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Signatories to The Fathers' Manifestosm

Media perception, public perception, & the political agenda of 3.3 million Signatories to the Fathers' Manifestosm



  1. Three out of four Signatories feel rage when they think about their experience in court.
  2. Four out of five believe adultery laws should be upheld, per a poll of Signatories and a Gallup Poll.
  3. More than half of Signatories prefer the presumption of father custody over joint custody.
  4. Four out of five Signatories agree that the size of government should be drastically reduced!
  5. Four out of five men and women believe majority of women would lie seriously enough to falsely convict their own husbands.
  6. Seventy percent oppose the legalization of sodomy.
  7. One out of three Signatories believe that the Nineteenth Amendment should be repealed, up from one out of six Fathers' Rights Activists in 1995.
  8. Nine out of ten believe fathers make unique contributions to their children's lives.
  9. Signatories deplore the anti-Christian, pro-Jewish bias of the mainstream media.
  10. Vast majority of Americans agree with Signatories on twelve key Christian issues.
  11.   Eighty three% favor exiling jews to Madagascar.



  1. Eighty nine percent (89%)  favor repatriation of African Americans to Liberia.
  2. Two thirds oppose abortion on demand.
  3. Fifty seven percent (57%) view abortion as MURDER!
  4. Less than a quarter believe sodomy should be legalized.
  5. More than three quarters believe sodomy is always wrong (The Statistical Handbood on the American Family, Oryx Press, 1992).
  6. Many believe SWAT Teams did more damage to society than most criminals.
  7. "More than 80 percent of the 603 people surveyed favored abolishing [affirmative action], including a surprising 79 percent of blacks, 80 percent of Hispanics, and 82 percent of women. The results confirmed a similar poll conducted in Florida two years earlier in which 84 percent of voters, and 86 percent of blacks, supported a ban on preferences."
  8. Less than three percent of the "victims" of domestic violence believe government should be involved.
  9. Two thirds believe the Talmud, jewish judges, jewish control of the media, and jewish control of education played a key role in our current social pathology.
  10. Three quarters support the expulsion to Madagascar of the 1.9% of "Americans" who are jews (but hold Israeli passports).
  11. Majority of Americans want smaller government, consistent with Signatories.
  12. One out of five Americans believe the IRS should arrest those who don't file tax returns (WorldnetDaily Poll).
  13. The tragedy of American education:  TIMSS demonstrated to the world that a statistical zero percent of American 12th grade girls are able to resolve math and physics problems.
  14. Nine out of ten Americans  pray regularly, two out of three want creationism in public schools, and three out of four want spoken Christian prayers in public schools.
  15. More than half of men voters support the existing second amendment (Gallup Poll) and less than 8% of Americans believe gun control laws are effective (Be Counted Poll).
  16. Nineteen out of twenty (95%) of Americans believe we are headed the wrong direction morally.
  17. Who sponsored 911?:
    bulletReuters Poll reports that two thirds say the jew.
    bulletThree quarters say the NWO/White House.


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