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nigger Tiger Woods marries White Whore

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Oct 6, 9:19 AM (ET)



SANDY LANE BEACH, Barbados (AP) - Tiger Woods married Swedish model Elin Nordegren as a Caribbean sunset painted a spectacular array of colors across the sky over an exclusive Barbados resort, according to witnesses. (This is what 99% of the White Race Women want, to marry a nigger & be a RACE MIXING WHORE!!!  By the way, 99% of the White Men want to marry an Oriental Woman, because, "They are how White Women use to be"!!!  THE JEWS HAVE DONE THEIR WORK WELL, THEY HAVE TURNED THE WHITE RACE INTO RACE MIXING WHORES & HE-WHORES!!!  35 TIMES IN THE FIRST 5 BOOKS OF MOSES, YHVH COMMANDS, KEEP EVERYTHING PURE, DON'T MIX THE BEASTS OF THE FIELDS, DON'T MIX THE SEEDS OF THE FIELD, DON'T GIVE YOUR DAUGHTERS TO STRANGERS, DON'T TAKE THEIR DAUGHTERS FOR YOUR SONS, ETC.!!!  BUT THE WHITE RACE DOESN'T FOLLOW YHVH, THEY FOLLOW THEIR jew gods WHO THEY LOVE & WORSHIP SO VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH!!!  MAY YHVH DESTROY THEM FOR THEIR WICKEDNESS, THEY 1,000,000% COMPLETELY DESERVE IT!!!)

Celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and former NBA stars Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were among guests seen by a reporter perched on a hill overlooking the club house of the Sandy Lane resort golf course.

The Barbados Daily Nation quoted unidentified sources who said the wedding cost $3 million.

The couple appeared to be serious about the traditional day of no contact on the wedding day.

"Privacy" was the name of the yacht where the bride, a 24-year-old model, had remained offshore before a celebration under white-netted pagoda and red roses. But an Associated Press photographer caught Woods on film early Tuesday, before the wedding, carrying scuba equipment from the yacht to a small attached dive boat. It had minor engine trouble before it took off with a smiling Woods stretching one arm into the sea.

Shirtless and grinning, Woods then took a turn at the wheel, according to exclusive photographs from the AP.

At the ceremony, she wore an off-white sleeveless gown. Woods wore a beige suit.

The couple had refused to respond to reports of the wedding, and there still was no official confirmation of its happening by Tuesday night - hours after the event.

Nordegren was working as a nanny for Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik when she met Woods three years ago at the British Open. Woods asked her to marry him last December during a sunset walk at a game reserve in South Africa, where he was playing in the Presidents Cup.

Woods finished ninth in the American Express Championship in Thomastown, Ireland, on Sunday, slipping to No. 3 in the world for the first time since May 1999.



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