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The Three Stooges

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August 7, 2000


Have you ever wondered why the Three Stooges on ABC, NBC, and see-BS (Peter Jennings et. al.) have always presented such a curious spin to everything they say?  Have you ever felt like you must be an oddball because talking heads on such a credible platform just couldn't be so wrong so often?  Have you considered that just maybe they are a bit dense?  Well, guess what?  They are.

According to the Educational Testing Service, the SAT Math scores of each of the "New England States" are dramatically lower than "hick states" like Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.   New Hampshire, the highest scoring of the "New England States", scored 96 points lower than Iowa.  Pennsylvania, the lowest scoring "New England State", scored 123 points lower than Iowa, but only 19 points higher than Washington, DC.  In other words, the gap between Pennsylvania and Iowa is more than six times bigger than the gap between Pennsylvania and Washington.  The gap between Pennsylvania and New Hampshire is only 27 points, with all other "New England States" scoring in between.

How does Pennsylvania stack up to Africa?

Washington, DC scored 441 in SAT Math and 231.4 on NAEP (National Assessment of Education Progress) Math which, according to the crosslink study between IAEP (International Assessment of Education Progress) and NAEP is a mere 12.4 IAEP points higher than Mozambique, at 219.  The National Center for Education Statistics does a splendid job of presenting reams of data while effectively concealing critical information like this, so we don't know exactly how this 12.4 IAEP points relates to SAT Math scores.  A conservative estimate is that it is equivalent to 19 SAT points, which makes the gap between Washington and Africa equivalent to the gap between Pennsylvania and Washington, both of which are not much smaller than the gap between Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

You could say that Washington is a "generation" ahead of Mozambique, that Pennsylvania is a generation ahead of Washington, that New Hampshire is a generation ahead of Pennsylvania, that Colorado is a generation ahead of New Hampshire, that Missouri is a generation ahead of Colorado, that South Dakota is a generation ahead of Colorado, and that Iowa is one generation ahead of South Dakota.  This puts Iowa one generation ahead of South Dakota, two generations ahead of Missouri, three generations ahead of Colorado, and four generations ahead of New Hampshire.

Was it lack of money which put the "New England States" into such dire straits?  Not exactly.  Utah spends almost half as much per student ($3,969) as the "New England States" but is still 3 generations ahead of New Hampshire (at $6,156/student) and 4 generations ahead of Pennsylvania (at $7,209/student).  Connecticut spends more than any other state at $8,904 per student but scores 13 SAT Math points lower than New Hampshire.  When all fifty states are correlated, each $16 per student per year decrease in education spending leads to a one point increase in SAT Math scores.

Are the Three Stooges incapable of doing their own sanity checks in order to prevent themselves from saying such stupid things all the time?  You bet.  Average math skills as deplorable as this mean they can't balance their own check books, shop for their own groceries, or make their own house payment.  Because they have to hire lawyers and accountants to do this simple math for them, they can't begin to determine how much their "news" reports are exaggerated by the jews they work for.  Convincing such fools that the holocaust was real, that Einstein was a genius, and that Madame Curie was a groundbreaking physicist, and getting them to constantly repeat such mantra across the public airwaves, is a snap.  

Why should we bother to discredit those who discredited the entire Christian population of this country?  Because their immorality, coupled with their blind faith in their own immortality, destroyed the Christian underpinnings of this once great Christian nation.

They don't have a leg to stand on, and we need them to say "uncle" before they destroy the entire country with their anti-Christian liberal/feminist/jewish hogwash.


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moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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