The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society vs. the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation (aka The Thomas Jefferson Foundation)



It’s believed (or at least promoted) by the communist extremists who now occupy Monticello that Mr. Jefferson fathered children with the slave woman Sally Hemmings.  When confronted with the fact that more than 200 scholars from organizations like the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society dispute this “finding”, the communist extremists claiming to represent the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation responded “but it’s still controversial”.  Yet they continue to present this to the public as fact right there in front of Mr. Jefferson’s very own home, Monticello.  The very home which he once had so much pride in has been converted into a hotbed for communist extremism.

These communist extremists call it a paradox that Mr. Jefferson opposed slavery yet continued to own slaves himself.  This is disingenuous to the max, as it was he HIMSELF who passed laws against slavery on the very first chance he ever had: the instant he became president.  Yet was never in a position where he could have freed his own slaves without subjecting them to severe punishment under the fugitive slave laws of the time and he, even though he was president and governor, had to appeal to the Virginia legislature to get permission to free them, something they clearly never agreed to:


“I give also to John Hemings the services of his two apprentices, Madison and Eston Hemings, until their respective ages of twenty one years, at which period respectively, I give them their freedom. and I humbly and earnestly request of the legislature of Virginia a confirmation of the bequest of freedom to these servants, with permission to remain in this state where their families and connections are, as an additional instance of the favor, of which I have recieved so many other manifestations, in the course of my life, and for which I now give them my last, solemn, and dutiful thanks.”

They infer that Mr. Jefferson himself considered “all men” to include all women, to include blacks who he himself wrote were animals (or less), and to include Hispanics for whom citizenship was never even under consideration.  The first Hispanic in our short history to hold high office like this was Alberto Gonzalez whose Harvard classmates universally condemned as not even having a third grade understanding of Mr. Jefferson’s own words, proof enough that the US Constitution cannot ever apply to them.

The right of women to vote was specifically removed by the ratification of the US Constitution, and the few states in which women did have the right to vote had to remove that right in order to join the union.  Mr. Jefferson is the last person who should be accused of believing in “equal rights for women”:

Were our State a pure democracy . . .

there would yet be excluded from their deliberations . . .

women, who, to prevent depravation of morals and ambiguity of issue, should not mix promiscuously in the public meetings of men."

Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval (Sept. 5, 1816), in 10 Writings of Thomas Jefferson 45-46, n. 1 (P. Ford ed. 1899).

Negros are three fifths of a human being."

"But my neighbors having made good crops, I am not disheartened. The first step towards the recovery of our lands is to find substitutes for corn & bacon. I count on potatoes, clover, & sheep. The two former to feed every animal on the farm except my negroes, & the latter to feed them, diversified with rations of salted fish & molasses, both of them wholesome, agreeable, & cheap articles of food".

Eston Hemings' descendants, who have lived as whites, have passed down a family history of being related to Thomas Jefferson. In the 1940s, family members changed this history to state that an uncle of Jefferson's, rather than Jefferson himself, was their ancestor.”


To accuse Mr. Jefferson of having sex with a black woman, slave or not, is to accuse him of violating one of the most serious sins of Scripture, not to mention violating a law which at the time required the death penalty.  These are the types of “high crimes and misdemeanors” which men like he made certain were included in the US Constitution as impeachable offenses.  He wrote in his own hand “I am a real Christian”, yet his detractors claim he was a deist in a futile attempt to make us believe that he didn’t adhere to Christian principles anyway and thus was as much of a moral minor as his detractors themselves.

The first step to dismissing the pristine principles of the US Constitution as envisioned by our White Founding Fathers is to first demean them by claiming they were deists and not Christians.  The next step is to proclaim from the roof tops that they had no more respect for their marriage vows than Bill Clinton.  The third step is to claim that miscegenation with blacks is a fait accompli for them.  It naturally follows that they also would have granted “equal rights” to homosexuals as well. Only then can you reach the illogical conclusions that “all men are created equal” applies to Hispanics, much less blacks, much less women, and then of course gays.  This is precisely the type of bone headed reasoning followed by King George and his band of Catholics who had established “the trinity” as the English state religion in 1774 which ALL of our Founding Fathers spilt blood to reject.  Less than two short centuries later, this former world power and new Trinitarian state was begging its Unitarian former colony and new world power to save its sorry hide from the Germans.

Mr. Jefferson himself would recognize their right to free political speech.  But he would also recognize this attempt to rewrite history and everything Mr. Jefferson et. al. stood for as the worst form of slander, character assassination, blasphemy of the Name of the LORD, and high crimes and misdemeanors.

None of my fellow alumni from Mr. Jefferson’s university or the residents of Charlottesville with whom I spoke were even aware of how Mr. Jefferson’s reputation much less his own property have been hijacked.  When informed about it, they were all equally as outraged as I was.  People not familiar with Mr. Jefferson’s character or writings or Christian upbringing made comments like “doesn’t this just show that he was human” or “what’s wrong with having sex with a black”, proof that communist extremism and its “racial equality” are alive and well in our sinking economy and declining culture.