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TIMSS by Race


The US did very poorly in both math and science on the TIMSS survey in 1995, scoring 492 in math [117 points lower than Singapore] and 513 in science [67 points lower than Singapore].  In the 2003 survey, we scored 12 points higher in math than in 1995, and 15 points higher in science, which was still 101 and 51 points respectively lower than Singapore.

On the surface, this seems like very poor performance, but when our math score is broken down by race, it's precisely the score we'd expect.  If we assume the 13% who took the test who were blacks scored in the range of Botswana (366), the 74% who were Whites scored in the range of the Netherlands (536), the 7% who were Hispanics scored in the range of Chile (387), the 4% who were Asians scored in range of China (586), and the 2% who were jews scored in the range of Israel (440), the aggregate score is 504, exactly the score we received on TIMSS math:






But our higher score on TIMSS science cannot be explained by making the same assumptions, which produces a score of 506, 21 points lower than our actual score of 527? Is it at all possible that this 15 point increase in the score since 1995, a score 21 points higher than predicted by race, was due to an improvement in education [no child left behind], or can it be entirely explained by other factors?





7% of the students in Botswana who participated in TIMSS were Whites, so assuming that American blacks score in the same range as Botswana is probably already too generous.  Assuming that Hispanics score in the same range as Chile fits in perfectly with their demonstrably poor performance on SAT, GRE, and ACT here in the US, so there's no reason to try a higher estimate for Hispanics.  Assuming that Asians in the US score in the same range as Taipei or Hong Kong, or that jews in the US score in the same range as jews in Israel, is already too generous, as schools in so many foreign countries have proven in spades that they have done a much better job of educating their own races than our "multicultural" experiment in education has proven here.

The only category in question are the 74% who took the test who selected "White" as their race.  Bear in mind that many jews, Hispanics, and even blacks, often select this category as they're not prohibited from doing so.  But in order for us to rationalize the median score to 527, we must assume that this group had a median score of 565.  This is a score 39 points higher than the Netherlands, 7 points higher than Korea, and only 13 points lower than Singapore.

Is that at all possible?  Could it be that the media has concealed a simple truth:  that the race and gender gaps increased during precisely the time they proclaimed from the rooftops that our grand multicultural experiment caused it to decrease? 

Well, this is exactly what the Graduate Record Exam proved:

·         The gap between Asian men and Black women jumped from 234 to 267 points.

·         gap between White men and Black women jumped from 182 to 199 points.

·         gap between Asian men and Asian women jumped from 66 to 72 points.

·         gap between Indian men and Indian women jumped from 52 to 68 points.

·         gap between Mexican men and Mexican women jumped from 66 to 71 points.

·         gap between Black men and Black women jumped from 42 to 45 points.

·         gap between “Other” men and “Other” women increased from 74 to 75 points.

·         gap between all men and all women increased from 73 to 76 points.






This of course if very bad news for multiculturalists--but it's fantastic news for Whites, which is the ONLY thing that counts in this putative Christian nation.





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