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Monday, Aug. 30, 1999
Contact: Michael Kharfen (202) 401-9215


Speaking today at a "Next Millennium" Domestic Violence
Conference in Chicago, HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala
announced more than $1.25 million in grants to help
communities address domestic violence. The grants will build on
community efforts to provide information and raise awareness,
improve access to health care services and offer needed training
on domestic violence issues.

"We've worked to create a comprehensive system that includes
tough new penalties and programs to prosecute offenders, a
seamless system of prevention and protection that follows a
woman and her children from incident to safety and an inclusive
system that leaves no gaps large enough for anyone to fall
through," said Secretary Shalala. "But while we can all take pride in
these accomplishments, we know that we still have far to go.
Too many women are still having their bodies attacked and their
spirits assaulted. Too many women are still suffering shattered
bones, shattered lives, and shattered dreams."

The 14 new grants announced today will go to state domestic
violence coalitions, community-based organizations, universities
and a tribal council. HHS has awarded a total of 22 domestic
violence grants this year.

To enhance public information and community awareness, grantee
activities will include public service campaigns, sponsorship
of local fairs and distribution of information on how to obtain
needed services and prevention materials. The health care
response grantees will work with local health care providers
on offering appropriately sensitive services and counseling for
victims of domestic violence. The three grants to universities
will help train researchers, scholars, and practitioners working on
domestic violence in underserved communities.

To help break the cycle of violence, the Clinton/Gore Administration
has made stopping domestic violence and violence against
women top priorities. Since taking office, the administration
has worked to eliminate domestic violence from our communities
by working to create a system that not only prevents domestic
violence but which also ensures that every woman suffering from
domestic violence has access to information and emergency
assistance, wherever and whenever she needs it. The cornerstone
of this effort is the Violence Against Women Act, included at
the President's urging in the Violent Crime Control and Law
Enforcement Act of 1994. Under the law, the federal government
for the first time adopted a comprehensive approach to
fighting domestic violence and violence against women,
combining tough new penalties with programs to prosecute offenders
and assist women victims of violence.

The Department of Health and Human Services has launched
a national toll-free domestic violence hotline, more than tripled
resources for battered women's shelters, and worked to raise
awareness of domestic violence in the workplace and among
health care providers, among others. The FY 1999 budget
includes $156 million for HHS programs to prevent violence against
women, including $1.2 million for the National Domestic
Violence Hotline.

The President's FY 2000 budget includes an additional $27.9
million to fund a department-wide initiative to prevent violence
against women from occurring and to provide services to its
victims. In total, the department is requesting $218.2 million for
programs to prevent violence against women.

Each year, an estimated 2.1 million U.S. women are raped
and/or physically assaulted. Because some of these women
experience victimization more than once, this means that an
estimated 876,000 rapes and 5.9 million physical assaults are
perpetrated against U.S. women annually.

In addition to the tragic personal toll of domestic violence,
the financial burdens run into the billions of dollars. A 1996 National
Institute of Justice study estimates the costs at more than
$100 billion a year, including $67 billion from domestic violence
against adults and $32 billion from child abuse as well as
additional costs for law enforcement and the judicial system.

"These new grants will provide critical assistance to communities
to reach out and help victims and prevent the tragic scars of
domestic violence," said Olivia A. Golden, HHS assistant secretary
for children and families. "They are an important tool in our
ongoing effort to improve early intervention, provide needed
services, and change social norms and attitudes to make domestic
violence unacceptable."

The following is a list of the grant areas and awardees this year:

Public Information/Community Awareness ($35,000 each)

Action for Boston Community Development, MA
Asian & Pacific Islander Women and Family, WA*
Bois Forte Reservation Tribal Council, MN*
Casa Myrna Vazquez, Inc., MA*
The Center for Women and Families, KY
Community against Violence, NM*
Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Family, DE*
HarborCov, Inc., MA*
Howard University, DC
March of Dimes Defects Foundation, CA
Pennsylvania Coalition against Domestic Violence, PA*

Improving Health Care Response to Domestic Violence

Alaskan Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault ($74,963)*
Cambridge Public Health Commission, MA ($75,000)*
Chicago Abused Women Coalition ($75,000)*
Common Ground Sanctuary, MI ($75,000)
Los Angeles Commission on Assaults against Women ($74,705)
New Hampshire Coalition against Domestic Violence ($75,000)
New Mexico Coalition against Domestic Violence ($70,000)*
State of Washington Department of Health ($75,000)

Training Grant Stipends in Domestic Violence ($100,000 each)

Florida A&M University*
Prairie View A & M University, TX*
Texas Southern University*

NOTE: An asterisk indicates grants which were announced today.




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