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It would be interesting to hear exactly how "The Fiorina endorsement took courage and loyalty – both of which are lacking in our current day political paradigm."

"Loyalty" to what? How much "courage" would it take for a loser like Palin to endorse an even bigger loser like Fiorina?

It seems that most of the respondents to this list believe it took nothing but ignorance and stupidity, not courage and loyalty.

Unless you mean that it took "courage" for Palin to endorse as a political candidate a person who was fired from HP after she displaced Easter with Martin Luther King Day, which caused the stock to drop 95%?

Yes, I suppose THAT would take "courage", except that there's not a lot of risk in endorsing the other pea in the two peas in the pod.
















Sarah Palin and the Feminist Revival

May 17, 2010
by Amy Siskind

17 May 2010 50 Comments

This op-ed is also featured at The Huffington Post , David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog, NoQuarter, and Conservatives4Palin.

A month ago, The New Agenda called on Sarah Palin to embrace her gender in an op-ed at The Daily Beast. And did she ever.  Talk about stand and deliver!!!

PALIN/Three days later, Palin was out stumping for Rep Michele Bachmann proclaiming: “Someone better tell Washington that that pink elephant is on the move…”  The footage of the rally was beautifully reminiscent of Hillary’s rallies in 2008 – a female candidate with a wall of women behind her.

And Palin just picked up steam from there.  While the leadership of the Republican Party fumbled around over Arizona’s new immigration law, Palin has stood, unwaveringly, by and with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

Shortly thereafter, Palin endorsed Carly Fiorina in her bid for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate – this despite a backlash from supporters over not choosing the Tea Party favorite Chuck DeVore. The Fiorina endorsement took courage and loyalty – both of which are lacking in our current day political paradigm.

This past week, Palin again backed a woman when she endorsed Nikki Haley, candidate for governor of South Carolina.  Those of you that follow The New Agenda blog know that we have been keeping a close eye on Haley, who along with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, we’ve written are women to watch on the road to the White House.

Of equal notability is what Palin has not said.  She could have come out fists swinging like many in the Republican leadership when President Obama nominated Elena Kagan; but she has skillfully held her tongue – deflecting her criticism by blaming the mainstream media for not educating us on Kagan.  This by the way is a point that Politico totally muffed in their weekend story which refers to Palin as Sister Sledgehammer for targeting incumbent Democratic women. That story-line is almost 2 months ago old, and Politico has completely missed the shift.

We commend Sarah Palin for supporting women and embracing her gender.  Brava!  That is truly the way forward for our women leaders.  And noteworthy in contrast to some women leaders in the Democratic Party like Speaker Nancy Pelosi who have sought to undermine female candidates.

But there is a worrying aspects in Palin’s new approach:  she has fallen into the trap of making abortion a centerpiece and it trying to rebrand “feminism” into a conservative mantra.  Blech and more blech!  If you want proof positive that this is a losing strategy, look left to the largest national women’s organization which has seen its membership dwindle (to 10% of its peak).  And look at polling data that suggests that only 20% of women are willing to use the word “feminist” about themselves (and 17% said they would welcome their daughters using that label).  And, a New York Times article yesterday on Kagan revealed a similar finding: One of the questions posed by the older lawyers was whether younger lawyers saw themselves as feminists. Many said they did not. “The older women were aghast…” This mantra is simply not appealing to the vast majority of today’s women.

What will appeal to today’s women is this:  supporting women and speaking out on women’s issues that impact us all.  Issues like the UVA murder and ticking bomb crisis of teen dating violence; “clitoral relativism”: nicks condoned on our soil by the American Academy of Pediatrics;  Iraq’s admission to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (and President Obama’s silence) and so on.

We will be posting the video footage of our interview of The Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut, author of Notes from the Cracked Ceiling at our May 6th event.  In the interview, Anne told us that she asked several senior officials of the Democratic Party which women in their party could reach the White House – none could suggest a single name!

When the audience asked Anne about 2012, she suggested that there is only one possible hope for a woman reaching the White House in 2012 – Sarah Palin (I know many of our readers want to also see Hillary on that list, but that was her answer).

