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More than one and a half million Signatories to the FM now share one common cause--the restoration of responsible fatherhood through the elimination of feminism.  Please give each other a giant round of applause for making this the lively and informative forum which allowed us to achieve that position.  And a special round of applause for the pro-fatherhood women on the list who have done so much on behalf of fatherhood and taken so many barbs from so many anti-fatherhood feminists.

Please give another round of applause for those who took the "radical, non-politically-correct" stand against affirmative action at a time when even mentioning it in a crowd caused your verbal castigation, but whom an overwhelming majority of Californians agreed with when they voted for Proposition 209, and whom Pat Buchanan just morally vindicated by becoming the first presidential candidate in history to speak out against this heinous law.  You are living, breathing proof that the spirit and intent of the Constitution is alive and well, that Thomas Jefferson's dream lives on, that responsible fatherhood will triumph, that "feminist principles" will soon be banised from our national consciousness--and that the keyboard is mightier than the nuclear bomb.

We must now thank God for such an unanticipated but overwhelming moral victory.

We are at a vital crossroad in this nation's short life which gives us the opportunity to fully restore our Constitution to its pristine condition, which we all know all too well is the only way to restore responsible fatherhood.  We must now fine tune our message to a point sharp enough to cut through the political rhetoric and media bias which brought us together at boiling point.  We must jointly draft a one page silver bullet to kill the feminist movement in one shot--with bullet proof facts, uniform resolve, and a clear message.  This must be a take-no-prisoners mandate that we will be ruled by God's law, not moral minors' law; that this is a Christian nation, not a feminist nation; that feminism, the "right to commit adultery", is an abomination before God and an enemy to the US Constitution; that the moral majority sets the national standard, not the amoral media; that politicians who condone feminism, adultery, affirmative action, homosexuality, and fatherlessness are no longer welcome; that God must be allowed back in public schools, or that public schools are no longer allowed; that with God's help the nation with the power to obliterate the world with nuclear weapons will cease all wars, foreign and domestic.

Please consider the following "achievements" of our nation's public servants in helping to articulate the above in a single 500 word document:


bulletEven though nineteen out of twenty Americans believe we are headed the wrong direction morally, and nine out of ten Americans pray regularly, you continue to prohibit school prayer  
bulletEven though the Bill of Rights protects the rights of Christians to practice their religion, you destroyed the American family by establishing feminism as a state religion  
bulletEven though two thirds of Americans oppose legalized abortions and half of them consider abortion to be MURDER, you allow abortions  
bulletEven though it is still very much against the law, four out of five Americans condemn it, and it is a violation of the Ten Commandments, you continue to place children with adulteresses  
bulletEven though more than half of male voters support the existing second amendment, independent polls   show that 97% oppose gun control laws, and private gun ownership prevents crime, you pass 20,000 unconstitutional and ineffective gun control laws.
bulletEven though four out of five of your constituents recognize fatherlessness as the most significant social problem of this nation's short life   you continue to ignore it.
bulletEven though the Gallup Poll   shows that less than half of Americans agree with legalizing homosexual relations, the Statistical Handbook on the American Family (Oryx Press, 1992) shows that three quarters believe it is always wrong, and less than 5% want this issue discussed in schools, you legalize it anyway.
bulletEven though federal meddling in education created a nightmare which left zero percent of American girls able to answer the simplest math and physics questions and placed the United States DEAD LAST in the world in test scores   you fail to end the Department of Education.
bulletEven though you allowed a known liar and adulterer to remain in the office of highest public trust   you continue to imprison fathers like Steve Willner for simple acts like going to their own daughter's school functions.
bulletEven though you condemn China for human rights violations, you put 35 times more men per capita in prison than China
bulletEven though scientific DNA evidence proves the innocence of ONE THIRD of American men you imprisoned   you stand idly by and do nothing.
bulletEven though Sandra Day O'Connor single-handedly destroyed thousands of years of Christian progress   you did nothing to stop her.
bulletEven though 85% of us are Christians, even though we were founded by Christians as a Christian nation   your corrupt fellow public servants, senators in Kansas, can't even sit through a simple prayer.
bulletEven though your failure to act almost tripled the murder rate, you created SWAT Teams and lying police which did more damage to society than all of the criminals combined  
bulletEven though banning school prayer increased murder and suicide rates enough to kill an extra million Americans, you did nothing to return God to our schools

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You are GUILTY!

This document and its references can be reviewed at

To become a Signatory, email "I hereby sign the Letter" to [email protected]

To maintain confidentiality, please include "confidential" in the subject header.

For direct comments or questions, please telephone 718 887 1352 or fax 413 895 6190



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