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2. Abodah Zara 26b: "Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed."


It actually states that a Jew who has converted to a pagan worship and is causing trouble to his fellow Jews may be left to die and one may abstain from giving him aid at the time of his need.

It should be noted that Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai did actually say, elsewhere in the Talmud, "Even the best of the goyim (gentiles) should all be killed", which seems to be re-hashed in this alleged quote.

It should be noted that his statement is the opinion of just one person, the Talmud does not endorse it and he said this under the most extreme circumstances - after his friends and teachers had been persecuted, tortured and eventually murdered by the Romans in the Bar Kochbar revolt (135 CE). E.S./ David S. Maddison

([email protected]...)


IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that this IS in the Talmud!


If you read this jew's responses carefully, you'll see that the Talmud DOES encourage jews to LIE, which means that we must be very wary of his admissions.  The simple fact that he admits that the Talmud contains a provision that "gentiles" [read: in the US, mostly Christians] "should be killed" is all we need to refute the jews who LIE and claim that it's not.

3. Sanhedrin 59a: "A goy (Gentile) who pries into The Law (Talmud)
is guilty of death."

The quote from Sanhedrin does say that a gentile may not study torah
but the other sources do not exist. There is no practical death
penalty for this offense the penalty stated is only a term of speech
stated in order to indicate the severity of the sin. A gentile may
study the laws regarding the 7 Noahide commandments as stated
and he will merit great everlasting bliss for this, however he may
not study the laws of Judaism. The basic reason for prohibiting
study of Torah is because it is a special covenant between G-d and
his chosen people, any one who is not affiliated with the chosen
people is regarded a thief. Rashi ibid. E.S.


IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that this IS in the Talmud!


Can we even imagine the Holy Bible containing a provision that "one who is not affiliated with the chosen people is regarded a thief" if he merely reads the Holy Bible?


But what we have here is an inference that what we don't know is probably a million times worse than what we do know.  And what we do know is more than enough to justify exiling all jews


7. Schabouth Hag. 6d: "Jews may swear falsely by use of subterfuge

This section discusses the relief from unexecutable vows. It does
not allow swearing falsely.




IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that this IS in the Talmud!


This is a distinction without a difference.  All a jew needs to do to get "permission" to LIE is to claim that his oath of office, his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, his oath to defend the country against "foreign and domestic enemies", his testimony before the court or Congress, his promises to constituents, his contracts with Christians or corporations, his casual statements to "friends", were "unexecutable".


This isn't a mere "loophole"--this is a crater bigger than Meteor Crater in Arizona.

8. Hilkkoth Akum X1: "Do not save Goyim in danger of death."

This is in Maimonides Hilchot Akum (Laws of Idolators) 10:1. It
refers, in reality, to true idolators (i.e., not modern
monotheists), only in circumstances where Jews have power over non-
Jews, i.e., in the future Messianic state. It is based on the verse
(Lev. 19:16) "Do not stand idly by while your colleage's (understood
as co-religionist) life is in danger." In contemporary times,
however, for a variety of reasons, this law does not apply.

Note, further, that

a) one is certainly forbidden to actively cause an idolator's death;

b) one is enjoined to kill Jews who have gone over to the enemy,
whether spiritually or politically. Much harsher treatment for one's
own than for the other.


IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that this IS in the Talmud!


We simply cannot permit people to remain in this putative Christian nation who even remotely believe that they are "enjoined to kill" a jew who "converts" to Christianity, or is "baptized", or who otherwise consorts with their sworn enemies--Christians.


9. Hilkkoth Akum X1: "Show no mercy to the Goyim."

Response to #9 is "only if you can't convince him to give up his
idolatry, should you show him no mercy".

This applies only to members of the Seven Canaanite Nations, which
we were commanded to destroy or disperse upon entry to the Land of
Israel. These nations have died out (reading the books of Joshua,
Judges and Samuel one can see what a poor job the Jews did in wiping
out these nations - a Jew is merciful, even to his enemies), so this
rule is inoperative.



IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that this IS in the Talmud!


Furthermore, we have PROOF POSITIVE that jews don't even know their own genealogy, as described in their OWN writings, and as confirmed by the Holy Bible


We furthermore have confirmation that jews consider the refusal of Christians (who are primarly descendants of the Israelites) to give up Christianity constitutes "idolatry", and that jews really do believe that they should "show no mercy to" us as a result.

10. Choschen Hamm 388, 15: "If it can be proven that someone has
given the money of Israelites to the Goyim, a way must be found
after prudent consideration to wipe him off the face of the earth."