If Palin’s going to get there, she’ll need to learn from Secretary Clinton’s mistakes, carefully chronicled in Anne’s book, and get women voter on board early. Palin’s recent actions of supporting women and embracing her gender are definitely putting her on the right track. And if she can speak out on the issues impacting all women – our common ground – she will truly be unstoppable in 2012!



mamabroad said:

Agree! Palin has a chance to unite women. True, it is unlikely she’ll attract liberal feminist women. However, as your stats show, this is a small chunk of women. If Sarah remains neutral on abortion like the tea party has done, she has a good chance of reaching many, many women who don’t feel strongly one way or the other re abortion. Some some poll recently that for most Americans, abortion isn’t really high on the list of concerns these days.

greta said:

Maybe Sarah can make feminist cool again. She emanates power and freedom – true feminist goals for women. A new feminist identity will have much higher chance of success if it leaves abortion out of it. Women have much greater challenges than abortion. We’ve got to find a way to end violence against women and the sexualization of our daughters. This requires a Mama Grizzly movement not yet another abortion-obsessed movement setting itself up to be used by the parties.

madamab said:

“If she stays neutral on abortion?”


Sarah Palin is a PROUD social conservative. This means anti-choice and anti-gay marriage. The entire reason for her existence is to push that agenda. She’s proud of it, as Amy says above. To expect or hope that she will somehow change her core beliefs is beyond ludicrous; it’s shamefully misleading propaganda. I’m flabbergasted at how far this patently absurd nonsense has insinuated itself into TNA.

Here is the truth. Far from embracing her gender, Sarah Palin is embracing policies that actively harm millions of women and children.

And yes, for heaven’s sake, reproductive issues impact us all. More than 33% of all women of childbearing years have had at least one abortion. How many are going to have a “clitoral nick”? I’ll bet it’s not tens of millions of women.

Wake up, ladies. Wake up.

Henrietta said:


Palin was rather neutral on abortion when she governed in Alaska. Although, I agree with Amy here – I’d really like to see her stop making abortion a central wedge issue at this point in her career as a political activist.

On a legislative and policy level, Palin has done much less to interfere with abortion rights than many democratic politicians today, including President Obama. Clearly, Democrats are not putting abortion rights front and center – so at the very least I’d like to see conservative female politician stay away from the gross mistake of putting pro-life issues front and center.

bruce nahin said:

From a guys perspective, if a woman is to be in the white house in 2012, women must put the issue of abortion into the non issue category. I know this is heresey to many here…but it is realpolitik also. To elect a woman you must support the woman, but she is a woman, setting aside agendas and issues that divide you. Regretably as mantbmab shows above..some cant do this and will vote against palin because of her views on it, thus eliminating any chance to break the galss ceiling for the dems offer no one. If the choice is no one or a woman like Gove Palin and you truly want to break the glass ceiling you must set aside this issue and support the governor or as Kornblut idsocvered you will have what the dems have to offer.. NO ONE

marla said:

All due respect ladies, not relating this one-can’t spend time on her…i don’t think she’s anything more than an opportunist plugged into money making capabilites of media willing to exploit anyone who helps them get ratings.
Sorry, not impressed with her mothering and she doesn’t know enough about anything other than how to get attention and keep a spotlight on herself and her family…to me, she’s in the same category as Paris Hilton….famous for being famous….Palin follows the money, period…She made 12 million in one year, walked away from her responsibilites in Alaska and as far as I can see, can’t be mothering her kids much..between her travels and TV programs, who has time?
I’m all for women in leadership on both sides…i just need leaders.

yttik said:

She has my vote! I’m so sick and tired of the negativity of the left. Just in this handful of comments we’ve got the same old, boring crap, she’s shamelessly misleading everybody, she’s harming millions of women, she’s an opportunist, greedy, a bad mother, attention seeking, a quitter, blah, blah, blah. I am so tired of the nastiness, the hatred, the fear, the hyperbole.

madamab said:

Oh, I agree that the Democrats are horrible on this issue too. That just makes feminism without qualifiers like “conservative” even more important.

And the idea that feminists can just allow Sarah Palin and her like-minded sisters to completely ban abortion while we all go on and on about other issues that “impact all of us” is abhorrent to me, and to any other person who has a clue what life is like in America when abortion is illegal.

Maybe it will take the complete overturn of Roe v. Wade to wake people up. I hope not, but I’m beginning to despair that this critical component of women’s rights and equality will ever be fully recognized again.

madamab said:

Yttik, “negativity” is not the problem here. The problem is that women’s rights are going backwards at lightning speed, aided and abetted by women (like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin) that TNA is actively supporting.

