"One man's love is another man's hate".

Where mamzer jew Steve Beikirch views the following web sites as "hate sites", a casual review of the sites will show you that the predominate theme is the preservation of the White Christian Israelite Race, something that ranks as the highest form of love for most of the 270 million Christians in the US.

Please email Steve Beikirch and thank him for putting together such a great resource for Christians worldwide.





"I hate you because you worship the wrong religion and besides, my religion is better."

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imageBlessed Cause - Their religious faith is the only one that counts. **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePeacefulIslam.com - Islam bashing by Dr. Gene Youngblood **** (Site info - see note below)
imageStopIslam.com - "Where the truth about a cruel and barbaric religion is revealed. Help us put an end to this movement of agression, tyranny, and violence." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCampus Watch - Just more of Daniel Pipes' rabid anti-Muslim/Arab rhetoric. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS AND RESEARCH MINISTRY - "My goal is to convert Muslims to Christ so they may find salvation in Him and to inform seekers about Islam as compared to the Bible and in so doing, turn them to Christ." "There are many non-Christian religions and cults in America: Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Unity, The Way International, Unitarianism, Islam, Hinduism, etc." Matthew J. Slick **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Christian Gallery - Abortion Cams **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Creator's Rights Party - "The Creator's Rights Party Is Your Vehicle of Secession." "Secession Via Nuclear Weapons." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Order of Saint Andrew - "The Order concerns itself with pro-life causes, limitation of immigration and enforcement against illegal immigration, heritage issues, issues of cultural and ethnic preservation, opposition to the homosexual and radical feminist agendas." "We oppose the mixing of the races as we believe this is a degradation to all races, and we seek to secure a future for each individual race and its children. Moreover, we do not ascribe to the false and unbiblical doctrine of evolution." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageChurch of True Israel - "We expect you to be a race loyal Aryan of mature judgment, and adherent to the Doctrine of Dual Seedline Identity. But foremost in importance, you must be a person who can be trusted with the life of our Race (True Israel)." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageJewish Task Force - "Fighting to save America's whites and Israel's Jews from the Third World hordes!" So much hatred from one person. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCry Aloud - "Restore the right to be white ... support Christian Identity" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWisconsin Christians United - Do some Christian's hate others? Pastor Ovadahl and his minions do. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Church in the Wilderness - "The synagogue of Satan 'which say they are Jews,' today is mostly made up of the descendants of Cain." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFathers Manifesto - It seems that these dim bulbs don't like the idea of women voting. They want to repeal the 19th Amendment. They even quote Adolf Hitler on the Jews. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageTraditional Values Coalition - " Hate Crimes legislation is anti-Christian because it elevates gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders to a special protected status." Sounds like a Gay/Lesbian this, Gay/Lesbian that obsession? **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Socialist Christianity - Nazi Christians? **** (Site info - see note below)
imageChick Publications - "Are Roman Catholics Christians?" Jack T. Chick **** (Site info - see note below)
imageScriptures for America - "So why the sinister propaganda war & persecution directed by anti-Christ Jewish sources?" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageGODHATESFAGS.COM - Homepage for the Westboro Baptist Church(?), Topeka, Kansas. The website name speaks for itself. Here's what a C|Net article has to say about Westboro's pastor and his (former) Internet provider CyberPromo.com. Read an interview conducted by HateWatch with Westboro's pastor(?) Fred Phelps. With the Phelps clan HATRED is a family tradition passed from one generation to the next.Here are some interesting "PHELPS Facts." Check out the Phelps factor. Phelps brings grandchildren on an Iowa field trip. Phelps is a Minister from hell. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageGodHatesAmerica.com - Another website from the illustrious Rev. Fred Phelps. ****(Site info - see note below)
imageTraditional Values Coalition - Their rhetoric sounds a little familiar. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageG.O.A.L. -- God's Order Affirmed in Love (more White Supremacy) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageChristian Defense League "We Stand for Jesus Christ, Christians and the, White Minority Race." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageTHE VIGILANCE COMMITTEE - God's Army **** (Site info - see note below)
imageKahane.org - More of Rabbi Kahane's hatred **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThatcher Thunders - "Adolf Hitler is referred to many times in the Bible! In a positive manner, too! The problem is convincing people of this, people who think they know all about the Bible yet never read it." "How long will America let the Jews and Israel dominate it? And what about Western Europe? By America’s dominating role in Europe, the Jews effectively control that continent." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHeritage Lost Ministries - "Protect our birthright." "Negroes don't blush, and their skeletal remains predate Adamic Man by hundreds of thousands of years!" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageChristian Identity (British Israelism, Israel-Identity) FAQ - Hear a (RealAudio) interview conducted by HateWatch with Syracuse University Prof. Michael Barkun on the topic of Identity. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageChurch of Israel - Pastor Gayman recently said. "We believe in the destiny of all races to worship God as he reveals himself to each. We oppose the destruction of racial distinctions, through intermarriage. We believe that the black race should stay black; the yellow race should stay yellow and the white race should stay white. Since socialization leads to forming of relationships, and ultimately to marriage, we believe all races should respect their own created design and socialize separately among their own kindred people" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBe Wise As Serpents (conspiracies & Holocaust denial) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCorruption in America (an imagined conspiracy under every rock) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAssembly of IaHUShUA - If you attempt to REALLY Abide by IaHUeH's LAW... and Follow IaHUShUA... be prepared to SUFFER the Consequences! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageTOLERANCE - "Whites Have Been Slaves at Times in the Past. All That Will Prevent Their Slavery in the Future Is an Awakening to the Identity and Tactics Of Their Mortal Enemy. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe "Christian Guide to Small Arms" - get your own personal copy before it's too late (got to see to believe) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Christian Alternative, Holy War - more anti-Jewish propaganda **** (Site info - see note below)
