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Critique of the TIA: The Interfaith Alliance

George Washington said:

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity,
religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man
claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great
pillars of human happiness - these firmest props of the duties of men and

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Thomas Jefferson wrote:

"In our village of Charlottesville, there is a good degree of religion, with a small spice only of fanaticism. We have four sects, but without either church or meeting-house. The court-house is the common temple, one Sunday in the month to each. Here, Episcopalian and Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist, meet together, join in hymning their Maker, listen with attention and devotion to each others' preachers, and all mix in society with perfect harmony."

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Jesus Christ Commanded:

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature, Mark 16:15

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The Interfaith Alliance LIED:

"the Jones bill would go far towards eroding the wall of separation between the institutions of religion and government by reversing IRS tax laws that prohibit houses of worship from engaging in partisan politicking"

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Ignoring the evidence of the abject ignorance of TIA, who wrote "TIA members and supports [SIC] are urged to contact House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas and thank him for his past work in preventing this dangerous and landscape-altering legislation from becoming reality", who would you trust:  Jesus, George, and Thomas, or the 1.9% minority of the US population who are jews, only 10% of whom send their children to the public schools in question, who pretend to "think" that Mr. Jefferson intended for American children to be denied the right to say a simple prayer to God in "their public classrooms" (PAID FOR BY CHRISTIANS, not jews, and not Muslims)?

This is a LIE, a FRAUD, and gross misrepresentation of Mr. Jefferson's own words.

This author was fortunate enough to have attended several American public schools before school prayer had been banned, as well as to have attended public schools where prayer had been banned.   This first hand witness of the differences in attitude, morality, and desire to learn between these two conflicting belief systems is vital to understanding how banning American children from saying a simple prayer to God contributed to such a remarkable deterioration of their education.

Also being fortunate enough to have witnessed first hand as a student and an impartial observer how the schools who really take this prayer to God seriously were able to outperform our students even 4 decades ago provides a perspective that must be conveyed to all Americans who are concerned about what happened to their children in these "secular" [read: feminized] schools.  While witnessing students in our public schools snickering during school prayer, not a single student all the way from Cuba to Russia to Korea, to Germany or France, dared to do such a thing  in their classrooms.

This simple difference in the level of respect for God is all we need to understand about why we spend two to three times as much per student for education, while still scoring dead last in so many international standardized tests.  Nothing better represents the futility of denying our students a right exercised by almost every other student in the world than the 98 point drop in SAT scores since our "Supreme Court" banned school prayer in 1963.

Just the increase in the cost of education is conservatively estimated at $7 trillion, exceeding the loss due to 911 by 70 TIMES.  This excludes the loss of economic competitiveness due to our students' inability to perform the most basic functions of an industrialized society when they graduate, the rampant increase in violent crime, economic crime, homicide, incarceration, illegitimacy, and divorce, and the disappearance of personal savings (or even the concept of personal savings).





The InterFaith Alliance--an Abomination Before God

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The Board of Directors

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The Interfaith Alliance Top Page

Reverend Dr. J. Philip Wogaman, President, is Senior Minister of Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington D.C. He is the former Dean of Wesley Theological Seminary and has served as president of the Society of Christian Ethics of the United States and Canada. In addition to his contribution to the field of Christian Ethics in the form of numerous articles and thirteen books, Dr. Wogaman was a delegate to the United Methodist General Conference and was a member of the World Methodist Council from 1986-91.

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Reverend Dr. Amos C. Brown ,is pastor of Third Baptist Church, San Francisco, the oldest African American Baptist Church in the western states. In addition, he serves on the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco. Previously, he served as National Chairman of the National Baptist Commission on Civil Rights and Human Services, Chairman of the Black Caucus of the American Baptist Churches, USA, Vice President of the Governing Board of San Francisco Community College, and chaplain of the Minnesota State Senate.

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Reverend Dr. Joan Brown Campbell ,is the current General Secretary of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA. As General Secretary, Dr. Campbell is chief executive officer and official spokesperson for the NCC, whose member churches represent more than 42 million U.S. Christians. During a distinguished career marked by a commitment to ecumenical dialogue, she has served as President of the National Association of Ecumenical Staff and as a member of the Steering Committee for U.S. Church Leaders.