How is that feminism, to sit by and encourage the destruction of women’s rights to control their own bodies without interference by the state?

yttik said:

“The problem is that women’s rights are going backwards at lightning speed…”

Well don’t blame me! I’m not the one who supported the “liberal” President who was going to be a great friend to women. We’ve had several years of a Dem controlled congress, now a Dem controlled presidency, too, and what has it gotten women? We’re flying backwards at lightening speed. The truth of the matter is that they are in charge, they are the one’s responsible for the direction women are heading.

“How is that feminism, to sit by and encourage the destruction of women’s rights to control their own bodies without interference by the state?”

How is it feminism to ridicule and mock a female leader while dressing up the latest liberal boy crush in a tee shirt that says “this is what a feminist looks like?”

It’s real clear to me. Women have to choose whether to put women first or the Democrat party first. If the choice is to put the party first, then plan to spend the rest of your life waiting in line for women’s rights.

Amy said:

For many women, feminism has never not been cool.

jenniferintexas said:

MadamB is most wrong about Sarah Palin. She is proudly pro-life for herself, but she supports the right to choose for all women. And the fact that this position is so seemingly confusing to those trapped on the left amazes me because Sarah is the ultimate feminist in my opinion. She does not agree with abortion so she herself would not get one and she might even counsel others not to get one, but she does NOT think that the issue of abortion is a political one and rather it is a private issue between doctor and woman. It is only the LEFT that is spinning this into Sarah Palin wanting women to lose the constitutional right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Sarah has said emphatically that she would NOT change that right and that it should have never been politicized.

I myself and pro life and pro choice. I do not think abortion is something I could handle personally, but it is every woman’s right. Honestly, what is so hard about understanding this and why does the left want to paint me as a social conservative when, in fact, I am not.

Furthermore, any woman waiting on the demon party to protect and/or support their rights will be waiting a very very long time. In fact, I pity any woman still clinging to that hope thing. It is time to face facts–women have not only been asked to sit on the back of the bus by the democraps they have been thrown off the bus. Wake up girls. please wake up.

BevWKY said:

She made 12 million in one year, walked away from her responsibilites in Alaska and as far as I can see, can’t be mothering her kids much..between her travels and TV programs, who has time?

Huh. Just for a moment, forget we’re talking about Palin and consider what is actually being said about women in politics in this statement. Using this reasoning, we should forget all about having a female president. At least one that even one kid below the age of minority.



And, heck, I’m not even sure what it says about women in positions of power anywhere else. Sheesh. Get a grip.

As to the original post, thanks for it, Amy. It was very good. The only guibble I have is when you say:

But there is a worrying aspects in Palin’s new approach: she has fallen into the trap of making abortion a centerpiece and it trying to rebrand “feminism” into a conservative mantra.

Because it’s kind of laughable to anyone who has followed her regularly. Yes, she’s stauchly pro-life and isn’t afraid to talk about it and I doubt she ever will be. But making it the centerpiece of her brand of conservatism? I don’t think so. If any one issue has ever been her centerpiece focus it’s broad-based energy independence and that’s not necessarily a bad thing in the world we live in.

She talks about being pro-life when that’s the kind of group she’s speaking to, which she was last Friday morning but when she’s not, then that’s not always the central focus. In other words, she’s smart, just like any other politician would be, should be and is expected to be. Except, of course, when it’s her then it’s seen as being an opportunist striving for celebrity, exploiting her family & kids, working the media and/or any number of other sins, the worst of which is apparently earning of money that makes her independent enough to possibly finance a future campaign, owing nothing to nobody but the American people.

Which is probably the biggest worry of all to some. ;-)

Swannie said:

Agree as well .. and I bet a certain someone temporarily occupying the White House wishes they had not hounded her out of office and left her to govern the state of Alaska in peace.

Bes said:

In order for feminism to become relevant again I think women need to take a few steps backward in the reproductive rights area and the Democrats have done the back stepping for us. When young women wake up from their koolaid and figure out they have lost their right to direct their own reproductive lives And that insurance plans for women have been singled out to be tied up in bureaucratic BS they will get active because they have taken these rights for granted.

