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Steve zgeneva




One more tyrant gone, now if we can just get the Christian Identity Cult!!!! 



2 min 36 sec - Dec 31, 2006
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Description: This is the actual hanging of Saddam taking with a mobile phone video camera. Adios Saddam! Nos vemos en el Infierno





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from Steve <[email protected]>   hide details  11:36 am (4 hours ago) 
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date Jan 1, 2007 11:36 AM  
subject RE: [Renegades_Coalition] Re: [The Holocaust Hoax] Re: [METAPHYSICS-100] Re: [christiandentity] Re: reminder for Clown  


More racist material for Yahoo Abuse

From: Renegades_Coalition @yahoogroups. com [mailto:Renegades_ [email protected] yahoogroups. com] On Behalf Of Jacob Israel
Sent: Monday, January 01, 2007 2:13 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: [Renegades_Coalitio n] Re: [The Holocaust Hoax] Re: [METAPHYSICS- 100] Re: [christiandentity] Re: reminder for Clown

Dear Barry,


If niggers were killing each other, and us, then, at the same rate they've done in the last four decades, then I'd have to say that the kkk was not doing its job.  If niggers killed only half as many White men and raped half as many White women then as they have in the last four decades, then there should have been at least 60,000 niggers lynched, as the jews who run our "justice" system and "news" sources have STUDIOUSLY  IGNORED this rampant crime wave by niggers and done NOTHING to stop it.


Would the kkk have lynched an innocent nigger on purpose?  Of course not.  They probably didn't even bother niggers who killed and raped each other, only those who killed and raped Whites.  Would they have lynched an innocent nigger by accident?  Not any more frequently than the state of Illinois, who found that HALF of those CONVICTED of serious crimes were proven innocent by DNA tests.


Why is it that whiney judeochristians always bring up the kkk, but NEVER discuss the simple fact that niggers have killed more "Americans" just by MURDER as died in all of WWII?


They are victims of jew propaganda.  They "reason" based only on what the jews tube feeds them.  It's hard to imagine that debunks is even a White man, considering how GLEEFULLY he criticizes White brethren like the kkk who were FORCED to take matters into their own hands, while IGNORING the 120 THOUSAND Whites killed by niggers, JUST in the last four decades, JUST in the US, JUST by murder. Others on this forum obviously don't agree with this whiney prissey liberal judeochristian anti-Christ defamation of the White Race.


I truly loathe people who insult my brethren like this.






John Knight





On 12/31/06, Barry <[email protected]> wrote:

AMEN, JK!!!!

I have as much sympathy for those negroes who were lynched by the KKK as I have for their carpet bagger & scalawag colloborators!

There is no doubt that the Klan may have been unnecessarily brutal at times during the

period in which the Reconstruction was being brought down, but Jefferson told us that

as long as Aryans & Afrofilth must live in close proximity, one must be the superior & the other must be the inferior beacuse 2 inherently different races can not co-exist as equals. Once the social order was properly established in the South, people of both races were able to co-exist in relative peace until Jews came on to the scene & began stirring the pot. Now, since the first phase of the Zionist/Illuminati agenda has been implemented- forced integration & economic/social "equality"- the next phase is beginning in ernest: using niggers & the other third world scum which the Jews have imported and boosted educationally & economically( at our expense), to completely eliminate the white race through miscegention & murder. It is really a shame that the KKK whipped so many coons instead of killing them because for every nigger that was allowed to live, there are now hundreds or even thousands of their great-great grand-chilluns in our midst, ravishing our women, taking our money & jobs, demeaning our culture, & killing our children.

Most Americans now lack the stomach to keep monorities in their place, but the only reason we are still here is because real Aryan men of previous generations did what was necessary to ensure our survival. A people who are convinced of their uniqueness,

who don't believe that they have a right to survive as a people will not long survive.

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2006 12:36 PM

Subject: [The Holocaust Hoax] Re: [METAPHYSICS- 100] Re: [christiandentity] Re: reminder for Clown


"the Ku Klux Klan of old" hasn't lynched a nigger for half a century, debunks.





In ONE DAY, "American" niggers kill more "AMERICANS" than the number of niggers the KKK lynched in its lifetime.


What does God's LAW require of those 600 THOUSAND nigger murderers?




