Here's why the Freddie Mac official was suicided.  I'd expect that there will be a bunch of Wall Streeters and Fed fronts who may wind up similarly in the next few years.  Lots of tracks to hide.


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Subject: Top Freddie Mac Official ‘Suicided’ After $50 Billion Traced From US To Israel



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April 23, 2009


Top Freddie Mac Official 'Suicided' After $50 Billion Traced From US To



By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


New reports circulating in the Kremlin today are showing that the rising

tensions between the US and Israel have escalated even further after the

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), David Kellermann, 41[photo, 2nd left], of

the US government-controlled home funding provider Freddie Mac was found

hanged in what the FSB is describing as an 'Israeli Mossad initiated

suicide' after his tracing of over $50 billion in United States

government funds that were 'funneled' to Israel and led to the collapse

of the American mortgage giant.


According to Western News Sources, "The chief financial officer of

money-losing mortgage giant Freddie Mac was found dead in his basement

early Wednesday morning in what police said was an apparent suicide. A

law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said it was an

apparent hanging. He declined to be identified because the investigation

was ongoing.


David Kellermann's death is the latest in a string of blows to Freddie

Mac since it was seized by the government last September. The company,

which owns or guarantees about 13 million mortgages, has been criticized

for financing risky loans that fueled the real estate bubble and are now

defaulting at a record pace.


Freddie Mac lost more than $50 billion last year, and the Treasury

Department has pumped in $45 billion to keep the company afloat."


These FSB reports, however, report that Mr. Kellermann had become so

concerned about his safety after discovering the flow of US funds to

Israel from Freddie Mac that he used a 'substantial part' of his

recently paid $800,000 bonus to hire private security guards to protect

himself and his family, but with his death were proved unable to protect



These reports further state that the 'suiciding' of Mr. Kellermann was

'most likely' an Israeli Mossad attempt to discredit top Obama adviser,

and White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, who along with his having

been a former member of the Mossad, was also a board member of Freddie

Mac and has been implicated by some CIA sources as being at the

forefront of the Israeli-American cabal currently intent upon destroying

the United States.


Tensions have been raised lately between Israel's new right-wing

government under Prime Minister Netanyahu and Rahm Emanuel as we can see

evidenced by the reporting of the Jerusalem Post, who state:


"National Union chairman Ya'acov "Ketzele" Katz sent a letter to White

House chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel last week admonishing him not to

forget his Jewish and Israeli origins. Katz's missive came in response

to a reported verbal exchange between Emanuel and an unidentified

American Jewish leader.


Katz claims that in a private meeting with the unnamed leader, Emanuel

said, "In the next four years, there will be a peace agreement with the

Palestinians on the basis of two states for two peoples, and it does not

matter to us who is the prime minister."


Important to note about White House Chief of Staff Emanuel is that his

father, Benjamin Emanuel, was a top member of the militant Zionist group

National Military Organization in the Land of Israel (Irgun) that was

led by former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, information that upon the

election of Obama was deleted from the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia,

but has remained archived on many US and Israeli websites.


So radical was Menachem Begin and his Irgun members, including Emanuel's

father, that in 1948 during a visit to the United States he was given a

letter signed by Albert Einstein, Sidney Hook, Hannah Arendt, and other

prominent Americans and several rabbis which described Begin's Herut

party as "closely akin in its organization, methods, methods, political

philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties and accused

his group (along with the smaller, militant, Stern Gang) of having

inaugurated a reign of terror in the Palestine Jewish community".


Throughout most of his political career, Begin was ostracized by

Israel's main parties as being 'too radical' and their being afraid of

his terrorist past, however:


"In 1978 Begin, aided by Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan and Defense

Minister Ezer Weizman, negotiated the Camp David Accords, and in 1979

signed the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty with Egyptian President, Anwar

Sadat. Under the terms of the treaty, brokered by US President, Jimmy

Carter, Israel was to hand over the Sinai Peninsula in its entirety to

Egypt. The peace treaty with Egypt was a watershed moment in Middle

Eastern history, as it was the first time an Arab state recognized

Israel's legitimacy whereas Israel effectively accepted the land for

peace principle as blueprint for resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Given Egypt's prominent position within the Arab World, especially as

Israel's biggest and most powerful enemy, the treaty had far reaching

strategic and geopolitical implications.


Almost overnight, Begin's public image of an irresponsible nationalist

radical was transformed into that of a statesman of historic

proportions. This image was reinforced by international recognition

which culminated with him being awarded, together with Sadat, the Nobel

Peace Prize in 1978.