Also feminism has had an attraction to outrage. The more outrageous the problem the harder feminists have clung to it as a defining issue. Also feminists have so far restricted themselves to telling the ruling Patriarchy what they are doing wrong as opposed to taking on a problem and building a new solution thereby making the Patriarchy’s customs irrelevant.

So in my opinion Feminists will continue to lead women no where and in fact backslide as long as they pick outrageous issues like abortion and genital mutilation as their lead issues. You can only tackle so many problems at once and those problems should affect all women and girls. So Parity in Government, Equal pay for equal work, and Images of women in media/having no real voice in media are issues that would work. Abortion, Genital Mutilation, and lesbian marriage are not issue that will work.

Feminists also need to develop some political savvy and stop being excuse makers for the Democrat party.

Bes said:

Oh, I also think violence against the institutions of Patriarchy has a place in feminism. It is a form of communication that men can process and they are very slow to process some of the other forms of communication that women are more used to trying. I think it is important that women communicate to the ruling patriarchy in terms they can process and understand clearly. Unfortunately when women speak too many men hear Yap, yap, yap.

jeannette said:

i am convinced that the republicans are more pro women than democrats . I am reading all of this bitching about palin and what not , but where were the girls when hillary needed them. I guess they were too busy bitching. Team Palin

Monarch said:

The posts at TNA are always a great read, but I am concerned because I thought TNA formulated a policy of NOT focusing on the abortion issue, an issue gamed by men both left and right to keep women divided.

Sarah Palin has made a choice to be pro-life and that’s fine with me. If she has a commonality with pro-life groups, so be it. I think Palin at least respects legal boundaries and recognizes that other women have the right to make other choices. And, as others have mentioned, I don’t believe abortion rights is a central issue for most Americans who respect privacy and medical confidentiality.

I find it surprising that madamab dismisses the concern of genital mutilation in favor of abortion rights, viewing both as a “numbers game”. If one young girl hemorrhages to death from FGM, that is one too many. If one young woman hemorrhages to death from illegal abortion, that is one too many. The bottom line of evil is the same in both cases. It doesn’t become less evil because fewer females are violated.

Margot Spiro said:

Oh dear, Amy, you have sipped the kool aid. Please tell me ANYTHING about Mrs. Palin that indicates she has any principles. Or has ever had an original thought. Or has any intellectual curiosity. Or tolerant of all God’s children.
She will never stop hammering away about a woman’s RIGHT (under law) to an abortion. She has no empathy for women- not unmarried and confused pregnant teens, not mothers of special needs children, not head of household women who have lost their jobs as the fat corporations suck up their profits- NO WOMAN. Wait there is one woman and I’ll bet you’ve already figured out who that is: Mr$. Sarah Palin.

Mike said:

Palin messed up on Fiorina.

Fiorina almost single handedly destroyed Hewlett Packard one of the greatest High-Tech companies in America when she was their CEO. She also was deeply involved on the bad gals/guys side of emailgate while at Hewlett Packard.

Palin is a big supporter of small business but with endorsement of Fiorina Palin shows that just like Obama she loves people who will destroy big businesses, just ask the long time Hewlett Packard shareholders who were holding when Fiorina was CEO to say nothing of HP’s tens of thousands of employees who saw their retirement accounts shrink by more than 50% in a bull market with Firorina at the helm.

The women is incompetent and unethical, straight up no BS.

Signed – Former HP shareholder

bruce nahin said:

Ladies, the elction of 2012 will not be one where Roe V Wade is an issue…with a young justice Kagan, Justice Sontomayer etc. The Roe majority remains intact. Gov Palin speaks from the heart as to her views on the issue, and walks the walk, but Amy she doesnt wear it as her centerpiece. The centerpiece is energy independence and conservative economics in government. If women on the left will not support the Governor because of her personal beliefs on the issue, then women will never have a presidential posting, for the same argument can be made about a liberal woman from a conservatives point of view – you will never have a majority of votes unless women unite and ignore the differences in agenda

bruce nahin said:

Margot, Palin doesnt care about women with special needs children. What are you talking about, she HAS a special needs child and seems well versed i their needs. She has also spoken to sevral women’s groups about special needs children. I realize you are just reading talking points but this is one that should be taken off the list, same applies to teen age girls and pregnancy.She has lived that walk too, has a teenage daughter/mother…Please no more talking points

Bes said:

Everyone has an opinion on abortion even if the opinion is “I don’t know”. Sarah Palin has an opinion just like everyone else and she thinks it is a bad idea for her. But she does not feel Abortion is the most important topic facing women. I feel abortion is a bad idea for me but it needs to be legal so all women can make their own choice and I agree it is not the most important issue facing women.