When are you going to start whiiiiiiiiiiining about THAT, debunks?  When are we going to hear you pining away about STONING TO DEATH the 120 THOUSAND nigger murderers who murdered 120 THOUSAND WHITES, as loudly as you pine away about some kkk members lynching a nigger murderer, or a nigger rapist, or a nigger THIEF, HALF A CENTURY AGO?


John Knight





On 12/30/06, debunks <[email protected] net > wrote:

  I see you are pining for the Ku Klux Klan of old.


-------Original Message----- --



YES it IS!

Time to dress these kikes down.  Time to reveal them for the murderers and liars and thieves and criminals and faggots and pornographers that they, AND CATHOHOLICS, really are.


John Knight

[email protected] .net wrote:


From: [email protected] com
Date: 2006/12/28 Thu AM 11:10:53 EST
To: [email protected] com,  

[email protected] .net,  [email protected] us, 
[email protected],  

[email protected], 
[email protected],  

[email protected], 
[email protected] net,  

[email protected] us, 
MetaPHYSICS- [email protected] com,  

[email protected], 
[email protected] net,  

[email protected],  [email protected] com, 
[email protected],  

[email protected] net,  [email protected]
Subject: reminder for Clown

In a message dated 12/27/2006 9:13:10 AM Central Standard Time, 
[email protected] com writes:

Who was Christ addressing in John moron?  Was he talking to "all" Jews 
idiot?  Or was he addressing the Sanhredin?  
John 8:48
48  Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art 
a Samaritan, and hast a devil?

Clown, Jesus is not only addressing the Sanhedrin, but also the jew high 
priests, jew elders, jew captains, jew princes, jew blind guides, jew money 
changers, Pilate's court jews.... Most importantly however, He's speaking to the 
mini-jews and prosylites like yourself, Clown. These were the ones, like your 
ancestors, who shouted out with fangs protruding from their lips: Matt 27:25 
"Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children. 


Matt 27:20-23
20  But the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should 
ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus.
21  The governor answered and said unto them, Whether of the twain will ye 
that I release unto you? They said, Barabbas.
22  Pilate saith unto them, What shall I do then with Jesus which is called 
Christ? They all say unto him, Let him be crucified.
23  And the governor said, Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out 
the more, saying, Let him be crucified.

Why did your ancestors choose Barrabas instead of an innocent man? What is it 
with your fascination with innocent blood and theivery and murder that you 
hold in such high regard?

In case ewe 4got your last Yeshiva lesson, these jew yiddish proverbs will 
remind ewe:
* "One need never suspect a Jew -- he surely is a thief." [p. 139] 
* "It's good to do business with a thief." [p. 233] 
* "If you steal -- you'll have." [p. 233] 
* "What is smaller than a mouse may be carried from a house." [p. 233] 
* "Petty thieves are hanged, major thieves are pardoned." [p. 233] 
* "A thief gives handsome presents." [p. 230] 
* "Before a thief goes stealing, he also prays to God." [p. 231] 
* "Better with a hometown thief than a strange rabbi." [p. 231] 
* "Thieve and rob if you must but be honorable." [p. 232] 
* "God protect us from Gentile hands and Jewish tongues." [p. 196] 
* "Live among Jews, do business among the Goyim." [p. 143] 
* "If you steal enough eggs, you can also become rich." [p. 249] 
* "A fool gives and a clever person takes." [p. 106] 
* "Always take -- if you give me, I'll go away, if not, I'll stay." [p. 106] 
* "Always take!" [p. 106] 
* "The goy is treyf [forbidden] but his money is kosher [acceptable] ." [p. 
* "Offer a Jew a ride and he throws you out of your own wagon." [p. 45] 
* "A sense of justice we want others to have." [p. 127] 
* "Money rules the world." [p. 179] 
* "Money is the best soap -- it removes the greatest stain. (p. 179) 
* "Gold has a dirty origin but is nevertheless treated with honor.[p. 179] 
* "Gold has a dirty origin but is nevertheless treated with honor. [p. 180] 
* "The world stands on three things: on money, on money, and on money." [p. 
180]----Kumove, Shirley(jew) . Illustrated by Frank Newfield. Words Like Arrows. 
A Collection of Yiddish Folk Sayings. Schocken Books, New York, 1985 

RE [Renegades_Coalition] Re [The Holocaust Hoax] Re [METAPHYSICS-100] Re [christiandentity] Re reminder for Clown



jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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