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Ms. Alicia P. Claypool, is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa. Ms. Claypool has dedicated her career to encouraging informed civic participation among people of faith and goodwill, improving public education, and strengthening social services in Iowa. Among her many leadership roles, she has served as President of the Iowa Women's Political Caucus, Social Policy Chair of the League of Women Voters, Executive Committee member of Community Focus, Advisory Board member of the Institute for Social and Economic Development, and various leadership roles within the United Way. She also serves on the Management Advisory Council of the United Way. Ms. Claypool is an active member and lay leader of Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ.

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Reverend Dr. David R. Currie, Treasurer, is the coordinator of Texas Baptists Committed, an organized, educational effort to resist takeover of the Baptist General Convention of Texas by fundamentalist, politically conservative groups. He has served as field coordinator of Baptists Committed to the Southern Baptist Convention and as pastor of the First Baptist Church in Mason, Texas. Dr. Currie is also an author or co-author of three books and over 40 published articles in Baptist publications.

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Ms. Denise T. Davidoff, Vice President at Large, is the Moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association. In the highest volunteer position in the Association, Ms. Davidoff presides at the General Assembly and represents more than 1,000 congregations in the United States, Canada, and overseas. She chairs the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. Ms. Davidoff has also served as President of the Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation.

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The Rt. Rev. Jane Holmes Dixon, was the second woman to be elevated to the office of bishop in the Episcopal Church. As Suffragan Bishop in the Diocese of Washington, she makes weekly visitations to the 96 congregations of the Diocese, bears direct responsibility for 11 mission congregations, and represents the diocese in its ecumenical and interfaith work. Bishop Dixon preaches and lectures across the country and serves on the Board of Trustees at Virginia Theological Seminary.

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Mr. Arun Gandhi, is a prolific author and co-founder of the M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence in Memphis, Tennessee. The mission of the Institute is to teach and to apply the principles of nonviolence and resolve personal and public conflict. Mr.. Gandhi is the fifth grandson of Mohandas K. "Mahatma" Gandhi and grew up in South Africa during the system of apartheid. He learned from his parents and grandparents the importance of creating social change through nonviolent acts. Drawing on these lessons, he and his wife dedicated their lives to improving their communities. In India, they designed and implemented programs that address social and economic depression reaching over half a million people, and the programs continue to grow. Most recently, Mr. Ghandi and his wife Sunanda co-authored, The Forgotten Woman: The Untold Story of Kastur, the wife of Mahatma Gandhi. They lecture worldwide, but are based at the Institute in Memphis.

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Rabbi David Gelfand, Vice President at Large, is the Rabbi at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons in East Hampton, New York and is the former Senior Rabbi of the Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple in Cleveland, Ohio. He serves as a chairperson for the Clergy Division of the United Way and is an executive board member of the Synagogue Council of America. Gelfand also was an adjunct faculty member of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York City and has published numerous articles on social justice issues.

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Rev. Dr. Gwynne M. Guibord serves as a National Ecumenical Officer/USA for the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. She also serves on the National Advisory Board of the Claremont School of Theology and is the President-elect of the Mobilization for the Human Family. In addition, Dr. Guibord serves on the Executive Boards of both the California Council of Churches and the Southern California Ecumenical Council. Dr. Guibord has represented the UFMCC at both national and international dialogues and meetings. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the International College in Los Angeles and will soon receive a master of divinity from Claremont School of Theology.

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Dr. Maher H. Hathout is the Senior Advisor to the Muslim Public Affairs Council. An internist and cardiologist by profession, he is also the spokesperson and former chairman of the Islamic Center of Southern California. He is the former president of the InterReligious Council of Los Angeles. Dr. Hathout has written extensively on Islam, human rights, democracy, and Middle East politics, and is considered a spokesperson for the American Muslim community.

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Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg has made ground-breaking contributions in his dedicated service as a rabbi and a scholar. While holding professorships at Columbia, Dartmouth and New York Universities, Rabbi Hertzberg produced publications which reflect the reason he is considered to be one of this country's most influential theological minds. He serves as president of the American Jewish Policy Foundation and is the former president of the American Jewish Congress.

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Reverend Leonard B. Jackson, Secretary is Associate Pastor of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles. He played a major role in planning and implementing the relief efforts immediately following the civil unrest in Los Angeles in 1992. At his church, he serves as the Director of Community Outreach, concentrating on promoting unity within the community of faith, justice within the society of laws, and brotherhood/sisterhood within the society of humankind. A retired 20-year military combat veteran, he continues to serve on the front lines of society where the rubber meets the road as Chairman of the Board of the Koreatown West Adams Public Safety Association, on the Board of Directors of Bread for the World, and as the Chaplain for the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Bishop Frederick C. James, Vice President at Large, a former college professor, seminary dean, and denominational social action leader, is the retired Bishop of the Second Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, which includes the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. His career is marked by a lifetime involvement in the struggle for civil rights. His commitment to the eradication of Apartheid in South Africa was the reason behind his selection as one of 44 delegates from the United States attending Nelson Mandela's inauguration in 1994, and one of 21 private U.S. citizens to accompany President Clinton on his trip to South Africa in March 1998.

