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Pain of Teague's abuse endures for victim

25-year-old who was 13 when he was molested feels fear in relationships.

July 28, 2001

The Orange County Register

His relationships with women are always short, never longer than four months.

It is something the 25-year-old college graduate has come to accept.

He is smart. He is mature. He is upbeat.

But he also is a victim of one of Orange County's worst sex offenders. Kenneth Teague, 43, of Irvine was sentenced to life in prison Friday after a jury found him guilty of 16 counts of child molestation.

"My fear factor in relationships goes back to the abuse," the 25-year-old said. "Sexual decisions are generally made (by boys) at age 16 or 17. I made them when I was 13."

The Orange County Register does not identify sexual- abuse victims by name.

He befriended Teague 12 years ago through an Irvine Boy Scout troop where Teague was a Scout leader and Big Brother to another boy in the organization.

The teen enjoyed camping trips with Teague and a circle of Boy Scout friends.

He also said the affable computer consultant treated the boys to dinner, drive-in movies and trips to Disneyland.

Teague would drive them around in his air-conditioned Jeep Cherokee, play 2 Live Crew rap music and show off his titanium steel knife at his apartment.

Many of the sex crimes occurred at Teague's home and on camping trips.

Teague would play pornographic videos during the sexual encounters in sessions that often involved feces.

"We stripped our clothes and hopped on the bed," the victim said. "It was one big orgy. Everyone was doing something to everyone else. Instead of going to baseball games and parties with my friends, I was lying in bed having (sex)."

Teague said the activities were a successful way to break down communication barriers with boys and improve their grades in school. They also were acts of love, he said.

The victim tells a different story.

"I don't believe a word of it," the 25-year-old said. "He said that because it was his only defense. What he was doing was complete excitement and bliss (for him). He's sick and needs to be taken out of society."

The boy's outings with Teague ended after Teague was kicked out of the Boy Scouts for a prank - putting plastic wrap on a toilet seat.

After a year of therapy, the victim moved out of state to attend college and is working toward achieving the ranks of upper management.

He returns to Orange County occasionally for short visits with his parents, who he said have been very caring and supportive.

But, he said, he is not ready to come back to Orange County for good.

There are too many painful reminders of the sexual abuse he endured.

"Being able to get away has helped me," he said. "It's not necessarily running away. I'm trying to start over."



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