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The Long March
by Ian P. McKinney

SINCE THE LAST ELECTION that heralded the so-called "Republican
revolution" we hear a lot of talk announcing that liberalism is dead, or
at least on its last legs. That is what well-known conservatives like Rush
Limbaugh and others would have us all believe. Yes, listeners, all we have
to do is support Newt Gingrich and, of course, keep on buying those Rush
beer steins, and hopefully, according to the plan, when Bill Clinton is
voted out of office in 1996 and after we elect a good conservative
president, then all our worries will be over.

Does anyone actually think that an election or two will reverse well over
fifty years of liberal and alien subversion of our government and
institutions, the moral decay, the decline of the public school system,
the out-of-control immigration, the explosion of non-White crime, or any
of the other consequences of "diversity"? The present Republican
politicians usually do not even directly address these issues. It would
not matter if the Republicans were to be elected in large numbers for the
next fifty years: these problems would obviously continue to grow worse.
Unfortunately, we've allowed ourselves to be convinced that liberalism
consists of mostly economic issues: taxes, welfare, deficit spending, etc.
The fact of the matter is that liberalism, at its core, has little to do
with economics.

The economic issues that are constantly discussed in conservative circles
are only by-products of liberalism. The foundation and wellspring of
liberalism is the fraudulent doctrine of universal human equality. This
doctrine states, in short, that a person is nothing more than a victim of
his environment, born into the world as a blank slate. Everything that he
will become, every impulse and instinct, every talent or flaw, every like
or dislike, and even his intelligence, is solely the product of external
forces and life experiences.

For example, those who believe in the doctrine of human equality state
that there is no danger to our nation from the millions of
low-intelligence, crime-prone, and violent people now immigrating to and
reproducing in our cities at astronomical rates. All that we have to do,
they say, is to make sure that these millions are guided into some
do-gooding government program, like "Head Start" or "Midnight
and they will all eventually become engineers, doctors, and other kinds of
productive contributors to our country. And what do conservatives say?
midnight basketball for them. But they really aren't too different from
the liberals. They say: Give these non-Whites a good education, economic
opportunity, and prayer in the schools; and soon the Jamaican drug gang
members will be indistinguishable from Beaver Cleaver. Modern-day
conservatives and liberals both accept the liberal ideas of equality and
of the overriding importance of the individual's environment.

If individuals are born with equal potential, and what they eventually
become is determined solely by their environment, then certainly it
follows that the races are also equal. If someone was to remove an infant
from the jungles of Africa and place that child into the home of a typical
White family here in America, then according to the theory of equality we
should expect that the Black child's intelligence and abilities would be
no different than those of a typical White child raised under similar
conditions. If that African baby had been placed in Beethoven's crib and
raised identically to him, then that child would have eventually written
the Ninth Symphony. Had that African child been placed in William
Shockley's crib he would have invented the transistor. My examples may
exaggerated, but that really is the essence of the modern religion of
equalitarianism, which is espoused by Clinton, Gingrich, and every other
politician who wants to be elected. It is a false religion, with Communist
roots, and with no scientific basis whatever.

I have mentioned the Tanser Study on a previous American Dissident
program. This study was conducted as part of the doctoral thesis of Dr. H.
A.Tanser who was Superintendent of Schools in Chatham, Ontario, in
For approximately 100 years, Chatham had been the home of Blacks who
escaped slavery via the so-called "Underground Railroad" of the 19th
century, and their descendants. The study's goal was to show that these
Blacks, living in equal social conditions with Whites and attending the
same schools for about a century, would have developed IQs comparable
the Whites. The numerous other studies conducted up until that time, it
was claimed, showed lower IQs for Blacks because American Blacks had
segregated and discriminated against for their entire lives. Chatham was
an exception to that. The findings of the Tanser study revealed quite the
opposite of those expectations, however. There was an approximate 15
deficit in the average Black IQ test score when compared with the
White score: the same difference which existed and still exists between
Black and White scores in Alabama or Louisiana.