If I did think Abortion rights was the most important issue facing women I would not be a Democrat since they are happy to sell women out on this issue.

My major issues are parity in government representation, equal pay for equal work and images of women in media/a true female voice in media.

I do not identify with the fringe causes of abortion, genital mutilation or lesbian marriage and I do not want to be part of an organization which has those as a center piece because such an organization will not be accomplishing enough on the issues I consider important.

Amy said:

Oh dear, Amy, you have sipped the kool aid.

Margot: Are you sure you meant to direct this towards my post?

Bes said:

Margo: Who told you this BS about Palin? Or do you just make it up as you go along like the rest of the Liberal Democrat mockery brigade? You can not just make up outrageous things and attribute them to Sarah Palin. Sometimes I think that Liberal Democrats, having no religion, have some deep seated need for a devil figure and one of the brethren has called out Palin to be The One. Liberal Democrats remind me of people who have a poisonous form of religion in them. Republicans are not EVIL. They simply have a different political opinion. Those opinions are rational and relate to the common good as much as liberal political opinions. I am sick of Liberal Democrat religious intolerance of Republicans and all other philosophies besides their own.

Margot Spiro said:

To all the sincere defenders of Sarah Palin: Check out the FACTS not just what she says she stands for. Yes, she does have a special needs child but she apparently feels she must be on the road tirelessly (mostly for a fee) to promote herself. What about his specific and demanding care and the nurturing that only a mother can give? And, yes, she has a daughter who is a teen mom but that doesn’t make Sarah’s position automatically right -i.e. abstinence. The very fact that she has had these challenges in her family would, I would hope, make her more sympathetic and empathetic but all I’ve ever heard are the very TALKING POINTS you accuse me of reciting. How does a very wealthy mother of a special needs child accept payment of any kind from a group of special needs parents.. and then spend a good part of the so-called speech doing redneck (her word) banter? Just asking… The fact that you take this woman seriously is truly sad.

Amy Siskind (author) said:


I’ll ask you to check the facts please – read this!

Now I need to ask you – if Sarah Palin were Sam Palin and doing the same thing, would you have a problem with it? Double standard?

Alison said:

Sam Palin on steroids would be Mike Huckabee. And if you watch Chris Matthew chat with Huckabee on his show, he seems to find M.H. just charming. PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) is completely an issue of misogyny.

Palin POTUS? said:

There is so much misinformation about Palin all over the web.I am amazed she is still in the top 5 GOP contenders.PPP GOP poll gives her 20% in 4th just one point outside their 4 point error margin of Huckabee.(Everyone knows with 2 years 2 go just how much polls mean)He is the PPP poll leader at 25%.I have being reading for 2 years every angle of attack on this woman you can think up.Blistering attacks,accusing her of everything under the sun.After all that nonsense and what AK DNC hacks did to her in AK(almost bankrupting her by filing bogus ethics complaints).Palin is still standing,selling out events,selling 2.8 million books,giving political opinion at fox.That is true astonishment in my eyes.I give her credit for fighting on while all sides,toss the kitchen sink and its plumbing at her.Say what you want,she has got guts.So many times on big issues there she is speaking out.While the GOP men hide and wait for public opinion surveys to be posted first.Palin like her or hate her,has more GUTS than all the GOP men combined.That is my opinion and I am sticking 2 it!

BevWKY said:

Yes, she does have a special needs child but she apparently feels she must be on the road tirelessly (mostly for a fee) to promote herself. What about his specific and demanding care and the nurturing that only a mother can give?

And a loving father, grandparents or other relatives can’t do these things, at least some of the time? I mean we do live in the age of jets and telephones and the Internet. Ever heard of telecommunications? We’re not talking about months on the road here. As far as I know, and not that it’s anyone’s business, she’s doing a fairly good job of splitting her time between being home for a lot of what she does and being on the road for the rest.

Or is it the fact that she’s actually doing that what really irks.

