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The Hard Line
The Question the Bishops Must Answer

By R. Cort Kirkwood
December 18, 2002

(AgapePress) - Cardinal Bernard Law's resignation as prince of Boston's church was too long coming.

But what forced him to resign, the revolting sex crimes of homosexual priests, begs a question no one wants to ask, save a few brave souls who love the Church. And like Law's resignation, the question has been too long coming.

Is the American chancery corrupt, and if so, how many American cardinals, bishops and chancery bureaucrats are homosexuals?


Not an Impertinent Question
Asking a celibate holy man about his sexual appetites seems an impertinent, outrageous inquiry; it certainly would be in different circumstances.

But the circumstance is this: a homosexual underground has thoroughly subverted the priesthood, which means supposed celibate and holy men are mere pretenders. Thus, the question is pertinent.

Law, for instance, tolerated behavior that cries out not only to earthly courts but also to Heaven for punishment. This "conservative" prelate permitted the transfer of known perverts with a long record of sex crimes from parish to parish. Among the ten most wanted priest perverts is topped Rev. Paul Shanley, that notorious, lubricious deviant and charter member of the National Man-Boy Love Association.

Law's inexplicable decisions regarding Shanley and other pervert priests, well documented in the Boston Globe and court documents, point to the inescapable conclusion that something was afoot other than ecclesial inertia.

Why not remove, as expeditiously as possible, homosexual predators in the collar? Molesters don't stop molesting until they are jailed; bishops everywhere, including Law, surely knew that. Chancery officials knew the exposure to liability increased with each transfer.

The legally wise and just move in every case was to defrock the priest and send him to jail. Only that could limit liability in terms of the number of potential victims.

Law's excuses for moving the priests were preposterous. No one believed him. And they don't believe the rest of the bishops or the cardinals, which is where the queries beyond Law must go.


The Logical Conclusion
One compelling explanation for the legal suicide of playing musical chairs with homosexual priests is this: The chanceries are compromised.

The nationwide sexual scandal of the Church is, as suggested in this column and elsewhere, rooted in homosexuality, not pedophilia. Perhaps more than a few American bishops and their subalterns are homosexuals. Perhaps a few cardinals are too.

One such as these who broke his vows, either with an adult priest or in exploiting an altar boy or high-school teenager, would not be inclined to mete out the richly deserved punishment a man such as Shanley deserves.

Imagine the repercussions if a defrocked priest sought revenge against a superior vulnerable to similar charges of sexual impropriety. Good jobs with good benefits and captivating power over others would end. And so, of course, would easy access to young targets of carnal opportunity in seminaries, rectories and high schools.

A theory: Homosexuals in the Catholic hierarchy hid the truth not to shelter the Church, but to shelter themselves and the positions of sexual privilege achieved by subverting the priesthood.

The homosexual network of priests is a formidable evil. And priests, after all, become bishops.



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