Yet while establishing Begin as a leader with broad public appeal, the

peace treaty with Egypt was met with fierce criticism within his own

Likud party. His devout followers found it difficult to reconcile

Begin's history as a keen promoter of the Greater Israel agenda with his

willingness to relinquish occupied territory. Agreeing to the removal of

Israeli settlements from the Sinai was perceived by many as a clear

departure from Likud's Revisionist ideology."


Begin retired from public life in 1983 and was reported to have been

'greatly disappointed' that he did achieve peace with Lebanon, and he

died in 1992.


Begin's legacy, though, of achieving peace between Israel and all of its

Arab neighbours, including the establishment of a separate state for the

Palestinian peoples, was carried forth by Yitzhak Rabin, who, like

Begin, was a leader of the Jewish terrorist paramilitary group known as

the Haganah, of which it has long been known that as a deputy commander

in 1948, Rabin engaged in ethnically cleansing Palestinians, and some 40

years later, while serving as Israeli defense minister, Rabin ordered

Israeli troops to "break the bones" of Palestinian demonstrators, almost

all of whom were children.


Rabin, however, unlike Begin, was unable to fulfill his mission for

peace as he was assassinated on November 4, 1995 by a right-wing Israeli

student many have linked to the Mossad.


Another former Haganah commander, and alleged war criminal, Ariel

Sharon, soon followed Rabin into the leadership of Israel where upon he

promptly ordered Israel's evacuation from the Gaza Strip, a move which

angered the Israeli right and led to his 'deliberately' being placed in

a coma by the Mossad, a condition which he remains in to this day.


What is most important to realize about Begin, Rabin and Sharon, is that

aside from all three of them being, perhaps, among the worst Jewish mass

murders in history, they came to realize how Israel was being

manipulated by the European Royal Houses and the United States as the

'foil' to initiate Total Global War from which their Nation would not

survive, nor the Jewish people.  In their knowing this fact, they

established within both Israel and the United States a secret counter

insurgency organization to battle against the Mossad, of which Raum

Emanuel was recruited and according to his FSB file is still active in

as its leader in the US.


And Kellermann's murder, these reports continue, was a part of this

internal Israeli intelligence war and in 'direct response' to Emanuel's

releasing to the US press this past week the National Security Agencies

(NSA) wiretaps of US Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman bargaining

with Mossad who was seeking to obtain the release of their AIPAC

lobbyist spies captured by the Americans and awaiting trail in exchange

for the Mossad pressuring US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, into

giving Harmon the coveted chairmanship of the US House Intelligence



US House Leader Pelosi, however, has stated that she was informed about

Congresswoman Harmon's treachery to her country, and as we can read:


"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that she was aware a few

years ago that Rep. Jane Harman had been overheard on a government

wiretap. "A few years ago, maybe three years ago, they did brief me,"

Pelosi told reporters at an event hosted by the Christian Science



She said that when a member of Congress is recorded as part of a

wiretapped conversation, intelligence officials inform congressional

leaders. "That happened at that time," Pelosi said. She added that the

classified briefing was not detailed, and she did not tell Harman at the



Though the new right-wing Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman,

stated to Russian daily Moskovskiy Komosolets that "Believe me, America

accepts all our decisions", his views do not match the facts concerning

Obama and Israel, and as we can read:


"[Israeli] Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin said Monday that the

Middle East policy of U.S. President Barack Obama's administration could

endanger Israel. "The Obama administration is determined to take

initiative and move forward central processes in the Middle East,"

Yadlin told ministers at a special cabinet meeting."


These reports further state that Obama and Emmanuel are set to further

inflame Israel's new right-wing government by cooperating with Norway's

planned charging of Israeli leaders with war crimes, and of which we can



"Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and opposition leader Tzipi Livni may

face war crimes charges in Norway over their role in Israel's offensive

against Hamas in Gaza, AFP reported Tuesday.  The news agency said six

Norwegian lawyers announced plans Tuesday to accuse the pair, as well as

Defense Minister Ehud Barak and seven senior Israel Defense Forces

officers, of the crimes.  The lawyers, who planned to file their

complaint with Norway's chief prosecutor on Wednesday, were quoted as

saying they would also call for the arrest and extradition of the

Israeli leaders."


Most important of these events, however, are how the American people

remain nearly clueless as to the machinations ongoing between their

power elite and the right-wing Israelis which will, and sooner than

these people can believe, plunge them into a Total Global War from which

they could be totally destroyed.


© April 23, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved


  Sorcha Faal

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