The very fact that she has had these challenges in her family would, I would hope, make her more sympathetic and empathetic but all I’ve ever heard are the very TALKING POINTS you accuse me of reciting. How does a very wealthy mother of a special needs child accept payment of any kind from a group of special needs parents.. and then spend a good part of the so-called speech doing redneck (her word) banter?

The terms of all of her speaking engagements are confidential and she decides whether or not to waive the fees for certain ones. So, tell us which ones exactly she’s accepted fees from that she shouldn’t have? Or that some other male politician didn’t already. Because we’d need to see a list of all of them before we could fairly judge.


Talk about your strawmen arguments.

Talk about going backwards in women’s rights.

It is truly amazing what this one woman’s very existence has done to simply hightlight the hypocracy that exists out there.

Margot Spiro said:

No, Amy, NO WAY. I hold men and women to the same standard.

Alison said:

Margot, you wrote about Palin:

“What about his specific and demanding care and the nurturing that only a mother can give?”

If you hold men and women to the same standard I must ask you if you have ever applied a similar standard to a male politician? As in, geez! That (male) politician is showing a lack of care and morality for not spending enough time with his children?

I don’t hear ANYONE applying such a standard to the man.

yttik said:

All women are portrayed as bad mothers, neglecting their families, greedy, just seeking attention, thinking too highly of themselves, engaged in some selfish and evil quest for power. We saw it with Hillary Clinton, we saw it with Geraldine Ferraro. We, meaning women, have placed such a high expectations on other women that no woman will ever be able to met our standards.

And pppfffftt to anybody who tries to pretend they hold men and women to the same standard. It wasn’t Bill Clinton accused of pimping out his daughter and it wasn’t Joe Biden accused of neglecting his family.

Monarch said:

Palin POTUS? said:


I don’t know if Palin will run for President, but I do admire her for “pushing buttons” and for displaying more courage than many of the usual gutless-wonder politicians. The double standard she will encounter is evident from some of the posts here. Apparently, there are those who are opposed to any woman who engages in “self-promotion” but have no problem with men who do so. There are those who are opposed to Palin’s making money. Why? I think a goal for every woman is to become self-supporting and self-determining. She is not ransacking taxpayers or helping herself to bogus bonuses, the kind of political theft that appears to be the norm these days. Her family seems loving and devoted. But the hate-Palin-screed is an all too familiar replay of the hate-Hillary-screed. It’s the political disease of our time and, as women, we need to stand strong against it wherever it rears its ugly head.

ImaLindatoo said:

Sarah also just endorsed Susana Martinez for Governor of New Mexico. The announcement came Saturday afternoon and the rally was at 9am Sunday. They still packed the ballroom with 1200 supporters.

it was a great event. And I was absolutely shocked how energetic and clear a speaker Sarah is. WOW. And, she barely looked at her notes, let alone not having a teleprompter where some hoser in the Oval needs one for everything he does.

Sarah I only noticed speaking of rights issues becuase of the specific “Pro Life” events she has been doing.

And, I might add, didn’t mention it once when at the rally in New Mexico.

Juliette said:


Before Sarah Palin was run out of her office of governor of Alaska by the Obama-Chicago mafia and the unforgiving corrupt republicans that she had taken on in the pst, she appointed a PRO-CHOICE judge to Alaska’s supreme court. The only thing that affects abortion laws in America are appointment of judges, Oh unless of course you are the new facist democrats who will impose statism over womens health-heck all health care in America.
Sarah Palin holds the same position on abortion as Jimmy Carter did. She is personally oppsed to it but has proven that it would not affect the kind of judge she would support or appoint. In fact Jimmy Carter did not have to appoint any sumpreme court judges in his four years as president so we can only go on his words. As for Palin her actions speak for themselves.
As for being a good mother. PLEASE ladies. Do you know of the circumsatnces under which Joe Biden took the oath of office when he started out as a US senator. Two severely injured young sons who had just lost their mother-Joe’s first wife, and baby sister to a horrific auto accident.
And what about Hillary Clinton’s decision to put up and shut up about her husbands sleezy womenizing which continued throughout their married life. Is this a good example for a young daughter.
Sarah Palin is the best example of feminism I have yet to see in a female candidate. I am betting that she could kck Obama’s but in a tri-athelon and she is SELF mad, no naem recognition was on her side. Her relationship with her husband is an equal playing feild. She has displayed the extremely rare willingness to take on corruption in her own party even when she feared it would end her political career. Left wing corrporate media has lied continually about this women and never retracted even when called them out. Her resent statements about the IL girls basket ball team that was banned from going to Arizona to compete as a political ploy, but will be going to compete in CHIA!?!, was courageous and bold, something completely lacking among liberal women who have laid down and welcomed Americas new misogyny.

