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The following does not constitute a recommendation that the SSN be abandoned nor that taxes not be paid.  It is merely information regarding the possible unconstitutionality of  two very questionable government practices in this putative Christian nation

One natural person communicating truth with conviction is a majority.

The Loophole Papers

# 3

By Barrie Leslie Konicov

The purpose of The Loophole Papers is to expose the loopholes in the Constitution, the Law, and the IRS Code that make it possible for you to keep all the money they earn.




Indirect and Direct

Governments must tax in order to get money to operate. Our Constitution talks about two kinds of taxes whereby the Federal Government can raise the money it needs to operate; they are indirect and direct.

Indirect Taxes

Indirect taxes are those types of taxes that tax the transaction. For example, if you were to import shoes from Italy, the Federal Government is authorized to collect an import tax on the transaction. And that tax must be the same if the shoes are imported through New York or California. The same rule of uniformity applies when something is exported from the country. Expost taxes are taxes applied to the export of goods from the country. Both impost and expost taxes must be uniform throughout the country.

Note: both import and export taxes have to do with goods entering or leaving the country, not within the 50 states. The only sources authorized by the Constitution that the Federal government is authorized to tax and collect within the states is on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Remember the word source, because this is a loophole that will get you out of the system.

Direct Taxes

Direct taxes are those taxes wherein the government reaches directly into your pocket and takes your money. The Individual Income Tax and the Social Security Tax are two examples of direct taxes. Constitutionally, you cannot be forced to fill out a 1040 because when you do you are forced to violate the Fourth and Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. The Ninth Court of Appeals has ruled that if you send in a blank 1040, it is an acceptable return, because to fill it out violates your Constitutional rights.

The framers of the Constitution did everything possible to insure that the Federal Government did not have the authority to pass a law saying that your money belongs to the government, or have any authority over you. But sadly, most people today have never read the Constitution so they do not know what it says.

Corporate Tax

I am sure at this point, that you are wondering how could the Federal Government collect a Direct Tax and not violate the Constitution? Simple! With the growth of corporations as a method of doing business and with the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment, the Federal Government was authorized to tax the income of Corporations from, "whatever source derived."

Corporations are legal fictions, in that they only exist on paper. If you have ever been involved in starting a corporation you know that they have laws and bylaws all set out in their articles of incorporation. When you incorporate a business, one of the things you do is apply to the Federal Government for recognition, protection, and a tax number.

One level of protection given the employees and stockholders of the corporation is personal protection from creditors in case the corporation does not pay it bills. In other words if you are dealing with a corporation and they owe you money, you cannot collect from the stockholders or employees of the corporation; only the corporation itself. Another privilege of the corporate method of doing business insures that the employees and stockholders of a corporation are not personally liable in case the product or services of the corporation harms the public.

A tax is collected to compensate the public for any potential harm the corporation may inflict upon it. This is the same reason why the Federal Government is constitutionally authorized to tax alcohol, tobacco, and firearms within the states.

The law recognizes corporations as legal fictions or persons with certain privileges. Stop! Here you must absolutely understand that in legal writings the word person has an entirely different meaning than you would ever believe. Legally, a corporation is a person and a person is a "&corporation, an individual, a trust, estate, partnership, association, company or corporation." IRS code section 7701(a).

"The presence of a comma separating a modifying clause in a statute from the clause immediately preceding, is an indication that the modifying clause was intended to modify all the preceding cla uses and not only the last antecedent one. Service Invest. Co. v Dorst, 232 Wis, 574, 288 NW 169, 134 ALR 539.

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the mandate of the Fifth Amendment, which protects "persons" from compulsory self-incrimination, applies only to "natural people" and not to "fictions". Therefore, corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and other kinds of business organizations are treated differently from individuals for Fifth Amendment purposes. The concept is knows as the "Collective Entity Rule."


