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The Stinger Missile: the great equalizer


bullet500 airline passengers have already been killed by missiles like the Stinger Missile.
bulletA complete Stinger Missile weighs only 34.5 pounds.
bulletHistory of the shoulder fired Stinger Missile.
bulletStinger product description from Raytheon.
bulletStinger Missiles are also mounted  on tanks.
bulletStinger Missile is the chief suspect in the downing of TWA Flight 800.
bulletWas the Value Jet crash caused by a Stinger Missile?


The evening news has been replete with pictures of Afghan troops (which evidently means all Afghan men) casually strolling down the street with Stinger Missiles slung around their necks.  Evidently, most Americans don't appreciate the capabilities of this weapon, nor the magnitude of the problem it now represents.  While it's classified, it's estimated by many sources that a Stinger Missile can automatically take down a jet flying at 80,000 feet, which means that any foot soldier who spots an airplane flying overhead can just push the button and blow it up with virtually no training whatsoever.

How many jets can the Afghans take down these days?   This author supplied 10,000 parts per month to the company who built these missiles which could be used only in the manufacture of that one missile, and there were other suppliers who supplied an identical part.  Nobody would even speculate where these *minimum* of 120,000 per year worth of Stinger Missiles ended up, but it's obvious that Afghanistan could have as much as half of the more than 2.4 million that have been built in the last 20 years.  These 1.2 million Stinger Missiles can obviously be far more dangerous to things other than jets flying over Afghanistan.  All of the evidence suggests that TWA Flight 800 was taken down by a Stinger Missile which the Clinton Administration went to great lengths to conceal.  Considering the reaction of the US government to the use of an errant Stinger Missile, we can't expect to ever be told the truth whenever a Stinger Missile which THEY built blows up something on US soil.  And when you realize that the destruction of Flight 800 proves that the IFF (Idenfitication Friend or Foe) safeguards which were built into the Stinger Missile to protect American property have been over-ridden, then you realize that we can expect many more such attacks.  Imagine what this revelation would do to the airline industry, and thus to the US economy!

It's completely irresponsible and foolish to suggest that searching through people's luggage, requiring them to provide picture ID, banning all forms of legal and Constitutional weapons, creating huge lines in front of affirmative action hirees, and empowering government agents to violate even more Constitutional rights will ever make air travel "safer".  This in fact is intended to obscure the fact that any rogue nation or organization can easily get their hands on a Stinger Missile and take down any number of passenger jets, and that there is nothing at all that we can do about it.  It furthermore emboldens us to ratchet up our own form of terrorism in the Middle East by giving us a false sense of security against those who want to retaliate against it.







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