"… it could prove extremely useful that the general congregation reaffirm … especially … the pastoral care of homosexual persons", the prior pope

vs. God

`And a man who lieth with a male as one lieth with a woman; abomination both of them have done; they are certainly put to death; their blood is on them. Leviticus 20:13

Before the other shoe even dropped on the homosexual priest scandal in Boston in 2003, Massachusetts and four other heavily Catholic states "legalized" gay marriage, at the same time that the 45 other states with few or no Catholic priests amended state constitutions and passed laws to outlaw them.

When ONE THIRD of the priests in one city are PROVEN to have sexually molested as many as 124 boys each, the odds are very good that at least another third of them followed the same pattern, for a total of 568 homosexual priests. But this is not as important as realizing that when you are a witness to a capital crime like murder or sodomy and you fail to report it to the police, then under our existing law, you are an accomplice to a crime who is EQUALLY as guilty as the perpetrator. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for one third of the priests engaging in such a crime without 100% of ALL the priests knowing about it, making all 850 Catholic priests in Boston GUILTY of a capital crime.

If the driver of a getaway car who was in the car is guilty of murder when his accomplice shoots and kills a bank guard, then certainly we have a million getaway priests who deserve an equally severe punishment.

RCC Does 39 Million

100% of the AIDS deaths n the world, all 39 million of them, can now be traced directly to the celibacy policy of the church which dates back 1,000 years. There is no other mechanism than homosexuals pretending to be priests which can explain such a rapid increase in AIDS deaths.


When the Boston Globe won the Pulitzer Prize in 2003 for their coverage of the homosexuals pretending to be priests (with 284 priests in that one city alone, ONE THIRD of the 850 Catholic Priests, were exposed for having "sex" [read: sodomizing] little boys, as many as 92 to 120 per priest) what they forgot to mention is that Boston was also the AIDS death capital of the world, with an AIDS death rate for Blacks as high as 115 per 100,000.

When a young boy is sodomized by a priest, he has a 100% chance of getting HIV. When he gets HIV, he has a 100% chance of dying of AIDS within 7 years. When it's proven that one priest sodomized 92 boys over the last four decades, with not a SINGLE BOSTONIAN father saying even a peep about it, you have a 100% chance that your AIDS death rate will be a world record setter. This is an AIDS death rate 230 TIMES GREATER than Catholic-priest-free zones like Japan, Bangladesh, Korea, Iran, and the Netherlands, 23 times the US national average, infinitely higher than a number of Catholic-priest-free states in the US who never had an AIDS death, and infinitely higher than EVERY SINGLE nation where there are no Catholic priests.

24% of Boston's population of 655,884 population are Blacks, which is 157,412 Blacks.

According to the MYRBS study, 1% or 1,547 of them are homosexuals.

An AIDS death rate for Blacks in Boston of 115 per 100k means a total of 181 AIDS deaths per year.

If all of the AIDS deaths are homosexuals, then 181 / 1,547 = 11.7% of the Black homosexuals die of AIDS each year.

All else being equal, this means that all Black homosexuals would die of AIDS within 9 years.

Where Boston (just like other places where priests spread AIDS, like the District of Columbia, Brazil, and South Africa claim) bragged that they cut their their AIDS death rate in half with their excellent hospitals, "free" condoms, ART drugs, and needle exchange programs, as "news media" like the Boston Globe claim, you now know that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the decrease was due to how fast and completely AIDS takes out homosexuals.

If each of these 284 priests who ADMITTED to sodomizing boys, molested 92 of them (as we know at least one priest did), this is 26,148 potential cases of deadly AIDS. This is almost 10% of the male population of Boston. As a father, I am simply DUMBFOUNDED that no father in Boston would have been screeching form the rooftops long before the Boston Globe exposed priests for the sodomites they are.

No, that's an exaggeration. Having worked in Marlborough and visited Boston many times, and having had vehement discussions with them about their "faith", SHOULD have been better prepared me for it. And a Catholic "friend" who just saw "Spotlight" claims that not even this will cause him give up his "faith"--proof that Catholics and Protestants deserve to be separated from each other by at least one Continent.

Since then, every major American city with a major presence of Catholic priests, and now even countries like Ireland and Germany, have been shocked to discover: their problem is even worse than Boston's.

261 Times More Deadly than the KKK

During the first part of the 20th Century, there were a maximum of 97 lynchings per year, many of those lynched were Whites, and the KKK lynched fewer than 20. It's been half a century since anyone, Black or White, was lynched by the KKK.