The previously mentioned study is only one of many dozens conducted
the years by various private, public, and military researchers. They are
unanimous in their findings. The IQ gap is unquestionably real. Read The
Bell Curve, available from National Vanguard Books, for an objective
summary of the data. The theory of human equality has been scientifically
demonstrated again and again to be false. The interesting question is:
do we find so many fanatical advocates of this thoroughly discredited
theory in the academy, in the media, and in government?

Another issue on which modern Republicans agree with Bill Clinton is
of the wonderful benefits of Third World immigration. The equality
doctrine states that the race of an immigrant is of no consequence.
Gingrich and Limbaugh and company state that all that is necessary is for
the immigrants to be imbued with the American culture, whatever that is,
and after a sufficient period of acclimatization, they would be
functionally identical to native-born White Americans. The Republican
"revolution" has zero chance of reversing or even slowing the browning

If intelligence varies to such degrees among racial groups, then it is
logical to believe other less tangible psychological characteristics also
vary by race. I am referring to characteristics that enable a racial group
to collectively create and sustain such a unique civilization composed of
the body of art, learning, politics, social organization, etc.: the mental
characteristics comprising the natural abilities and tendencies that exist
within that racial group. It is a synthesis of intelligence and racial
"personality" that is the root of culture.

Why does one group of people develop an advanced society, while others
remain at a savage level? Why do some races seem incapable of
or maintaining an advanced society even when exposed to -- and in cases
actively aided by -- more advanced civilizations, while others are able to
quickly adapt outside ideas and technologies and then go on to develop
them in their own unique ways? Those are good questions, but do not
a rational answer from a liberal. Their answer will be that it's "racism"
and "bigotry" on the part of Whites and in some cases Asians for the
inability of Black Africa, for example, to move much beyond the Stone
The glaring failure to develop in Africa causes severe consternation
liberals, and their shrill calls for more foreign aid, more exchange
students, more "uplift" programs, more "democracy," ad infinitum, are
simply desperate efforts to cover for the total intellectual bankruptcy of
the equality doctrine. For an equalitarian to face the fact that an
endless supply of money and assistance will not bring any lasting
improvement to a place like Africa would destroy his belief system and
would require a massive philosophical reassessment.

The deteriorating social conditions that are occurring in the United
States and the rest of the White world are the direct results of an insane
immigration policy and the tremendous birthrate of the non-Whites
here. Both of these have their roots in the doctrine of equality. How did
this doctrine become the state religion of the new rulers of America? Our
ancestors 100 years ago certainly never believed in such nonsense. What
happened? To answer that question, we must travel back those 100
years and
examine the career of one Franz Boas, whom the liberal intellectual
establishment regards with almost religious reverence. Boas was an
academic with Communist sympathies, and was actually cited by the
States Congress for over 40 different Communist affiliations.

Communist strategy in the United States during the early part of this
century included what they called "the long march through the
institutions." This meant that Communists and sympathizers would
infiltrate and gain positions of influence in as many important American
organizations as possible; including churches, clubs, social
organizations, service groups, government departments, the legal
profession, and especially schools and colleges. In the event of a
Communist revolution, party members and sympathizers would already
their fingers on enough levers of power to help the revolution along and
to govern once it took place. In the event that a violent revolution did
not take place, the "long march through the institutions" would be an
alternate road to power. The Communists and those behind Communism,
as we
all know, took that alternate road in this country. Once in positions of
influence, they were able to help each other, sway the minds of students
and others under them, and crush their disorganized and surprised
opposition, especially in the academy where they still rule today. Boas
was one of the most skilled practitioners of these skills.

Boas was born in Germany in 1858 of radical socialist Jewish parents.
fame rests on his contributions to the field of anthropology, the study of
the origins and development of man and human societies. His education
included no study of anthropology; and how he got his Ph.D. is something
of a mystery, but nonetheless he went on to obtain a professorship at
Columbia University and subsequently created what is known today as
or cultural anthropology. Cultural anthropology, in contrast to physical
anthropology, holds that external environmental forces determine human
development almost to the exclusion of biology and genetics. Boas, who
died in 1942, spent his life energetically promoting the equality

Over a period of several decades, the pupils of Boas were given the air of
authority that goes with doctoral degrees, and were placed into positions
of responsibility in anthropology departments of leading universities
around the nation. These Boas disciples received the concerted backing
the press, radio, and TV (which were also by this time in the hands of
America's enemies). These media served as a platform to freely espouse
their "great" opinions on various issues. At the same time, the critics of
the "Boas School" were to a large degree silenced.

