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Exile of the Tories

The Tory Loyalists who were exiled during the Revolutionary War, who were 100,000 of 3 million citizens at the time, represented 3% of the American population

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Raids between local Tory and patriot factions were frequent and bloody. Espousing one's preference for liberty or loyalty to the wrong people was often an invitation for a late evening visit, destruction of property, and even death. In the end, many Tories left or were exiled to England and Canada; their properties confiscated and fortunes lost.

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If the differences separating Patriot from Loyalist arc unclear, feelings were nonetheless bitter. Individual Loyalists were often tarred and feathered and otherwise abused. Some were thrown into jail, others exiled, their property confiscated. Battles between Tory units and the Continental Army were often exceptionally bloody. "Neighbor was against neighbor, father against son and son against father," one Connecticut Tory reported. "He that would not thrust his own blade through his brother's heart was called an infamous villain."

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They fled across the frontiers, moving their families to live in the areas controlled by the armies of their political kin. From there, some joined the invading forces and launched cross-border raids. When the fighting ceased, most of the refugees who had fled from the new State were refused permission to return. [They were] Tory "Loyalists" who supported the British against the American revolutionists seeking independence. During the War of Independence, large numbers of Loyalist refugees fled the new country. Estimates of the numbers vary, but perhaps 100,000 refugees left or were expelled, a very significant number given the sparse population of the 13 colonies. While there are many differences, there are also many similarities between the plight of the Palestinians and that of the Tory refugees during the first years of American Independence. The advocates of Palestinian rights are in fact clearly in the same political bed with King George's allies who fought against American democracy and independence.

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[Benedict] Arnold fled to exile in England and from there embarked on a six-year adventure in Canada, the new Loyalist colony of New Brunswick, to be precise. Fortunately, someone else (someone with the literary ambition to match his curiosity) had been similarly unenlightened about the full Arnold story and decided to do something about that.

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From "The International Jew", by Henry Ford:

The first subject which will be treated in this series is the part of Jews in the treason of Benedict Arnold.

Benedict Arnold, the most conspicuous traitor in American history, has been the subject of considerable comment of late. Among the commentators have been American Jews who have failed to make known to the American public the information which may be found in Jewish archives concerning Benedict Arnold and his associates.

To begin with, the propensity of the Jews to engage in the business of supplying the needs of armies and to avail themselves as far as possible of war contracts, is of long standing and notice.

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Thomas Paine is today cited by some as one of our "Forefathers", but he was never elected to public office, he may have been one of the first communists in the country, he spent much time in prison for real crimes, and he died as a traitor to the United States. His legacy was: "He had lived long, did some good and much harm".  He had no formal education and was divorced twice before coming to the US.  He lived in poverty most of his life, relying mostly on government grants and subsidies to sustain himself. None of his business plans and only a few of his writings succeeded.  Not even the plan to bury him "with honor" in England succeeded because his bones were lost on their way from his grave in New York to England and never found.

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In the end the American Commissioners agreed to ask the individual States to meet the desires of the British negotiators, but both sides understood that the States would do nothing, that the confiscated property would never be returned, that most of the exiled Loyalists would remain exiles, and that Britain herself must compensate them for their losses.

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They didn't condemn him to death, by the way. Socrates, by arguing for a "punishment" that would have given him a place of honor and put him on the city's largesse for the rest of his life, affronted the jurors with his arrogance and complete lack of repentance, and left them little choice. (Imagine how the citizens of, say, Boston, would have felt if, after 1783, a powerful and persuasive Tory minister had remained in one of their richest churches and had continued to preach that British monarchy was God's way while American patriots were the spawn of Satan. That wouldn't have happened, though, since after Yorktown we exiled all the prominent Tories who hadn't had the sense to flee.) The Athenians offered Socrates exile or death (as we did with Tories). What else could they do? If he remained, the poison of his continued teaching would be an ever-present danger, and Athenians, who had lost their democracy twice, in 411 and 404 (and had a nearly did so again in 401), had had enough of rule by thugs. Socrates could have gone to Sparta, where he would have been welcomed, since he had been a vocal admirer of the Spartans. Instead (if, indeed, the story is true) he took the hemlock, dramatically dying in the company of his friends and students, allowing his wife and children only the briefest, and coldest, visit.

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Geo. Washington was dead set against foreign alliances. In which, at the time, we would have been the junior partner. However he would have had no compuntion against kicking ass if the exiled Tories had tried an expedition from Canada, Bill Van Houten (USA Ret) WVanhou237 ([email protected])



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