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THE SOVEREIGN PATRIOT GROUP _________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: 975 East Avenue, Suite 112; Chico, CA. 95926 Offices: 125 West Third Street, Suite E; Chico, CA. 95928 Telephone: (916) 899-9342 Voice 916) 342-4414 Data/Fax _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ WHAT IS THE SOVEREIGN PATRIOT GROUP? The Sovereign Patriot Group is a Organizational Constitutional Trust. It is composed of regular people within society whom have an interest in American Ideals, and Constitutional Idealism. We are concerned citizens, who watch government, the court system, and the media for violations of the Constitution. Many of us have gone through these obfuscations of Constitutional abrogations. We meet various times. One main meeting, is by the Legal Ed. Group, of Chico, California. That meeting is open to the public, and takes place at 125 W. 3rd Street in downtown Chico, California, every Tuesday night at 7p.m. It is at these meetings that we talk about what is happening, and what has happened in Constitutional terms, in our area, statewide, and nationally. We also educate each other, and research the Law. We watch our court system, our police, and government employees. We talk about law, and the wide ranging issues of how the law works, how to try and get Constitutional inflection into the courts. We analyze cases. We study cases. We plan stratagies, as far as elections, and coalascing other Constitutional and other Patriot/Common Law organizations in our area, and nationally. We are responsible, law abiding citizens. We uphold the law. We try and help citizens in distress. We have helped citizens by advocating issues in front of the media, and other government representatives. We interface with the media, and we advocate Constitutional idealism, which we see as being attacked and under-represented by our governments. We mostly represent poor people, whom are eviscerated by the present system. We endeavor a sincere return to a Constitutional government. We endeavor a more fair and responsible governmental system. We presently observe, that government has turned into a Cannabalistic Infrastructure, that is now feeding upon its own populace. We, although saddened by this; are trying to advocate lawful change via the installation of pragmatic Constitutional injection back into our government. ESPECIALLY within the present Judicial systems, which we feel have skewed abhorrently towards Admiralty/Administrative courts. We sincerely feel that in doing so, we can drop case load's, fire many judges, empty our prisons, which have in all to short a period of time become America's newest and biggest industry, and come closer to actualizing truth, equity, and justice--than what is being distributed right new--through our present court system which is more interested in supplying product to an ever growing industry. We hope, through our efforts, to have the economy become more real, and more accessable to our own populace. We feel, that in the richest nation in the cosmos, with an economy that is over five times bigger than Japan, and Germany combined; that we can re-establish a middle class without debt, which would display more savings, and more wealth that we do in this present "debt" and "slave" ridden system that we now have. We hope, to change the wealth bias, which is now artificially skewed towards a few, and the government, BACK into the hands of a working populace. We hope by having "LOTTERIED GOVERNMENT" that we can stop much to the corruption that now infiltrates the corridors of power in this country. We sincerely, and sadly believe, that the corruption within government, is much worse than what is presently being reported, displayed, or found out by our present system. LOTTERIED GOVERNMENT would be the actualization of a REAL representative system. It is an exciting and bold idea, whose time has truly come. LOTTERIED GOVERNMENT is the same system that is now used against us in which a government uses its people to go to war. If, a person can be randomly selected to give his life for his county, cannot he also be randomly selected to give his mind, his class, his background, to represent it?!? We say yes. Regular Americans can. And they will through LOTTERIED GOVERNMENT, which will randomly select person for positions of power in local, state and national politics. We KNOW that this will immedeately get rid of the perversion of power and money within politics. That will be 99% eradicated through this system. We submit, that a populace that represents itself, IS TRULEY: GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE. No longer will people "Throw Away" their votes by voting for someone not either democratic or republican, which; of course is really (virtually) the only two choices people have. No longer will they be throwing away their votes. Money, will not predicate winning any longer. No one will be able to spend $50 Million dollars to obtain a position in government...that only pays $135,000 a year... (What's wrong with this picture?!?) The Sovereign Patriot Group believes in idealism. We are Political Engineers. We demand erudite and far reaching solutions to our problems. This is no longer-possible, though our present "power-ridden" and "power-corrupted" representative electorial system. This present system helps more the evil, rich, and powerful, than it does the good, hard-working, and meek. There are coteries of evil and corruption at virtually every level of government! And these enclaves, cannot survive on the reprehensible amounts of money that are being given to it. It never will be able to survive upon ANY amount of money given will always need more that what we have. Therefore, we endeavor to turn the power of government BACK to the individual. The Sovereign. YOU> If you do no wrong--then--NOBODY SHALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO ENTER YOUR LIFE. That is not how this present system works... OUR PRESENT system works by having a plethora of laws, which you can be ticket or pulled over at any time. Like getting a speeding ticket for doing 57 in a 55MPH zone. Like our seatbelt and helmet laws. Like not signaling 100 feet before you make a turn. Like rolling through a stop sign. To be sure, any officer, (which incidently, they are now known as a code-enforcement officers and no longer a peace-officers), can write you up for virtually anything under the sun. We feel this is wrong, to have government feed and harvest its own citizenry is is sworn to represent