexorably towards the words of ultra-Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu, currently the Israeli Finance Minister, who spoke in London on 21 June 2003, when things were going more or less to plan.

            According to Reuters, Netanyahu said he expected an oil pipeline from Iraq to Israel to be reopened in the near future after being closed when Israel became a state in 1948. "It won't be long when you will see Iraqi oil flowing to Haifa," the port city in northern Israel, Netanyahu told a group of British investors, declining to give a timetable. "It is just a matter of time until the pipeline is reconstituted and Iraqi oil will flow to the Mediterranean."

            Netanyahu later told Reuters the government was in the early stages of looking into the possibility of reopening the pipeline, which during the British Mandate sent oil from Mosul to Haifa via Jordan. "It's not a pipe-dream," Netanyahu said. In April, a source at the National Infrastructure Ministry told Reuters Israel and Jordan would hold talks on reopening the pipeline, which Israel believes would lower fuel costs by 25 per cent.

            The source said that the Israeli section of the pipeline was in good condition but did not know about the Jordanian section. Jordanian officials denied they would meet Israeli officials, citing cold relations with the Jewish State since the outbreak of a Palestinian uprising in late 2000.

            Netanyahu was of course referring to the now failed Operation Shekhinah, the invasion of Iraq planned by Zionists for the exclusive benefit of Zionists and nobody else. But in a way you have to feel sorry for these sick creatures who barely rate the title of 'human beings' nowadays. Eighty years ago, these Zionists were the ultimate financial power brokers who planned to enslave us all for at least a thousand years, but now their world is collapsing around their ears in a way they could never have imagined.

            Even now, the arrogant Zionists remain terminally deluded, because the only way that Iraqi oil will ever be delivered to Tel Aviv, Benjamin, will be in highly modified jelly form, pre-packaged in 100 gallon pods slung under the wings of Russian ground attack jets. And perhaps in the last split second before each pod explodes inside the Knesset at 3,632�F, the deluded perverts within will just have time to repent for the thousands of innocent women and children they have abused, raped, dismembered and eventually murdered since they first invaded sovereign Palestine in 1948.