It's SOOOO funny that jews like slovenly/holland/dobson would "brag" about their precious little "IsraeLIE" spending $8 billion annually on "national defense" at a time when THEY owe US more than $1.5 TRILLION, according to economists who are willing to be honest about how much "IsraeLIE" costs us, like Thomas Stouffer estimated.

What they ignore is that the vast majority if not 100% of their defense "spending" comes from the US, Germany, and Russia, and that they'd be a small hole in the sand the day after either of these three CHRISTIAN nations were to come to their senses and BAN all future payments to this morally and financially bankrupt, terrorist, apartheid, racist "nation".

If the US alone were to finally realize that we will NEVER get a "return on the investment" of this $1.5 trillion, and thus demand that "IsraeLIE" immediately repay every dime of it, and if 100% of this $8 billion annually [most of which is our money in the first place anyway] were required to be used to pay us back, it would take "IsraeLIE" TWO CENTURIES to pay it off.  If we were to charge them a mere 3% interest annually, a VERY fair deal, even after annual payments of $8 billion, the interest on this debt would still increase by $40 billion annually.

And what did we get out of the deal besides a huge hole in Manahattan?  The destruction of the USS Liberty and the USS Cole?  An illegal, immoral, and according to Christians worldwide, unjust war in Iraq?  The unbridled HATRED of ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) our previous Christian and Muslim allies?  OFFICIALLY, almost 3,000 dead soldiers?  The expansion of our already ponderous and unpayable public debt!?

And before you claim "well, war is good business", or "'IsraeLIE' is a boon to our defense contractors", consider how socially and economically stable we as a nation were BEFORE WWII, and how mongrelized and economically unstable we are now, where IDIOTS like Carly Fiorina of HP can now get away with blasphemies like replacing Easter Holiday with "Martin Luther King Day", a move that made me [and obviously many others] swear toNEVER buy an HP product, ever again, driving HP's stock down 95%--a whopping $170 billion loss which makes Enron employees' $1.2 billion loss a walk in the park.  With one single stroke of the pen, Fiorina cost the stock holders of one single US company more than TWENTY TIMES (20X) as much as "IsraeLIE" spends in an entire year for "national defense".

Isn't it ironic that a WOMAN'S PEN, which is twenty times "mightier" [read: more destructive] to us right here in America than Ariel Sharon's entire arsenal is to Palestinians, would get NO news coverage, while we're treated with wall to wall coverage of a trivial, irrelevant event caused by a conflict between completely unrelated, non-jewish "jews" and Palestinians [read: jews] 10,000 miles away?