Juliette said:

Consevative women like Rep. Sue Myric, Michele Bachman and Saraqh Palin will ensuer the rights of American women are protected from the creeping shari-ah that the money grubbing democrats have found so attactive lately.
WHat is your problem with Sarah Palin making money. She did not leave her position of governor of Alaska by choice, she was harassed out of office by the Chicago machine and others who resent her holding big oil and corrupt republicans accountable.
Democrats in general seem to hate these women because they are Christian. Dem women who were happy to be reduced to cheerleaders for abortion by the democrat pary are obsessed with this one issue, as if it’s the only right they hold dear. Gay right’s activists who smear Palin and other conservative women should ask themselves, where would their rights be more respected and tolerated then in the Christain world? Have you dem ladies traveled much?
Instead of fearin the religion that stopped the stoning of Mary Maddeline and ednied polygamy as a popular practise perhaps you should be worried about the libtards and democrat leaders who are welcoming the Islamitization of America.
Bes you are right. The dems in their lack of religion have welcomed a kind of religion in worshipping state and Obama. They have a true pagan worship of state, the kind that was once denounced by the Catholic Church in Hitler and Mussolini’s attampts to monopolize youth from their tenderous years up to adulthood. Obama’s regime displays this pagan like worship for state and it alarms me greatly. They will welcome a world pysedo religion that welcomes practises such as female nicking as an appeasment to the non Judeo-Christian world. Believe me women. I am a recovering woman. I was played by the democrats for years. I’ve had enough of their exploitatain of me.
The last V.P. candidate I voted for was John Edwards. I am much more proud of my support for a Christian conservative like Sarah Palin than that womanizing pig.

bruce nahin said:

Margot so you are cear, Palin takes Trig with her and her youngest daughter also. How many male politicians do that, or of how many is the question even asked. Sarah has a wonderful supporter in Todd, who is also present to assit with the kids and others things

jenniferintexas said:

I agree with Juliette. And Sarah Palin is a wonderful speaker with almost no notes because she has intelligence, passion, and a working knowledge of what is right and wrong. She gets my vote whether it is for President or Feminist of the Decade. And Hillary Clinton needs to get up off her knees and start acting like a strong woman before she forgets how to do it. I am so very tired of her, and as far as Bill Clinton goes he can go straight to hell with the rest of them.

Pat Garrison said:

Bes, Just one comment, because I take issue with what you said more than anything else in the comments section. I am a proud liberal Democrat, active church-goer, with a deep and abiding belief in God. Just as you don’t like it when some on my side of the fence lump all conservatives into a pot and call them names, please don’t presume that liberals have no religion or are Godless. It is simply beyond offensive. We have different opinions, but we should refrain from labeling anyone. That is a true measure of what I learn on Sunday.

marla miller said:

Gotta jump in here and wonder why you are giving this woman credence she hasn’t earned? Go to her rallies-I have been to several in OC—see the kind of dangerous folk she attracts…really, you should go before you view her in such a promising light…find a GOP woman who’s earned it and then I’ll listen to her….and have…..i won’t listen to this one…and I don’t care how far she manipulates the public with her sexy cute self….she’s a con…and a very good one at that…
i won’t be adding any more to any discussion about SP and the revival of the feminist party…she’s an opportunist…not feminist or humanist…it’s only $ always about SP…

BevWKY said:

Gotta jump in here and wonder why you are giving this woman credence she hasn’t earned? Go to her rallies-I have been to several in OC—see the kind of dangerous folk she attracts…really, you should go before you view her in such a promising light…find a GOP woman who’s earned it and then I’ll listen to her….and have…..i won’t listen to this one…and I don’t care how far she manipulates the public with her sexy cute self….she’s a con…and a very good one at that…
i won’t be adding any more to any discussion about SP and the revival of the feminist party…she’s an opportunist…not feminist or humanist…it’s only $ always about SP…

All of this coming from someone with a website called Marketing the Muse???

Odd that.