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Rabbi Jack Moline, is the rabbi of Agudas Achim Congregation of Northern Virginia, in Alexandria. He is the former President of the Washington Board of Rabbis, and has represented the Rabbinical Assembly in a variety of public policy matters. Rabbi Moline is an adjunct faculty member of the Virginia Theological Seminary and has contributed to speeches by President Clinton, including his eulogy for Prime Minister Rabin.

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Bishop P. Francis Murphy, Vice President at Large, is Auxiliary Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore. He has a long-standing involvement with issues related to care for the poor, including his current service as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Interfaith Housing Development of Western Maryland. He also an advocate for the full inclusion of women in the Church.

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Dr. Albert M. Pennybacker, Immediate Past President, is President of the Ecumenical Development Initiative, serving both the World Council of Churches and the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA. He is also a professor of ecumenical studies at Lexington Theological Seminary in Lexington, Kentucky and has been a visiting professor at Yale Divinity School. He served in pastoral ministry for 36 years, the last 16 as senior minister of the 4,000-member University Christian Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Dr. Diane M. Porter, is President of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. She is the former Senior Executive for Programs of the Episcopal Church of the United States. In this role, she sought to advance the role of the Church as an advocate for justice and peace in national and international affairs. Ms. Porter's distinguished career includes: serving as the Regional Administrator for Region II of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, presiding as Vice President of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and membership on the Board of Trustees of the General Theological Seminary in New York City. She is an Honorary Canon of the Cathedral of the Incarnation.

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Reverend Meg A. Riley is the director of the Washington Office for Faith in Action of the Unitarian Universalist Association. There she represents Unitarian Universalist values on Capitol Hill and educates congregations to help them voice UU perspectives on issues of the day. She has served as the Director of the Office of Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Concerns, as well as the Director of Youth Programs for the Unitarian Universalist Association. She is a minister associated with All Souls' Community Church in Washington, DC, serves on the Advisory Council of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and is the national co-chair of the multi-faith network, Equal Partners in Faith.

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Rev. Dr. Daniel Rosemergy is the pastor of Brookmeade Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to his pastoral duties, Rev. Rosemergy serves as the chair of the Interfaith Alliance of Middle Tennessee. He is also co-chair of the Middle Tennessee Jobs With Justice; and serves on the Board of Directors for numerous organizations including the Nashville Peace and Justice Center, and the United Nations Association. Rev. Rosemergy has also held several leadership positions in the United Church of Christ. Dr. Rosemergy attended the University of Michigan, where he earned BA and MA degrees; and received both his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Vanderbilt University.

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Dr. A. Knighton Stanley, has provided leadership for his denomination and his community in the nation's capitol for over 35 years. Dr. Stanley is the Senior Minister of Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ in Washington D.C. He is a member of the United Church of Christ's General Synod Nominating Committee and chairs the Board of Trustees of the University of the District of Columbia. He also serves on the Steering Committee of America 2000 and is a member of the Board of Directors of both the Columbia Heights Development Corporation and the Latino Development Corporation.

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The Most Rev. Walter F. Sullivan serves as the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Virginia. Bishop Sullivan is a national religious leader and outspoken advocate for social justice and peace. In addition to serving as the Bishop-President of Pax Christi USA, he provides leadership on the boards of the Christian Children's Fund, the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, the Catholic Committee of Appalachia, the board of the Council for America's First Freedom, and a number of Diocesan boards. Bishop Sullivan received his seminary education at St. Charles College and St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore, and was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Richmond in 1953.

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Dr. John M. Swomley is Professor Emeritus of Christian Social Ethics, St. Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO. He is a United Methodist minister and President of Americans for Religious Liberty. Dr. Swomley has published over 400 articles and seven books on religious liberty and Christian Ethics. He is a committed member of national peace organizations such as the Fellowship of Reconciliation, where he served as executive director.

