Words simply cannot do justice to the filth and disgust I feel towards “marc-el Samberg” for marching onto OUR internet, using OUR technology, shoving his sorry sodomite hide into OUR faces, taking advantage of OUR misguided Christian charity, to demand that the 99% of us who DO obey God regarding sodomites toss it all out so his extremist 1% of the population who’re raging sodomite edomite kikes can bugger each other (and our children) to death, literally.  As an accomplice to the sin and the crime of sodomy, he’s far, far more of a threat to our delicate social fabric than the driver of the getaway car who got a life sentence for murder even though he never even entered the bank where the guard was murdered.  This faggot edomite kike clearly accepts at face value the jewsmedia whining about how much sodomy is a snivel right, while ignoring the REAL punishment of REAL faggots by REAL juries who give REAL long prison sentences like the life sentence PLUS 108 years they gave faggot Ken Teague.  REAL judges and REAL juries give sodomites like marc prison sentences at least an order of magnitude harsher than they give any murderers or rapists, so marc is well advised to keep his sorry sodomite yap SHUT on this public forum where his words could be the beginning of his CRIMINAL RECORD.  Accomplices to such crimes deserve no less than Ken or the getaway car driver, and in fact they deserve MORE.

We don’t CARE that the “pope” calls for the “pastoral care” of faggots.  We care ONLY that God’s Law be “fulfilled”, and that demands a solution to the sodomite problem of Biblical proportions.