For its recognition that "legal fictions," exists in law as a person, and for its protection of the officers and stockholders of "legal fictions, the government collects a tax on income from "whatever source derived." Which is really protection money from the individual, trust, estate, partnership, association, company, or corporation

Law schools teach the distinction between a paper creation called a person and a natural person.. People who study the law and even those of us who havent, are expected to know the law. In a court of law, failure to know the law is no excuse.

To complete your learning curve for today there is one more term you must understand and that is a "taxpayer." The term taxpayer is defined in the IRS Code, Section 7701(1)(14) "&means any person subject to any internal revenue tax."

Taxing: Two Conditions

In order for the government to tax you directly, two conditions must be met. First, the government must have authority over you. And second, you must be engaged in a taxable activity. As a legal fiction, you meet both of these two conditions. Before you can understand how you became a legal fiction engaged in a taxable activity, you first must understand who you are.

I am here to be of service,



The Loophole Papers are a creation of the mind of Barrie Leslie Konicov, author and voice of Potentials Unlimited, Subliminal Persuasion, Self-hypnosis tapes and is intended to make it possible for you to stop the Federal and State governments from reaching directly into your pockets and taking your money.

It is expected that what is written will challenge your conception of reality and move you into action. It is further expected that you will see to it that your family and friends receive a copy of The Loophole Papers. Do your part and everyone in the country will receive their copy within 72 hours.


The Collective Entity Rule


Barrie, What is the Collective entity rule? And just how do you defend yourself regarding person & natural person? What is the difference: person or natural person. I know, but under the gun, I would not be able to explain or defend myself. And you are not alone in this fight. There are a lot of us who would like to make this world a safe & better place than it has become. Mary Jo

The information about the Collective Entity Rule come into my possession from a mass emailing from Vern Holland on October 25th, just one week prior to my filing my action in Federal Court. (See Loophole Paper #6)

The Collective Entity Rule is about who you are, really. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly held under the Collective Entity Rule that the Constitutional guarantees of the Fifth Amendment only apply to natural persons, and not to paper persons. Meaning that natural persons and paper persons are treated differently under the law.

As soon as I read about the Collective Entity Rule, I knew it had amazing ramifications way beyond what anyone else had understood, when applied to the individual income tax. I knew it was the lynch pin that would make it possible for most people to say no to ever having to file or pay federal or state income taxes again. I also knew that, for some reason, this important doctrine had never been applied as I was going to apply it. And because it never had been applied as I was going to apply it, that it was the concept that would spell the end of the individual income tax. And here is the reason why.

By definition, the only person defined by the IRS Code as a taxpayer, under 7701(a)(14) is an& "individual, a trust, estate, partnership, association, company or corporation. It is self evident that these are different persons than you and I. They are paper persons and are not granted the Constitutional guarantees that you and I, as NATURAL PERSONS, have. Therefore, it was immediately obvious to me that the taxing authority of the Federal Government does not extend to you and I as natural persons.

I already knew that the government did not have that authority, but up until I read that there actually existed a legal principal, called the Collective Entity Rule, I did not have a cause of action upon which to seek relief in court. And remember, my filing day was only a week away. As I said, when I read the email from Vern Holland, I knew that I/we had been given a gift of gigantic proportions. An easily understood, established principle of law that clearly said that you and I are natural persons, and natural persons are not taxpayers.

This principle of the Collective Entity Rule was just applied in Tax Court by Larry Becraft in stopping the government from compelling the production of documents protected by the Fifth Amendment. The Rule was first articulated in Hale v. Hendel. Very recently the Supreme Court held in United States v. Hubbell, 120 S.Ct. 2037 (2000) That interrogatories and depositions of natural persons, are protected under the Collective Entity Rule. Clearly distinguishing between you and I as natural persons and a person who is subject to an internal revenue tax.

Now I have a question for you. Will you be taking a stand for freedom Saturday and filing your own action in federal court on November 29th? Barrie





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