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Reverend Gardner C. Taylor is Pastor Emeritus of the Concord Baptist Church of Christ in Brooklyn, New York, and is past president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention. His leadership as a preacher, teacher and pastor has earned the respect of his colleagues and congregants. He delivered the invocation at President Clinton's 1993 inauguration. Time magazine has referred to Reverend Taylor as "the Dean of the nation's black preachers;" Ebony magazine praised him as "one of the greatest preachers in American history."

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Reverend Dr. Herbert Valentine, Founding President, is Executive Presbyter for the Baltimore Presbytery in Maryland. He is the former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the highest elected position in the church body. He is one of the founders of The Interfaith Alliance and served as the founding President of the Board of Directors.

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Dr. Foy Valentine has distinguished himself as a theologian, scholar and Christian Ethicist, publishing numerous books and articles in the Christian Social Ethics field. He has served as chairman of the Christian Ethics Commission for Baptist World Alliance and served on President Jimmy Carter's Commission for a National Agenda for the 1980's. He is the past president of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and for 28 years was Executive Director of the Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. He now edits Christian Ethics Today and is the President of the Center for Christian Ethics at Baylor University.

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Issues & Advocacy : Houses of Worship & Campaigns
If the Religious Right gets its way, churches will be able to legally endorse candidates and lend support to campaigns just in time for November’s elections.

September 10, 2004

In a move designed to crush all opposition, House Majority Leader Tom Delay and House Speaker Dennis Hastert have joined with Rep. Walter Jones to attach the Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act (Jones bill/HR 235) to the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 (H.R. 4520). If passed, the Jones bill would go far towards eroding the wall of separation between the institutions of religion and government by reversing IRS tax laws that prohibit houses of worship from engaging in partisan politicking.

The American Jobs Creation Act already passed the House and Senate and is in conference committee. By inserting the Jones legislation into this bill during conference committee , Delay and Jones ensure that the House and Senate will never get a chance to vote on the Jones bill, which the House has defeated in various forms twice before.

Shortly before the Congress moved into its August Recess, Rep. Jones, according to The Hill newspaper, delivered a letter to the Speaker signed by 131 lawmakers stating that the House “lost an ideal opportunity” to change IRS policy in regards to the ability of houses of worship to endorse partisan candidates when the House passed the tax reform bill on June 17. In that bill, The Interfaith Alliance along with nearly two dozen religious denominations was successful in leading a bipartisan effort to defeat the so-called “Safe Harbors Act,” a variation of the Jones bill that would have allowed houses of worship to endorse political candidates up to three times without losing their tax-exempt status.  Capitol Hill sources say that the letter delivered by Jones to Speaker Hastert is a clear pressure tactic reminding the Speaker that many Republican votes for the larger tax reform bill are in jeopardy if the Jones legislation is not included in the bill.

On September 9, action alerts sprang up on Religious-Right websites instructing their members to call Hastert and Delay stating, “UPDATE: WE NEED YOU TO MAKE CALLS TODAY!  The hope of returning free speech to our pastors is closer than ever. There is a solid possibility of inserting HR235, the Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act, into the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 that is currently in conference committee on Capitol Hill.”

TIA members and supports are urged to contact House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas and thank him for his past work in preventing this dangerous and landscape-altering legislation from becoming reality. Please ask Chairman Thomas to prevent the hijacking of the Jobs Creation Act by Walter Jones and his Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act. His office can be reached by calling 202-225-3625. Telephone calls are the only communication that will make an impact at this point. With the strong network of right-wing organizations making calls, we need a strong phone presence from our 150,000 members across the nation.

In addition, below are the Senators who have been designated as “conferees” by their party. If they represent you, please call them and tell them to oppose the insertion of H.R. 235 in the Jobs Creation Act. These calls are essential.

Senator Grassley of Iowa; Senator Hatch of Utah; Senator Nickles of Oklahoma; Senator Lott of Mississippi; Senator Snowe of Maine; Senator Kyl of Arizona; Senator Thomas of Wyoming; Senator Santorum of Pennsylvania; Senator Smith of Oregon; Senator Bunning of Kentucky; Senator McConnell of Kentucky; Senator Gregg of New Hampshire; Senator Baucus of Montana; Senator Rockefeller of West Virginia; Minority Leader Daschle of South Dakota; Senator Breaux of Louisiana; Senator Conrad of North Dakota; Senator Graham of Florida; Senator Jeffords of Vermont; Senator Bingaman of New Mexico; Senator Lincoln of Arkansas; Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts; and Senator Harkin of Iowa.

Please continue to check this site daily for frequent updates. When House “conferees” are announced, we will post them as soon as possible.



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