White Slavery

I don’t own nigger slaves.  I don’t know anyone who owns nigger slaves.  I don’t even know anyone who knows anyone whose ancestors ever owned nigger slaves, and if any ever did, I’m positive they’d have done the same we’d have done and that our Forefathers like Mr. Jefferson did: get rid of them as fast as they could.  If slavery was ever a viable economic construct, then Mr. Jefferson, who was born into being one of the largest slave holders at the time, would not have died $200,000 in debt [the equivalent today of $200 MILLION in debt]. None of his slaves had that problem, and it was when he freed his slaves that their troubles really began.


Today, there are 1.2 million niggers in American prisons, compared to less than a third as many niggers who were ever under slavery.  And being on a plantation like Monticello is a LOT nicer than being in one of our concrete barb-wired prisons. 

It was jews not Whites who brought nigger slaves here and who were the only ones who profited from slavery of niggers, so let THEM pay the niggers reparations. Many slaves were Whites, and many of us might be the descendants of these White slaves, so where are our reparations?  Are niggers going to pay that?  Many slave holders were niggers and jews, so why don’t THEIR DESCENDANTS chip in and pay the $18 TRILLION niggers today “think” WE owe THEM?  Most blacks were NOT slaves, so why should their descendants receive any reparations—instead, THEY owe US for: tripling their life expectancy, increasing their household incomes TWENTY FOLD, and reducing their odds of dying a horrible AIDS death TEN FOLD, compared to their 700 million cousins back in Africa.

If the following statement from Mr. Lincoln to niggers on the White House Lawn is correct, then niggers ALSO owe us FOR THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE—the TWO WHITE MEN who died for each ONE nigger freed from slavery:

“Go where you are treated the best, and the ban is still upon you. I cannot alter it if I would. See your present condition, the Country engaged in war, our white men cutting one another's throats, and then consider what we know to be the truth — But for your race among us there would be no war, although many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or another. It is better for us both therefore to be separated.”

The REAL slavery is that each taxpaying White man in this country must work 42 days each year JUST to earn enough money to pay JUST the taxes which fund JUST the welfare which is paid JUST to niggers, even though not a single one of them ever got a nickel’s worth of return on that investment.  Instead, all they ever got was the moral equivalent of a sharp stick in the eye:

·         The world’s undisputed highest murder rate.

·         The world’s undisputed highest incarceration rate.

·         The world’s undisputed highest divorce rate.

·         The world’s undisputed highest illegitimacy rate.

·         The world’s undisputed highest rap rate.

·         The world’s undisputed lowest personal savings rate.

·         The industrialized world’s only negative savings rate.

·         FOUR White-built modern cities which have each qualified as The Murder Capitol of the World.

·         The world’s undisputed most expensive and least effective education system.

·         The world’s undisputed most expensive and least effective health care system.

·         The world’s undisputed most expensive and least effective justice system.

·         The world’s undisputed most expensive, least productive, and most censored communications system [“news” media].

·         The industrialized world’s undisputed most dangerous transportation system—three times the fatalities per mile than countries like Germany and England.

·         The world’s undisputed most expensive and least effective education system.

·         The industrialized world’s worst capitol city subway system.

Without niggers, none of this would have been true.  After they’ve all gone back to Africa, it will be resolved overnight and White men, rather than paying niggers ONE TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR, will bank that money.


The average productivity of their 700 million nigger cousins in Africa is $50 per month, and it’s doubtful if they, as slaves, ever produced more than half that, or $25 per month [otherwise Mr. Jefferson would not have died IN DEBT].  Over the course of a century, 400,000 nigger slaves producing $25 per month would have produced a maximum of $12 billion [$25/mo x 12 months x 100 years x 400,000 niggers = $12 billion], not a trace of which remains visible today.  In one WEEK today, social transfer payments from WHITES to niggers are more than NINETEEN BILLION DOLLARS [$1,000 billion / 52 weeks = $19.2 billion], meaning that in the first WEEK of every year, American Whites pay almost twice as much to niggers as their ancestors EVER contributed to GDP.

So who’s the slave now, when each WHITE man must work 42 days EACH year, JUST to pay the taxes which fund JUST the welfare paid JUST to blacks.  WHEN are WE going to get paid BACK for that?


And this nation will finally be in accord with God’s Law—hallelujah!