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Guns, Cars, SMHs, and Rape

Drivers Licensed by American Governments Are 40 Times More Dangerous To Life Than Guns.

The National Safety Council reports that 1,500 Americans died in gun accidents in 1996, 220 of whom were children. This is a child death rate of 0.08 per 100,000 of the 250 million guns in the country and 0.07 per 100,000 population, and means that there is one accidental gun death for each 166,667 guns in the country. It also reports that there were 43,200 accidental deaths due to the 181.7 million licensed drivers in the country, which is one accidental death for each 4,206 licensed drivers.

SMHs Are 2,220 Times More Dangerous To Children Than Guns.

14,058 children died by means other than guns deathsexagerace.pdf 1,170 were murdered by their mothers, 8,000 died from SIDS ("sudden infant death syndrome", which includes an unspecified number who were actually murdered by their mothers), 29 were murdered by their biological fathers, 310 were murdered by men who were not their fathers, and 4,549 died of natural causes. Including SIDS and natural causes, children are killed at a rate of 44.4 per 100,000 single-mother households (SMHs) and 5.5 per 100,000 non-SMHs. If the 27 million children now in SMHs were no more likely to be killed than children in families, 10,503 fewer of them would have died in 1996, including 163 who wouldn't have been gun-related victims and 7,600 who wouldn't have died from SIDS.

One could argue that SMHs are thus 493 times more dangerous to children than guns, except that outlawing SMHs would also reduce the number of gun deaths from 220 to 57, a reduction in the rate of accidental child gun deaths from 0.08 to 0.02 per 100,000 guns.

The Average American Male Is 2,091 Times More Likely To Be Falsely Accused Of Rape Than A Child Is To Die From A Gun Accident:

And 4 Times More Likely Than A Child Is To Be Killed By An SMH, 8 Times More Likely To Die In An Auto Accident, And 9,410 More Likely Than A Child Is To Die From A Gun Accident If SMHs Were Outlawed.

If the rape conviction rate and sentence length in the US were equivalent to Japan or Italy, there would be only 1,115 rape convictions per year and 2,230 rapists in prison today. Instead, the mass hysteria emanating from feminists caused a huge number of false allegations of and convictions for rape, putting 260,000 American men in prison for rape, which is two thirds of the world's supply of rapists. It's impossible that American men are this much more violent than Japanese or Italian men, but it's certain that American women are this much more likely than Japanese or Italian women to LIE about it, particularly considering that they, but not Japanese nor Italian women, now receive "victim compensation awards" for doing so.

Rate Per 100,000 Population Number Per 100,000 Population
Men in Prison for Rape 260,000 95.6
Actual Rapes In 1996 1,115 0.41
Probably Guilty Inmates 2,230 0.82
Possibly Innocent Inmates 257,770 94.8
Child Deaths 1996 14,278 5.2
Additional Child Deaths per Year Due To SMHs 10,503 3.9
Accidental Gun Child Deaths 1996 220 0.08
Guns 1996 250,000,000 91,912
Child Deaths If SMHs Outlawed 3,775 1.4
Accidental Gun Child Deaths If SMHs Outlawed 57 0.02
Licensed Drivers 181,700,000 66,801
Motor Vehicle Deaths 43,200 15.9
Motor Vehicle Child Deaths 3,200 1.18


Rate per Unit Number Per 100,000 Units
Total Child Deaths per 100,000 SMHs 11,995 44.4
Total Child Deaths per 100,000 Non SMHs 2,283 5.5
Total Child Deaths If SMHs Outlawed 3,740 5.5
Gun-related Deaths per 100,000 Guns 1,500 0.6
Gun-related Child Deaths per 100,000 Guns 220 0.09
Gun-related Child Deaths If SMHs Outlawed 57 0.02
Total Deaths Per 100,000 Licensed Drivers 43,200 23.8
Child Deaths Per 100,000 Licensed Drivers 1,500 0.83
Actual Rapes per 100,000 Women 1,115 0.8
False Imprisonment for Rape per 100,000 Men 257,770 188.2

Many of these accidental gun deaths of children may not have occurred had their fathers been there with them rather than in prison. Never before in human history have so many innocent men been imprisoned during a time of peace, not even in Russia or China. The trauma caused to the sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, wives, and siblings of a quarter of a million falsely imprisoned men is far more catastrophic than the accidental gun deaths of children which the media is so enamored of, and even more catastrophic than Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Bombing, combined.

Even in 1980 when our incarceration rate was a quarter of what it is today, the number of men who were falsely imprisoned for rape may have exceeded 60,000, meaning that we the taxpayers have funded a cumulative 4.8 million man years of false convictions over the last 3 decades, putting this collective loss on par with the 300,000 American lives lost in WWII.

The criminals who waged this immensely successful hate campaign against the American male must be punished. The women who got caught filing false charges against men, and those public servants who willfully accommodated these false charges, must receive the same prison sentence that those they falsely would have received (or did receive) if they had been convicted.




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