This is relating to a Jew who is causing damage and endangering the
lives of his brethren by false allegations in a medieval gentile
court. The law ibid. states that when he is proven liar a few times
he may be given over to the gentile court for execution. E.S.


IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that this IS in the Talmud!


And he has this exactly backwards.  What the jew will be killed for is telling the TRUTH, not LYING.


And the BIGGEST LIE, the one Our LORD Jesus Christ CAUGHT them at, for which He was crucified, is proclaiming that they were "children of Abraham" (which means they were FALSELY claiming to be Semites and Hebrews), and PARTICULARLY that they are or ever were Israelites.


Both Israelite law and jew law prohibited this possibility.

11. Choschen Hamm 266,1: "A Jew may keep anything he finds which
belongs to the Akum (Gentile). For he who returns lost property (to
Gentiles) sins against the Law by increasing the power of the
transgressors of the Law. It is praiseworthy, however, to return
lost property if it is done to honor the name of God, namely, if by
so doing, Christians will praise the Jews and look upon them as
honorable people."

This statement relates to an article found in the street which
according to gentile legislature does not have to be retrieved and
according to Jewish law has to be returned. The law states that he
does not have to retrieve it if the one who lost it is a gentile as
according to his law there is no need to do so. However, the law
adds on that one should return it anyhow, and that is the practical
out come of the statement. E.S.


IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that this IS in the Talmud!


Be wary of the slick jew sleight of hand where we go from "keep anything he finds which belongs to a ... Gentile", to "an article found in the street".  You can bet that the word "street" is nowhere close to Choschen Hamm 266,1.




14. Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah comes every Jew
will have 2800 slaves."

There is no such source. However, we find a talmudic statement
relating to the spiritual afterlife allegorically that there will be
no need for toil in the spiritual world, as one who has a large
amount of slaves does not need to toil, thus so to speak angels will
execute our errands. Another Talmudic statement which might have
incited the ignoramus is that in the messianic times every Jew will
have 2800 disciples from among the nations who will wish to learn
from him the ways of the Torah. E.S.



IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that this IS in jew writings!


And we have an admission that one of the goals of jews is to enslave Christians or anyone else they "find in the street", and that the reason this is one of their goals is because it's in their "religious" screed, the Talmud.


Imagine the Holy Bible claiming that one of the goals of White Christian Israelites is to have 2,800 jew slaves?!

The gemara Shabbat 32b has a discussion of the punishment for not
following certain commandments and the reward for following them.
Raish Lakish says that the person who wears tzitzit (a four cornered
fringed garment) at the time of the redemption will be given 2800
servants. He then quotes Zecharia 8:23 "Thus saith HaShem of hosts:
In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold,
out of all the languages of the nations, shall even take hold of the
skirt of him that is a Jew, saying: 'We will go with you, for we
have heard that G-d is with you.' " (JPS translation)

Rashi explains why 2800.  He states there are 70 nations and each
nation contributes 10 men for a total of 700.  Since tzitzit are
placed on a four cornered garment it brings the total to 2800.
There is no such book as "Simeon Haddarsen" in the Talmud. This is
actually the name of a 10th Century commentator of the Bible.
S. Maddison ([email protected]...)


IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that at least one jew is a LIAR!




CLAIM 19. Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388: "It is permitted
to kill a Jewish denunciator everywhere. It is permitted to kill him
even before he denounces."

What on earth is wrong with this? A denunciator is one who will
cause a fellow Jew harm that he does not deserve. The gentiles have
already forgotten but less that a century ago if a Jew was caught
breaking a trivial law it would caused an atrocity and/or massacre
throughout the country, this is the reason for the prohibition of
denouncing. Besides this law is not accepted practically see Remah
ibid 10. E.S.


IOW, we now have confirmation from an "expert" jew that this IS in the Talmud!


But we can't just take a jew's "word" for it that jew treatment of a "denunciator" is as benign as he claims it to be.  Webster's New World Dictionary defines "denunciate" as "denounce", which it defines as "to condemn strongly as evil".


The Talmud accuses Jesus Christ of being a "denunciator", simply because He accused the jews of being descendants of "the devil":

John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Had the jews not demanded that Christ be crucified for "denunciating" the jews, we wouldn't know how serious was this charge that he was a "denunciator".  And now that an "expert" jew admitted that this is in the Talmud, but LIED by claiming that it's no big deal--we know exactly just how dangerous jews are.

We also know that the worst "denunciators" of Christians, Christianity, and Christ aren't Muslims or Arabs or Buddhists or Hindus or Shintos or pagans--because they are Talmudites.



jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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