"Although lynchings declined somewhat in the twentieth century, there were still 97 in 1908 (89 fl, 8 white), 83 in the racially troubled postwar year of 1919 (76, 7, plus some 25 race riots), 30 in 1926 (23, 7), and 28 in 1933 (24, 4). "

If we attribute 100 lynchings of Blacks to the KKK over its lifetime, you also now know that Catholic priests in ONE city, Boston, are 261 TIMES more deadly to America than the KKK.

Where's the KKK when you need it? Why aren't Blacks who lost so many to AIDS induced by priests clamoring for the return of the KKK so we can put those priests at the right end of the rope?


For those of us who've followed the gay priest scandal on the internet and NOT on the "news media", "Spotlight", was, understandably, very easy on the Roman Catholic Church. One thing you might have learned from this movie is that the total number of priests in ONE city, Boston, who ADMITTED they sodomized boys, was 284, not the 220 which was on the internet 13 years ago, at a time when my Catholic wife just did not buy the Boston Globe story. Spotlight turned her around in a hurry.

This Boston Globe coverage DID manage to get Cardinal Law kicked out of Boston--BUT it only got him promoted to the Vatican, which is not exactly a win/win for either America or Rome. We must be sure he's executed in accord with the Word of God, because the pope sure ain't up to it.

As a father, it's *incomprehensible* to me how so many other fathers would have SHUT UP about this egregious abomination before God for so long. I'm *outraged* that it took a newspaper story to get them to do the "right thing", which in reality was exactly the wrong thing according to God. Only one priest was imprisoned, and just because he was murdered in prison within a month is no excuse for not imprisoning ALL of them. How ironic that prison inmates have a better sense of justice than fathers in Boston.


The Silence of the Fathers is Deadly

In 1995, the record high AIDS death rate for Boston of 50 per 100,000 population, took 600,000 pop x 50/1000000 = 300 lives. Since the MYRBS reported that 1% or 6,000 of the population of Boston have had "gay sex" [read: were sodomized], and since we now know that AIDS kills almost exclusively those who have been sodomized, 300 AIDS deaths per year represents 5% of the sodomy victims EACH YEAR. So by the time the Boston Globe got around to publishing this story, all of the 300 Bostonians who had been sodomized by priests in 1995 had died the horrible death of AIDS 7 years later, in 2002. Ditto between 1996 and 2003. And between 1997 and 2004.

So who were the lucky ones? The THOUSANDS [about 7,500] who were sodomized by priests and died of AIDS, or the hundreds who were sexually molested but NOT sodomized by priests, did not get AIDS, and were lucky enough to live their miserable lives long enough to tell their very sad story?

Why did all of those 26,128 boys who were molested by priests not get AIDS? Because it requires a Sandusky-class act of sodomy (jamming your sex organ into a boy's rectum) to pass on AIDS.

What are the countries with the least number of Catholics, (and thus the least number of Catholic priests)? Algeria, Finland, Cambodia, Morocco, Mongolia, Bangledesh, Japan, Denmark, and Russia? What are the countries where less than 3% of the population have HIV? The same countries. And what are the countries where AIDS takes less than 0.004 percent of their population. THE SAME COUNTRIES.

What are the countries with the HIGHEST number of Catholics (and thus the most number of Catholic priests)? Brazil, Mexico the Philippines, France, Colombia, Spain, Poland, Argentina, the Congo, Peru, and Venezuela. What are the countries where more than 6% of their population have HIV? The same countries. And what are the countries where 1-2% of their population die of AIDS, EACH YEAR?

The same countries where people are 500 TIMES more likely to die from AIDS than in Catholic-priest-free countries.

In total number AIDS deaths, the US ranks 20th in the the world, right up there with South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya.

With an AIDS death rate of 4.8 per 100,000 population, we are TWELVE TIMES more likely to die a horrible AIDS death than Catholic free countries like Bangledesh, Japan, Korea, Iran, Indonesia, and the Netherlands. It's little consolation that Catholic homosexual priests have been so successful at spreading AIDS to Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, South Africa, and Zimbabwe that they are 270 more likely than us to die of AIDS. The presence of Catholic priests in the US caused the AIDS epidemic which killed 501,669 Americans, almost twice as many as who died in all of WWII, almost as many Blacks as were murdered by other Blacks in the last half century--and 5,000 times as many as Blacks as were lynched by the KKK in its entire history.