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True. Another thing that is important to remember is that crucifixion was actually outlawed in Rome at the time. The only people that were crucified for punishment were hardened criminals. In essence, Jesus Christ was condemned as a felon, and was given a felon's punishment. In essence, he was punished as a hardened criminal. Actually, the swastika is a Christian symbol. It means divine power.


Keltic Priest Stone Slab Monument

Late Fourth Century A.D.

Found on a Mountainside in Southern Ireland




                  "Hold Fast"      "Jesus is God"      "Hold Fast"







Keltic Priest Stone Slab Monument

Late Fourth Century A.D.

Found on a Mountainside in Southern Ireland

This is an ancient Celtic stone slab memorial rock, it is a monument to a Keltic Christian Priest. The Stone Monument with the Keltic inscriptions was placed on a mountainside in Southern Ireland around the end of the Fourth Century A.D.

Take special note of the fact that this Celtic Christian Monument is topped with a White Greek Cross inside of a White Circle*. Below the Greek Cross these early Christians etched two White Swastikas, one on either side of a White Arrow pointing upwards to the White Cross which looks remarkable like an Iron Cross or Knights Cross. The Swastikas were and are traditional symbols of Divine Power that date back to prehistoric times. The meaning of the monument is very clear and easy to understand. The Swastikas which symbolized Divine Power to the Ancient Celts with the White Arrow pointing to the White Cross proclaim that the Cross of Jesus Christ and thereby Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour is Divine Power. In other words this ancient Keltic Christian monument proclaims the Deity of Jesus the Christ. Some dark minds have interpreted this otherwise and foolishly proclaimed that the early Keltic Christians were simply hedging their bets and did not want to offend their old pagan gods and thereby included the Swastikas as a precaution and imprecation to the old false gods. No doubt such double-minded men existed back in the fourth century A.D. Even as they do today; none the less it is abundantly clear that the message of this monument is to boldly proclaim that Jesus Christ is the One True and Living God. This inclusion of the Swastika with the Greek Cross rather destroys the lame arguments that Christians should not in any way use the Swastika! The Swastika is a Celtic Christian Symbol, like it or not that is an established fact!

It is also important to note that the one White Greek Cross of Jesus Christ and the two Swastikas add up to three crosses or symbols and thereby comprise a trinity. This is no doubt the reason that two Swastikas were used on this monument rather than just one, so that the three crosses proclaim the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These Celts were Christians indeed, not two faced and double minded pretenders! This Ancient Celtic Christian Stone Monument is exceedingly rich and wonderful in it's symbolism and profound in it's proclamations!

The inscribed long and short notches down either side of the Stone Slab below the White Cross, White Circle, White Swastikas, and the White Arrow are an inscription in Ogam, an ancient Irish Script. Another example of an Ogam Inscription is found on this web page, towards the top of the page there are two brown and gold Celtic Crosses flanking either side of a small photo of the Keltic Priest Stone Slab Monument. The Celtic Cross on the left has written with it the words "Hold Fast" in Ancient Keltic Ogam. The Celtic Cross upon the right has "Hold Fast" written in Ancient Germanic and Scandinavian Runes besides the Cross. Both of these Celtic Crosses also contain Trinity Knots.

(*White Circle: the white circle is rather faded and faint yet can still be clearly seen. The photograph I scanned for this web page and have closely studied of this particular monument are of better quality than the one posted here and the White Circle can be more clearly seen. A careful examination of this photo even on this web page none the less clearly shows a White Circle around the White Cross and was no doubt more clearly visible and quite striking when first inscribed. The meaning of the Circle to the Celts is a deep and rich subject which would require many pages to adequately explore and expound upon. Suffice it to say at this time that the Circle is a symbol of infinity and/or eternity, also the "Family Circle", a "Circle of Friends", and the Circle is also a symbol of the Clan which is after all simply a large extended family. The White Circle is clearly a symbol of Kith (friends), Kin and Clan to the Celts, and this monument proclaims that Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith are at the heart and center of Kith, Kin, and Klan. These Kelts were ancient Israelites of the so-called "Lost Tribes of Israel"! To learn more read, The Quest for Israelite Identity.

A Photo of this Keltic Christian Priest Stone Slab Monument is found on page 141 of THE CELTS by Duncan Norton-Taylor and the Editors of Time-Life Books (1974). The book is part of The Emergence of Man series of books edited by Time-Life books, and is well worth reading and studying.




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