and defend. This type of fiscal harvesting is a false god. It fills our prisons. It make a body of citizens arrogant to the law, for who can follow the law, when a officer can write you up for anything. The real question comes down to: how much money does government need to go out and harvest at any one time? We are saddened by these dynamics. And we have become a society that is number one in prisons, when the land called America, should truly be LAST in that industry. It has gotten so, that are prisons are so filled, that we are letting "real" criminals go. Truth in sentencing now means that a prisoner will server 80% of his sentence in jail...The Sovereign Patriot Group sincerely believes that truth in sentencing means 100% time served. And we must empty our prisons, which have anywhere from 60% to 85% of the prison population in prison for drug or alcohol related crimes! Only a small portion of prisoners, are "really" prisoners. (i.e. Rapists, murderers, arsonists, thieves.) The Sovereign Patriot Group truly believes, that this is one of the main reasons that drugs shall never be legalized. It gets back to the point of corruption within government coteries of power. America can no longer "Engineer" solutions, for if we do, is MAY eradicate a whole social industry. How can we legalize drugs, and eradicate a problem, when so many drug-enforcement officers, Social Workers, Probation Officers, lawyers, Judges, Police Officers, the DEA, Coast Guard, Army/Navy and Air Force make their living off of that subsidy?!? We can no longer even approach that equation--due to the simple fact--that too many people want it to remain an Industry. And it is. It is quickly becoming America's only Industry. We are beginning to build the worlds largest jail! Let it be noted, this building is not the worlds largest refridgerator factory, or tire factory, Memory factory, research center, or car factory... We simply want the wealth of this country returned to the main portion of the engine of this country, which is its own people. If a person works, they should wnnt not. We need a charge pump of Industries, to be in charge of their own destiny WITHOUT government intrustion. If an American works for money, he should be able to maintain that wealth, not to have it taken via taxes, or assessments, fines, code-enforcement violations, court, laws, or any other instruments which governments can devise. The Wealth of Americans should stay with Americans. The Sovereign Patriot Group sees a country more apt to allow people to obtain "LOANS" in which to obtain their dreams, rather than having them be able to save for them. Our whole society is debt ridden. We need a strong money system, that is held by the majority of Americans. Not off-shore banks or the fortune 1000. This all starts with you. The true Sovereign. This is what our founding father's designed for a nation and world. The fact that any society that has individuals that can fend for themselves, that can stand on their own, that can contribute, that work and are industrious, must have the liberty and freedom to explore and define their own lives. Through that--a nation is robust, and indestructable! This comes at the price of a free and open society. Not a tryanny of government intrustion and oppression. American Veterans did not go to war and die, to keep fascists, and theives, and dictatorships along with organized crime out of America...just to have our own government take their place and intrude, conscript and enslave our society. NO! Americans at first are free, they are the Masters of an Obsequious government...NOT the other way around! We now live in a society, to where, a government that is supposidly Restricted and Restrained from various activities against their own people--no longer have those restraints! We defy anyone to write this group and explictly explain where our present restraints of government are? The Constitution and Declaration of Independence is replete with governmental restraint--however; they no longer exist! If government wishes to sieze you car...they will...and they have...and they are continuing to steal even more. They can kick down your door, and you can do nothing. Our court systems have progressed into enclaves of representation for the rich and powerful. If you work 40 hours of week, you are effectively closed off from that system. O.J. and Michael Jackson can enter it...but go and try and fight a ticket. No-Can-do! The Sovereign Patriot Group sees these sad denigrations of a once proud and robust nation. We now see a populace that is more apt to aquiesce towards illegalities and intrustions into peoples life by government, rather than standing up against them. We see a populace that is more apt to give up fundemental rights, rather than to control government growth and power. We have seen the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution obliterated. We have seen the Second Amendment under duress and direct attack, even though all facts and figures go against such intrusion. Now we see the First Amendment being lined up for aquisition and control. How do you stop a government from siezing your vehicle? How do you stop a government from arresting your home, or money? How do you stop a government fro siezing you children? How do you stop a government from putting you in jail? Where do Americans go, when they are right, and government is wrong?!? The Sovereign Patriot Group sees the god-given gift of the Constitution of the United States. It protects us all. EVERYONE. The world is filled with naked agression, be it from a neighbor, tyrant or government. Americans have been handed the gift of Law, such that if they "take the path less travelled by", they have the right to conviction. Of being right. Above and beyond others protestations. For in that domain of open, and unfettered freedom--Society progresses. (Remember Robert Fulton?!? Everyone knew he could not go upstream. In today's preditory environment...Mr. Fulton would have never been able to get is boat out of the garage, never mind in the water...) Freedom has a price, and the price is yours. Noone can deny you this freedom, yet; governments have made a business of it... If you would like to contact us, either in or against our determination of Constitutional Freedoms, please feel free to write us at the above mentioned numbers. Thank-you. Respectfully Submitted, R.L. Cheney Jr. Executive Director The Sovereign Patriot Group _________________________________________________________________  


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