Or maybe not.

votermom said:

I admire Sarah Palin; I REALLY wish she were on my political side of the aisle. That said, if she runs for national office, I will look at her agenda, I will look at her opponent’s agenda (and yes, gender), and I will decide if I think voting for her will be a net good for my daughters. That’s how I’ll decide.

Bes said:

OK Pat, Sorry regarding the religion remark, But I said “it seems like”, and by that I mean I do not understand the need for the “EVIL STUPID PALIN CUNT” that Liberal Democrats have. They flat out make up quotes and positions, attribute them to Sarah, and repeat and repeat them like they are some sort of mantra. Then you even catch them thinking up bizarre scenarios and saying “this is what Sarah would think about such and such”. It is the most bizarre behavior and shows a clear need to believe in a center of evil as a nemesis. I find it religious in fervor. It also shows a fear of women and power. I don’t know what it says about women who exhibit the behavior other than they are pathetic.

marille said:

for many of us it is not difficult to have great respect and admiration for Sarah Palin as well as Secretary Clinton.
I trusted Sarah Palin on energy independence and support for a broad variety of resources. liked her independence in her own party. worried about her strong support for all the pro-life candidates. I don’t like abortion either, but this is a fine line we are watching. I basically still think she would avoid interference in women’s choices (her mentioning during the campaign that her daughter CHOSE to carry her baby as teen mom). that she appointed a pro abortion judge means not much, since she had to chose between two pro abortion judges. don’t know enough about ways around that decision. I like her stand on some education items like having abstinence included in sex info classes. i would like to see a female candidate to stand up against the hypersexualization of this society. down to elementary girl age. that is where we need to take a stance against all the unwanted pregnancies, not when it is too late. attacking the misfortunate ones who struggle with the decision to abort is unfair, as long as there is no check and balance in advertising sexuality as the only bringer of joy.
if any female candidate would do that, the media would feel so scorned. we and our bodies are there for their eyes and enjoyment.
to Hillary and her “mistakes”? I understand that Anne Kornblut has a list of mistakes, but since I hadn’t had a chance to read it, I would like to see a list of the major ones, before I could comment to that topic.

Persephone said:

Interesting topic and discussion.

Always cracks me up to see men commenting on how women should vote/think/feel.
Aren’t there enough blogs for dudes?

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Palin.
Her actions (appointment of pro-choice SC judge, saying she “gets it” when women choose to abort) say one thing, and then she endorses candidates like Carly Fiorina who are loud and proud about opposing abortion.

What happens to our reproductive privacy, which is being constantly challenged and whittled away, if we elect legislators who oppose the very notion?
Amy? Anyone? (Please, no bullshit about Democrats being worse-not helpful.)

This is for real.
(Oklahama can now force women to have an invasive and demeaning vaginal ultrasound before they can abort-right??? What did Sarah have to say about THAT? Carly? Hello??)

How do we support and vote for women who don’t understand this issue? It’s a big fucking deal, to steal one from Joe Six Pack.

And it’s a big fucking dilemma. Denial doesn’t make it go away. We should all be very, very concerned as we slide down the slippery slope of women losing control of their bodily autonomy!

I personally don’t vote for women OR men who run on anti-choice platforms.
Any affiliations with *Pro-Life* groups are a deal breaker for me.

I’ll watch Palin..her conservative followers want her to define her views clearly and if she complies, buh bye.

Persephone said:

PS great comments, always, Juliette.

yttik said:

“Oklahama can now force women to have an invasive and demeaning vaginal ultrasound before they can abort-right???”

You will need to ask the Democratic governor who has the power to veto that law about that. Then you will need to ask the pro-choice Democratic President who swore the first thing he would do in office is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

My point being, I trust a conservative woman to make common sense choices about reproductive rights far more then I trust the most liberal man who pays lip service to womens issues. That may not seem logical but it’s based on experience and history and a pattern of behavior.

Persephone said:


I think the Democratic Governor vetoed the law twice, but the veto was over-ridden by the legislature.

There aren’t many women legislators in OK but they all supported the disgusting
object rape law.

Thanks, girls. You betcha.

Persephone said:

Sorry, I meant to say all of the conservative women supported the abortion restrictions.

And it doesn’t end with OK:

There are women sponsoring some of this legislation.
I know I’m not supposed to raise these issues here-it’s not a TNA issue.

So carry on-support women who don’t support women!




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