imageMelchizedek Vigilance - S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T Society To Remove All Immoral Godless Homosexual Trash **** (Site info - see note below)
imageChristian Identity/Posse Comitatus Pastor August Kreis
imageGospel-Plow - While the elitists pursue their New World Order, and the libertarians posture and postulate their anarchist delusions, Gospel Plow seeks to reawaken the remnant - the Christian freeman - to his heritage and his responsibilities. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Euro-Christian Defence League - Did you know that God only loves white people of European descent? **** (Site info - see note below)
imageMinuteman Ministries - Seems as though there is a link between the (racist) Christian Identity church and the "Patriot" movement. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageMessiah / H'al_mahshiyach - Hateful intolerance wrapped up in a nice package. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Jubilee Online. - We all know the mainstream media is controlled and only tells us what they think we ought to know (Christian Identity/Patriot/Anti-Jewish/Holocaust-denial links). **** (Site info - see note below)
imageInter-racial Genocide - a BIZAARE piece of work from Jubilee Online (see above). **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Media Association - Another Christian Identity site maintained by Jubilee newspaper. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageReverand White's Christian Politics - A must see! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerica's Promise Ministries - another "Christian Identity"/White Supremacy page. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageKINGDOM IDENTITY MINISTRIES - located in Harrison, Ark. Harrison is the home of Thom Robb and his Klan. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageKingdom Kinsmen Online **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Nuremberg Files from the Creator's Rights Party **** (Site info - see note below)
imageMission To Israel - "While we do not claim perfect doctrine, we do guarantee that you will find a collection of Biblical truths that will add new insight into the events of today and reveal your place in God's plan." That makes one wonder how you're to know what's the truth and what isn't. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageTHE COVENANT VISION MINISTRY. (New South Wales, Australia) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageChristian Bible Study - Another Identity site. "If you are offended please go elsewhere with Great Haste." "This site hosted by Stormfront.org" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageRight of Israel Online, Christian Identity Resource Page **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Lighthouse "Thank you for searching for Yahveh's Truth. May He bless all the White Christians and turn them back to Him by opening their eyes and ears to the truth and knowledge of His Word." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageChristian Identity Links **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFirst Century Christian Ministries - They seem to be concerned about what others think about Jews - Why? **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Chalcedon Foundation - Religions that fail to dominate and control education and law quickly become fading relics of the past. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageOmni Christian Book Club - "was created to provide an alternative medium to the mainstream media with the intent of exposing the destructive anti-Patriotic, liberal and immoral elements undermining the foundation of this country as laid out by our Founding Fathers." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Lord's Work, Incorporated. - more Christian Identity. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageChristian Separatist Church Society - "There is no question that world Jewry is behind the judaizing and mongrelization of America. Race-mixing is a Jewish virtue, not a white Christian's." "Separation is not just a spiritual call to be separated from scumbags and immoral trash and Christ-hating filth. It is also a call to live separate and be physically separated from scum." "True niggers, if there are any real ones left in the world, have no need of salvation any more than a goldfish or a Shetland pony." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageArmy of God - We declare and affirm that if in fact Paul Hill did kill or wound abortionist John Britton, and accomplices James Barrett and Mrs. Barrett, his actions are morally justified if they were necessary for the purpose of defending innocent human life. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageRyan Hicks Ministries It seems that Mr. Hicks thinks that Pope John Paul II is the anti-Christ. Imagine that! "It is the love of money that is evil, not money itself. Money can be a great thing when used for God's purposes." **** (Site info - see note below)

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If what you have read on the preceding pages disturbs you, exercise your right of free speech and send Email to the Internet providers who are carrying those pages. Let them know that they should take a good look at who they are providing service to. Remember - these groups may have the Constitutional right to speak - but so do you!

You can usually find their Email address by viewing the providers homepage. To get to that page, remove the customers directory from the URL.
http://www.abcdefg.com/~abcdefg (customers page)
http://www.abcdefg.com (providers page)

Some groups are now establishing their own Web servers. But someone still has to provide "domain registry" for them. An example of a domain is "abcdefg.com". You can find out a lot about a group (including who is providing the domain naming service) by using a WHOIS search. Just type the domain name (i.e abcdefg.com) in the box and hit 'Return'. To find out specifics about the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who is hosting the site, look for the "Administrative Contact" and/or "Domain servers" information. Try it out.

I encourage everyone to visit the sites listed on this page to see the hatred that is being spread over the Internet.

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Search the USENET (newsgroups) and find out what these group are talking about

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