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Jury: Sodomy worse than murder

While our "schools" teach sodomy is a civil right, juries sentence sodomites to prison terms TEN TIMES LONGER than most murderers serve

Teague's last laugh:  "jails and prisons are set up very nicely for crimes like mine" [i.e., don't throw me in the briar patch, said briar rabbit]

"I like to 'date' boys young enough that they aren't corrupted by their parents' influence" AND "all of my, hmmm, converts have been willing mates".


This faggot tried on the John And Ken Show to "prove" that sex with boys is GOOD for them.

This was just before Judge Frank F. Fasel sentenced Teague to 60 years to life -- plus 108 years, if he completes that term -- on 16 counts!!  Obviously society disagrees with faggots.

A blond, 14-year-old boy walked up to a microphone AND DISAGREED.


From the victim of sodomy.



'Nightmare' molester sentenced to life

Kenneth Teague, who abused as many as 15 boys, remains unremorseful.

July 28, 2001

The Orange County Register


A judge Friday sentenced one of Orange County's most notorious and unrepentant child molesters to life behind bars, calling the former poster boy for the Big Brothers program the "worst nightmare" for parents and the youth organizations he served.

Kenneth Eugene Teague, who testified that having sex with boys as young as 9 was therapeutic for them, did not speak at the sentencing, which ended a lurid trial in which the former computer consultant from Irvine acted as his own lawyer.

"I don't consider these to be criminal or bad acts," Teague, 43, said in a jailhouse interview. "I consider myself to be a political prisoner. I'm going to be imprisoned for what I believe, just like a lot of other folks have been."

Just before Judge Frank F. Fasel sentenced Teague to 60 years to life -- plus 108 years, if he completes that term -- on 16 counts, a blond, 14-year-old boy walked up to a microphone.

Teague met the teen-ager about five years ago through the Big Brothers program. The boy's revelations about Teague got authorities on his trail.

"I would like to see him in prison for life for everyone he's done this to," the teen said. "He should be made to tell other inmates what he did so he will get his butt kicked."

Fasel said he wanted to ensure Teague never gets out of prison.

"No matter how many times you suggest you aren't a predator, you are a sexual predator," Fasel told the 6-foot-3-inch Teague. "Frankly, I don't think you will ever change for the better."

Teague, his short, dark hair flecked with gray, told the Register that he is not afraid of going to prison, where sex offenders are frequent targets of inmates' wrath, because he is a "lifelong Christian."

Deputy District Attorney Randy Payne said he is troubled by Teague's lack of remorse.

"It's disturbing, because he still believes that having sex with children is not wrong," Payne said.

Authorities believe Teague molested as many as 15 boys between 1989 and August 1998, when he was arrested.

Prosecutors identified about 25 boys on movies Teague made.

The college-educated Teague said he first had sex with a child -- an 11-year-old boy -- when he was 22.

He had one sexual relationship with a female during college.

He described his childhood in Dallas as "Leave it to Beaver" and "perfect," with a brother two years his junior, a father who was a lawyer and a magistrate, and a mother who was a housewife and retailer.

Teague said he was never abused or neglected as a child -- a common trait among sexual predators.

"I've just always had this capacity" for being sexually attracted to boys, Teague said.

He cited a 1999 study published by the American Psychological Association that caused a firestorm in academia and other circles.

So controversial was the study that the House of Representatives unanimously voted to denounce it. The so-called Rind study concluded that child sexual abuse is not necessarily harmful -- especially for males.

"If done right, in my opinion, it can be a positive experience, a constructive experience," Teague said.

Teague's fate was sealed when authorities discovered several homemade pornographic videos in a storage locker.

The footage chilled even the toughest police investigators.

In addition to sex acts, the movies depict Teague's fascination with feces, which he explained as an extension of his desire to "break down barriers" with his partners.

"People ask me how I can be sexually aroused by fecal matter," Teague said. "Well, we keep breasts and sex organs covered. The more private and prohibited a taboo I found to be of interest. ...

"Eventually, nobody had any embarrassments or hang-ups," Teague said. "We became closer than brothers."

The video footage was all that was needed to convict Teague, said juror K.C. Maran, 21, of Orange, who attended the sentencing.

"The (videos) are something that are going to haunt me and the other jurors for a long time," Maran said.

Teague found most of his young victims in the Boy Scouts of America program, where he was a troop leader, and in Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Orange County.

Authorities didn't fault either organization, because Teague had no criminal background.

Brett Beck, a spokesman for the Orange County division of the Boy Scouts of America, said policies were followed.

"Our policies are pretty strict, but there are people like (Teague) who find a way to get around them," Beck said.

"We followed our policies to a T," he added. "He was removed long before police suspected him."

For a brief time, Teague held a license as a foster parent before the Department of Social Services revoked it, said Tracy Jacobson, the Irvine police detective who cracked the case.

"He got what he deserved," Jacobson said of the sentencing. "It reflects all the devastation he caused to children and their families."

Teague said most of his victims still are friends.

Not all.

"Emotionally, it's pretty much damaged me," said the 14-year-old boy who spoke at Teague's sentencing. "I learned sex way too early. I don't trust males as much as I used to, especially big and intimidating ones."

Teague has accepted his fate and said he will "try to make a difference" in prison by helping those who are weak.

"I hope I end up dying doing what I believe in: standing up for what's right and helping those who are the most vulnerable," he said.

Seeking out the vulnerable, authorities say, is what got Teague in serious trouble in the first place.

"What hurts the most," said juror Maran, "is when I think of all these kids who looked up to him to show them the right way.

"Then he turned things all around and ruined their lives."



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