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LIAR Annette Gordon-Reed Exposed

Dianne Swann-Wright of Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation discredited


  One More Visit to the Thomas Jefferson-
                  Sally Hemings Controversy

       You will remember that a certain report in Nature
  magazine concluded that Thomas Jefferson did father
  children by one of his slaves, Sally Hemings. This appeared
  just as charges were being investigated concerning former
  President Clinton's extramarital affairs. Then, as though
  to add credibility to the Nature article, the Thomas
  Jefferson Memorial Foundation reached the same conclusion
  in January 2000 just as a major $100 million fundraising
  campaign was launched by the Foundation. These two
  announcements now seem to have been hastily made for
  reasons other than to find the truth about Thomas Jefferson.

       Now, more than a year later, we welcome the results of
  a team of scholars who have issued a report on those
  reports. Rather than delve into the details of the
  scholarly work in this letter, we direct your inquiry to
  the website of the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society at We give here some excerpts and
  summaries of several articles that help us to understand
  the shaky foundation on which the original assumptions
  were made.

       As Eyler Robert Coates says in his critical analysis:

       "On January 26, 2000, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial
  Foundation announced that it had reached a conclusion
  concerning the Jefferson-Hemings controversy. Their basic
  finding was that there is "a high probability that Thomas
  Jefferson fathered Eston Hemings, and that he most likely
  was the father of all six of Sally Hemings' children.'
  However, an examination of this report and the methodology
  used in preparing it, shows it to be an unprofessional,
  unscientific accumulation of bias and prejudice, and an
  offense to the memory of the great man that this foundation
  was chartered to memorialize.

       "One would expect the Foundation at least to give
  Thomas Jefferson the benefit of the doubt in the face of
  the many scurrilous attacks that have been made on his
  character over the years, for which there is not one shred
  of direct evidence. But as we shall demonstrate below, the
  exact opposite is the case. The best evidence was
  suppressed or ignored, competent persons having opposing
  views were not consulted, and many alternative but
  reasonable explanations for the circumstantial evidence
  were disregarded. As the reader of this analysis will
  clearly see, it is obvious that the entire controversy was
  approached, not as advertised (and as Jefferson had
  written), 'to follow truth wherever it may lead.' Rather,
  there was a deliberate attempt to select and mold the
  evidence to fit a pre-selected theory and to avoid anything
  that might resemble genuine balance. The results and
  conclusions became precise illustrations of something that
  Jefferson had written on a different occasion:

       'The moment a person forms a theory, his imagination
  sees, in every object, only the traits which favor that
  theory.' --Thomas Jefferson to Charles Thompson, 1787.
  "This travesty of a report sees in every point only those
  aspects that favor the preconceived theory. It leaves
  unconsidered much evidence that would tend to exonerate
  Jefferson, and it avoids connecting different pieces of
  evidence that would point away from Thomas Jefferson to
  some other member of his family or household.

       James P. Lucier, in an article entitled The Fable of
  Tom and Sally in a recent issue of Insight Magazine, gives
  his observations as follows:

       "The report issued by an in-house committee at
  Monticello seemed clear enough. The committee said its
  review of the subject 'indicates a high probability that
  Thomas Jefferson fathered Eston Hemings, and that he most
  likely was the father of all six of Sally Heming's children
  appearing in Jefferson's records.' Rather than being
  embarrassed by the new twist, the authors concluded that
  'the implications of the relationship between Sally
  Hemings and Thomas Jefferson should be explored and used to
  enrich the understanding and interpretation of Jefferson
  and the entire Monticello community.' Thus was born a new
  Jefferson for a new age. Shortly thereafter, the Thomas
  Jefferson Memorial Foundation dropped the word 'Memorial'
  from its name.

       "Critics noted that the membership of the in-house
  committee included very few names of persons experienced in
  analysis of historical data. It was chaired by Dianne
  Swann-Wright, a Ph.D. candidate still struggling to write
  her dissertation. She apparently has published no peer-
  reviewed work and nothing on Jefferson himself. After
  repeated phone inquiries, she promised to call back with
  examples of her work but never did. In other writing, she
  has portrayed herself as a child of the civil-rights
  generation, identifying with the four young girls brutally
  murdered in the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Ala.
  Critics have charged that she was overly influenced by the
  work of Annette Gordon-Reed, whose book Thomas Jefferson
  and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy, seemed to
  provide a road map for the subsequent Monticello study.
  "Other members included an architect, an archaeologist, a
  geneticist, the head guide and a communications officer. A
  medical doctor wrote a dissenting report, only to have it
  ignored when the majority report was first published. The
  only recognized historian in the group was staff researcher
  Lucia Stanton, known for her meticulous work on Jefferson's

       "But now after a year of study and deliberations a
  committee of 13 distinguished scholars - the cream of U.S.
  historical researchers - has released a 565-page report
  demonstrating in a gentlemanly way that almost all of
  Monticello's presumptions are thin at best and based on
  shoddy scholarship, improbable assumptions and even
  doctored documents. The report was unanimous, although one
  professor expressed several minority reservations.

       "Moreover, another rebuttal issued at the same time by
  a third group, the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society, took
  a tougher attack based on firsthand accounts of dissidents
  from the Monticello group as well as legal and
  philosophical arguments.

       "Is this just a tempest in an academic teapot? Not so,
  according to experts interviewed by Insight; it is a battle
  for the interpretation of America's heritage and the way
  future generations view the founders of the nation.
  University of Virginia law professor Robert Turner,
  chairman of the distinguished scholars committee, is a man
  who cares deeply about such things. 'For a few weeks, I
  thought the Monticello report was right,' he tells Insight.
  'But I went to a luncheon, and as we went around the room
  everybody said it was a poor piece of work. Then I
  downloaded it from the Web, and it read like an advocacy
  piece. I've been studying Jefferson for close to 30 years
  and I thought he deserved a fair hearing.'

       "Then Turner began to put together the group of
  Jefferson scholars to examine the evidence piece by piece
  -authors mostly with several Jefferson books to their
  credit, history department chairmen, directors of graduate
  studies. 'We had a diverse group,' says Turner. 'I wanted
  people of exceptional ability. But I also wanted people of
  courage. I told them I don't care what you think, but you
  must agree to pursue the truth.'

       "The scholars examined the evidence individually,
  then got together for 15 hours of face-to-face meetings.
  'We have found most of the arguments used to point
  suspicion toward Thomas Jefferson to be unpersuasive and
  often factually erroneous,' they wrote. 'Not a single
  member of our group, after an investigation lasting roughly
  one year, finds the case against Thomas Jefferson to be
  highly compelling, and the overwhelming majority of us
  believe it is very unlikely that he fathered any children
  by Sally Hemings.'"

       Let's chalk another one up for the Founders!


       Earl Taylor, Jr.


[email protected]



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