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Terrorism and Drones

As early as 1962, 39 years ago, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lemnitzer proposed that the US military forces use drone aircraft in a terrorist action against Cuba.   The technology required to fly a drone aircraft today is trivial, so things like Global Hawk are just one of thousands of technological developments that grew out of our $11 trillion investment in national defense since then which would have enabled passenger jets to be flown with precision into the sides of the Pentagon or World Trade Center.   The simple fact that our own Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed such deception four decades ago is evidence enough that it would entertain such ideas today.  All it takes to implement the plan is one signature from the President.drones.gif (50067 bytes)

The way our security system is compartmentalized prevents anyone who's not working on a specific program from knowing the details or even the generalities of other associated programs, even if that program supplies hardware and software to his program.  Not even most  Congressmen have security clearances, so most of them are completely unaware of much of the technology that this $11 trillion investment in military weaponry has purchased.  The missile caught on video tape by three Japanese video cameras could easily have been developed by any of a number of different military services without even the developers knowing its final specifications.  Few members of the public and almost no members of  Congress would know of its existence, much less its specifications.

We don't need to ask whether or not the US military would ever consider such a project--we have their hard core proposal in black and white from just four decades ago.  The only thing that's changed since then is the size of our investment in weaponry and an even greater increase in the presence of jews in government who would be glad to use such weapons against their traditional enemies.  We even have the same terrorist Ariel Sharon in power in Israel now who was in power when Lemnitzer made this proposal.

The question is not if the US government would attack its own citizens--the question is how many public servants knew ahead of time and approved of the project, and how many of them had to accept it after the fact.  The disappearance of Dick Cheney for months after the attack suggests that he might not have been one of those who originally approved it, and had to be indoctrinated into accepting it afterwards.

There's no other country who could have supplied the missile that was caught on these three different video cameras during the destruction of the WTC.  Only the US government could have done that.   The fact that the US government denies that there were missile attacks is proof enough it conducted the attacks.  Had it been Israel, or the terrorists, or any other foreign power, there would be no reason to have denied that missiles were involved in destroying the WTC.  We can only guess about what was not caught on video tape, but the video proof is revealing enough to expose the entire plot:  the US government was involved.

It would have taken only seconds, literally, to intercept those four commercial airliners which had been off course for almost an hour.  It took a direct order from the White House to prevent those four airliners from being shot down before three of them reached their intended targets.






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