A prominent Boas student, Professor Melville Herksovits, stated, "The
decades of the tenure of his professorship at Columbia gave a continuity
to his teaching that permitted him to develop students who eventually
up the greater part of the significant professional core of American
anthropologists, and who came to man and direct most of the major
departments of anthropology in the United States. In their turn they
trained the students who, with increases in general interest in the
subject... have continued in the tradition in which their teachers were

Thirty years ago America's pre-eminent physical anthropologist, the late
Carleton Coon, minced no words in describing the chicanery of the
anthropologists: "More serious are the activities of the academic
debunkers and soft-peddlers who operate inside anthropology itself.
their ideas on the concept of the brotherhood of man, certain writers, who
are mostly social anthropologists, consider it immoral to study race, and
produce book after book exposing it as a `myth'... and [saying] we
pretend that race does not exist. These writers are not physical
anthropologists, but the public does not know the difference." So while
the liberal anthropologists continually lecture the public on racial
matters through an endless stream of books and articles, the fact is that
they have no real credentials for such pronouncements. Those with such
credentials -- the physical anthropologists -- are seldom given a media

I do not want to leave the impression that physical anthropology was
somehow eliminated or absorbed by cultural anthropology. At the
time the debate still rages between the two schools. Despite decades of
equality propaganda, some scholars are still intellectually honest, you
see, though the TV-watching and newspaper-reading public almost never
hears from them. Who were and are these cultural anthropologists that
been propagandizing the public with the equality doctrine? Therein lies
the truly revealing aspect of the matter. The most prominent among the
Boas devotees are as follows: Ashley Montagu (Jewish, despite the
Raymond Pearl, Melville Herskovitz, Herbert Seligman, Otto Klineberg,
Weltfish, Amram Scheinfeld, Ruth Benedict, L.C. Dunn, Isador Chein, and
Margaret Mead. It is very noteworthy that a very high proportion of the
Boas illuminaries were foreign born, and in almost every case Jewish. The
two women mentioned, Mead and Benedict, were reportedly a lesbian
Does Jewishness prove Communist or subversive motives by itself? No,
when one considers the Communist connections of Boas himself, and the
that Ruth Benedict, Gene Weltfish, Melville Herskovitz, and especially
Ashley Montagu, had all been connected with Communist activities, and
one also considers the long history of Jewish domination of the
movement, it certainly would cause one to view the whole group with
extreme suspicion. It would be reasonable to suspect that these
individuals might not have America's best interests at heart.

The history of Boas and the equality doctrine is an interesting
illustration in itself of the dangers inherent in the presence of alien
influences within even a relatively homogeneous nation, which is what
America was back during the era of Boas' domination of Columbia
University's anthropology department. Being non-political, as scholars
generally were, the physical anthropologists were simply unaccustomed
dealing with an alien group within their midst possessed of both a fervent
political agenda and a powerful ethnic nationalism, who were bent upon
twisting scholarship into a propaganda tool. Combine the collaboration
the partisan media with the willingness of the "Boas School" to distort
and falsify science, and we see the operation in its essence and as it
still functions today. It is a sobering example of the kind of subversion
that has taken place in so many areas of American society.

Certainly the subversion continues today and has deeply damaged our
society. We have fallen so far that the Republican party, viewed by many
well-meaning White Americans as the nation's salvation, is saturated
the equality philosophy. The examples are numerous.

