Foundations of Inquiry:
Single Sex Education

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Background Material

For an overview of the issue of single sex education, read the following:
The CQ Researcher (Ref. H 35 .C232 Floor 2)
"Education and Gender" report in the 1994 volume, pp. 481-503.
Also read "Experimenting With All-Black, All-Boy Classes...Hopeful Signs in Baltimore" on pp. 18-19 of the same volume.

Locating Books

Books on single sex education may be identified from source lists at the end of your readings and from bibliographies covering the topic. Locate the books by searching the online catalog. Do a title or author/title search to locate these "known items." You can also identify and locate books by searching the online catalog by subject.
Try the following subject headings:

Locating Journal Articles

Like books, journal articles may be identified from source lists at the end of your readings and from bibliographies covering the topic. Locate the journals by using the periodicals directory. Articles may also be identified by searching periodical indexes. For articles in the popular press, use the Readers' Guide Abstracts (WRGA). To identify articles in the professional literature, use ERIC. These indexes can be searched online using IBIS. Select the index from the menu by typing in the four letter label (WRGA or ERIC).
In the Readers' Guide Abstracts, start with these subject headings:

In ERIC, try these descriptors (subject headings):

Locating Other Materials

Web sites focusing on single sex education may be difficult to find. You may need to use the search term COEDUCATION to locate sites.

Several good sites to begin your search are:
Empirical Evidence on the Coeducational / Single-sex Schooling Debate (Australia)
Why A Woman's College
Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc. Information about gender differences in education

Several sites focusing on the issue of single-sex versus coeducation at individual schools are:
Supreme Court decision concerning VMI
Faulkner v. Jones Court of Appeals decision concerning the Citadel
The Citadel's Approved Plan for the Assimilation of Female Cadets
Coeducation at Hampden-Sydney College
Arguments Concerning Coeducation at Hampden-Sydney College
Rose-Hulman College

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