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Several years ago Americans had the privilege of hearing quite a bit from the mainstream media about religious groups that call themselves "Christian Identity."

Few Americans know who, or what, Christian Identity is. Those who are aware of the label are more likely to think of the groups as "white supremacists" (racial organizations, rather than religious groups). This is because, almost invariably when one hears or reads of the groups in the mainstream media, that is the way they are described.

What are they, actually, and what do they believe?

Approximately 1000 B.C., the twelve tribes of Israel divided into two kingdoms. One group was called The House of Judah, and the other The House of Israel. Judah was made up of two of the tribes, while Israel contained the other ten.

About 700 B.C., The House of Israel was carried into captivity by the Assyrians, who inhabited the area around the ancient city of Babylon. Today, that area is part of Iraq.

This is considered to be the first of two diasporas of the Hebrew people. The second occurred around A.D. 70, when the Romans had had enough of the contentious Jews and their rebellions and dispersed them throughout the nations of the Roman Empire. While this latter dispersion obviously seemed reasonable and desirable to the Romans, at that time, it was ultimately a disaster for White Western Europe. Europe would have been much better off if it had not had the cancer that was the Jewish presence all of those thousands of years since A.D. 70.

After the captivity in Babylon, many of the Hebrews, for various reasons, chose not to return to their homeland. Many stayed on in Babylon.

However, according to the believers in the Christian Identity movement, many of those "Children of Israel" migrated west and became the Caucasian-European peoples. They believe that today's "Children of Israel" are primarily the descendants of the English-speaking white peoples of Northwestern Europe.

In the Bible are many prophesies of, and references to, the last days of the earth, as we know it, and the role of the Children of Israel during that period. If one believes that the true descendants of the Children of Israel, to whom are being referred in those Biblical references, are the white English-speaking peoples, then one can also believe that those same people can now be considered to be the "Chosen" people, or "God's Chosen People," as the term is commonly used.

Now, we all know, of course, that members of the ethnic group that calls itself Jewish claim that status for themselves. Naturally, they, therefore, see the claim of the "Christian Identity" people as false.

Since the Christian Identity movement" asserts that, today, white Europeans are "God's Chosen People," and that means that they are the special, or superior, people referenced in the Bible, it is but a simple step for opposing elements to label them as "white supremacists." They are more-or-less claiming special status as an ethnic/racial group, but with a religious foundation.

What is an interesting parallel is that the people who consider themselves to be Jews claim the exact same thing. The Jews claim to be the special people, as an ethnic/racial group, based on a religious foundation.

How did this whole concept of "God's Chosen People," even begin? Well, most of us have enough Christianity in our background to be aware of its foundation.

Most of us know that the Old Testament of the Bible was written by Hebrew people, and that it was more-or-less their history. Albeit their history in their own words, and their own version.

In that version they claim a special relationship with what they assert is the only God that exists. They have decided that there is only that God, and that God has specifically selected them to be a special people on earth. Quite a convenient occurrence for them, is it not?

Let us review: The Hebrew people wrote their own history. And, in that history they developed their own version of the spiritual world and a God (supreme being). And, they then determined that they, of all the peoples on earth, are the special people of this God. That they are "God's Chosen People."

What is interesting is how they managed to get so many other people to buy into that story.

Now, the Christian Identity crowd is attempting to accomplish a similar feat. They are simply trying to shift the line of descent of this story to themselves, thereby removing it from the people who, today, consider themselves to be descendants of the Kingdom of Judah. And, why shouldn't they? After all, it worked once, so why shouldn't it work again? Why shouldn't this particular group have just as much right to claim their version of the story is correct and that they are "God's Chosen People?" Why shouldn't they, as an ethnic/racial group, be able to base that claim on religious foundations, just as the Hebrews did?

But, instead, all they get is abuse. Nobody allows them the liberty of declaring themselves to be "God's Chosen People." At least, not as a large segment of the world allows the supposed Jews. And, their claim is viciously criticized for its ethnic/racial-superiority element. This fact is hard to understand, since the exact same claim is made by the supposed Jews and, nobody hardly gives it a thought.

Of course, what is really pitiful is that anybody believes either version. What is really pitiful is that the people of these two groups are standing around with their human-invented stories, their ridiculous versions of their supposed histories, with the living-man vomiting whales, acoustically destroyed stone city walls, sea partings and 50 trillion animals fitting into a very small boat. And, it is especially pitiful that millions of other people are buying it.

Recently, I have been thinking about writing the history of my family clan. I am quite certain that there has been divine intervention in my family's affairs by the "One True God," whom I will reveal to all of you in my "family history," and how that God has specially selected my family clan as the most special of all peoples on earth. He has designated my family clan to be his. He, I swear, describes us as "God's Chosen People." I will tell all of you, and the whole world, about this in my soon-to-be-released "family history."

About the Jewish claim to be "God's Chosen People," and about the "Christian Identity" claim to be "God's Chosen People," it is all rather silly and sad, is it not?

No. 0054 (07/27/00)



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