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TIMSS Science Score for American Girls was 469

To appreciate just how poor the performance of American girls in TIMSS was, on the physics portion, 32% of their responses were not statistically significant, 23% were statistically significant because they scored lower than if they'd just guessed, and of the 45% that was statistically significant, the amount by which they scored lower than boys was statistically significant on 24.4%, by which they scored higher than boys was statistically significant on 2.6%, and the difference between boys and girls was not stastically significant on 18%.

Yet their official TIMSS science score was 469.

A score of 469 is almost like a score of zero. No, it's worse--if it hadn't been for some very simple give-away questions, like G-2 and G-3, they actually would have scored lower than if they'd just guessed:
bulletG2. When a small volume of water is boiled, a large volume of steam is produced. Why? A. The molecules are further apart in steam than in water. B. Water molecules expand when heated. C. The change from water to steam causes the number of molecules to increase. D. Atmospheric pressure works more on water molecules than on steam molecules. E. Water molecules repel each other when heated.
bulletG3. A jar of oxygen gas and a jar of hydrogen gas are at the same temperature. Which of the following has the same value for the molecules of both gases? A. the average velocity B. the average momentum C. the average force D. the average kinetic energy

These are no-brainer questions. They don't require an ounce of reasoning or calculations. All they required was to remember a few very basic principles.

But even on these simple questions, half of American girls got it wrong. A greater percentage of girls in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, and Sweden, all of whom spend far less for education than we do, got this answer correct.  87% of the girls and 89% of the boys in Slovenia, who spends a tenth as much for education as we do, got this answer correct, so it was obviously a simple question to many boys and girls around the world.

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Yet this score of 469 required absolutely no problems to be solved and no calculations to be correct.

And Israel got an average science score of 468, 1 point lower than American 12th grade girls.

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