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If American police admit 72 citizens have been killed by police in the US by tasers, then the odds that the figure is actually four times that, or 288.

If Canadian police admit 22 citizens have been killed by police in Canada by tasers, then the odds that the figure is actually four times that, or 88.

The only reason the police admit that Robert Dziekanski, 40, of Pieszyce, Poland was killed by police using tasers is the chance video-taping by a student which proved they did.

Richard Weinblatt, a POLICE officer, and an EX-CHIEF OF POLICE, not only LIES when he claims tasers are “safe”, not only LIES when he claims that a 21 year old boy [a student] wielding only a book is a potential terrorist, but he SUPPORTS the TORTURE of U.S. citizens using DEADLY weapons.  Such a publicly-stated position MUST remove him from the ability to EVER wear a badge, ever again.



After speaking for 88 seconds to ask 3 questions, and being interrupted several times, and trying to maintain his train of thought and phrase these related questions properly, this student was MANHANDLED and ARRESTED

Observer, you said: “However, once informed that he was under arrest, he should have sought redress in court”. There is the problem. Look at the videotape. Never one do the police tell him he is under arrest. They grab him and yes, he squirms away; that’s perfectly within rights for someone not told he’s under arrest. He asks them if he’s under arrest, and they say NOTHING. There are no miranda rights read, nothing. Here’s the biggest problem of all for the police; one of the policemen claim that Meyer picked HIM up off the ground. The video clearly shows it’s the policeman that picks MEYER up. Another officer claims she read him the miranda rights. That’s another clear lie. The tape shows she did not.

"An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery." State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260

"Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer's life if necessary." Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306."





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Gaelic: seventh video

Rumbula Killing Fields: eighth video

NON-holocaust: Ninth video

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jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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