The victory of Proposition 187 in California was a result of the total
frustration of Californians with the totally ineffectual efforts of the
federal government to stop illegal immigration. The initiative, which has
now technically become law though Jewish lawyer Mark Silverman has
it will be "litigated for years" and the will of California's people has
been stifled, would simply prevent illegal aliens from obtaining public
welfare, public medical assistance, and access to public schools, and
would increase the penalties for the counterfeiting of documents used by
illegals to obtain employment. When it began to look like the proposition
was going to win, we saw two of the most prominent "conservative"
Jack Kemp and William Bennett, travelling to California and making
statements attacking the provision as "exclusionary" and
Another example is the recent broadcast statement of the House
Newt Gingrich, in which he proclaimed that we must accept an
society." Actually the evidence of Newt Gingrich's liberalism goes much
deeper than a few public statements.

Recently, Speaker Gingrich wrote the introduction to the book Creating a
New Civilization by Jewish authors Alvin and Heidi Toffler. Mr. Toffler
has written several popular books over the years projecting his vision for
the future of society; two of the most well known being Future Shock and
The Third Wave. Contained within the pages of their most recent book is
the advocacy of, among other things, both homosexual and polygamous
marriages, convenience abortion, and various kinds of "New Age"
Also singled-out for praise in several instances in this book is the
liberal Democratic Vice President, Al Gore, Jr.

Throughout the book they repeatedly make much use of standard
phraseology, and the Tofflers are reported to hold a sincere reverence for
Karl Marx himself. Furthermore, targets attacked by them include
traditional families, patriotism, and national sovereignty, and they refer
to a homogeneous population as a "curse." They even go as far as to
claim that the principles held by our founding fathers, and embodied in
the Constitution, are "oppressive and dangerous to our welfare." In other
words, the Tofflers are espousing the same old liberal, anti-American,
"one world" garbage that has been propagated by our enemies for the
sixty years or more. And Newt Gingrich, the standard-bearer for the
Republican Party, wrote a glowing introduction to their book. If you
cannot reason from these facts -- if you still believe that the
Republicans really oppose the liberal program -- then there is indeed no
hope for you.

In reading the Toffler's book, we find repeated calls for "diversity" in
nearly every chapter, and warnings that our only hope is to promote and
foster "diversity" in every aspect of American society. In addition to
this we find the declaration, in so many words, that we cannot stop Third
World immigration.

The long and short of the Toffler's recommended vision for America is a
society consisting of atomized and disconnected individuals of every
unified as members of a giant network harmoniously exchanging their
thoughts and ideas, and out of all this will emerge a "new civilization"
in the land that was once America. It is just a repackaging of all the old
liberal hallucinations of the past: "the brotherhood of man," "the unity
of mankind," "one-world," "the new world order," "equality" and on
and on
in the same old tired vein. Like trendy leftists everywhere these days,
the Tofflers do pay obeisance to "market forces" but then the economic
structure was never really the reason behind our enemies' calls for
revolution anyway.

As the Tofflers and their sycophants -- both Republican and Democrat --
call for increased "diversity" as the remedy for our ills, more and more
White Americans are coming to the realization that "diversity" is the
cause of our problems rather than the cure. As ever-increasing numbers
our people, especially in urban areas, are finding it necessary to live
behind electronic surveillance systems, armed security guards, and
windows -- all aimed at keeping "diversity" at bay -- they will come to
understand that in order for our nation to survive, diversity is something
to be prevented, not promoted.

A creative, conquering spirit still lies suppressed within the
consciousness of our people. That spirit has sustained us since the
beginning of our existence. It will emerge again.

Instead of conquering a vast wilderness or exploring uncharted regions of
territory or knowledge, we must come to realize that the present struggle
is an intellectual and spiritual one within ourselves. In order to have
any chance of survival we must purge from our minds the popular
superstitions and fetishes popularized by the media. We must reject the
do-gooding hallucination of "brotherhood," the self-hate that has been
cleverly injected into so many of our people, and of course, the
destructive alien doctrine of liberalism and its parent, equalitarianism,
regardless of whether we hear them from conservatives or liberals,
Republicans or Democrats.

After that battle has been won, the job of straightening out North America
and our people's homelands around the world will be comparatively
That is why the enemies of America are so terrified that you might wake



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