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On Killing Jews

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    Ehud Barak has affirmed that, when done within the context of Jewish aggression, killing Jews is a legitimate act.

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    Ehud Barak said, now that Israel has left Lebanon, ther is no basis for aggression against Israel. He followed that with threats of dire violence against anyone who dared.   Unintentionally, by that statement, Mr. Barak inferred that it was a legitimate act for Hezbullah to target and kill Jews.  He is of course absolutely correct in that inference. Through out history, all peoples have recognized the right of the victims of aggression to resist that aggression with any and all means available to them, up to and including the killing of the aggressors.
    When Israel complained to the international community that Hizbullah was attacking and killing their occupation soldiers they got scant sympathy from the international community. Of course U.S. ZOG, and other ZOG governments gave sympathetic lip service and issued brash demands, but everyone knew that Hizbullah was engaged in legitimate resistance against a violent aggressor. It was well considered that Israel was crying over a situation of it's own making. It was  legitimate for Hizbullah men to kill Jews.
    The Lebanon situation is enunciated for the purpose of drawing paralells between that and the other Israeli war crimes. First on that list, the dispossession of the Palestinian people from their land. The Palestinian people were driven from their homeland at the instigation of the state of Israel. This was accomplished by terrorism, and superior military force. Such does not bestow legitimacy.
    The point here is, it is legitimate for the Palestinians who have been driven from their homelands to fight back. Their homeland was taken from them at gunpoint. In that struggle they have righteousness on their side. All mankind accords to the victim the right to struggle against his victimizer. All mankind, accords to the Palestinians who have been driven  from their homeland by the Jews, the right to mount a righteous struggle. That struggle may include killing Jews. It is in that correct context, legitimate for Palestinians to kill Jews.
    We also have the aggression against the remnant of the Palestinian people. In 1967 Israel again mounted a war of aggression. One of their acts was to use their superior military forces to capture Jerusalem and the West Bank and the Gaza strip. It was of course a cake walk because there was virtually no military to resist. Since that time the Jews have used their hegemony over the area in an illegal scheme of occupation and governance to dispossess the Palestinian people of their homeland and drive them away to other lands.
    Because the Jews have so abused their power over the Palestinian people, because they have as their ultimate goal the taking of their homeland for Jews, the Palestinian people have every right to resist that oppression by any and all means available to them. That is up to and including the killing of Jews. So long as Jews hold oppressive military power over the Palestinian people and occupy their land  it is legitimate for Palestinians to kill Jews.
    The Syrians also have legitimate cause to kill Jews. As part of that war in 1967, Israel used the superior armaments provided by America to invade Syria and carve off a piece of Syrian territory which they coveted. Israel invaded and captured the Syrian Golan Heights in 1967. They completely obliterated a Syrian town of 50,000. To this day, they continue to hold this spoils of war. This war effort is followed up by propaganda to justify taking by military force what they coveted.
    Syrians are aggrieved by the state of Jew Israel. The Jews came with sophisticated killing machinery and took a part of their homeland. Syrians have a legitimate right to kill Jews.
    Israel also in 1967 invaded Egypt. In a surprise attack they destroyed the Egyptian airforce on the ground. They took the Sinai from Egypt. Since then America has paid Israel to withdraw her forces and pays Egypt billions of dollars every year to give Israel peace, albeit a cold peace. This American bribery has corrupted the Government of Egypt and they have a sizable and dangerous group of dissidents. Flight 990 copilot perhaps.
    Also in 1967 Jew Israel attacked the American intelligence gathering ship, the USS Liberty. The purpose of that attack was to deny the US knowledge of Israel's pending attack on the Syrian Golan Heights. The attack was deliberate despite Jew lies and propaganda to the contrary. Thirty four American sailors were killed and one hundred seventy one were injured, many quite seriously. When the American's launched life rafts to abandon ship, the Jews machine gunned them. The Jews also sent a helicopter loaded with heavily armed assault troops, their mission was to finish off any surviving Americans.
    This dastardly attack has been covered up by the US JOG and the Israeli Jew government. As regards this dastardly deed, I ask, do the men of the USS Liberty who survived the attack have a legitimate right to kill Jews?



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