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"Tory - An American upholding the cause of the British Crown against supporters of colonial independence during the American Revolution" (Tory).

Not all colonists during the war supported the American movement for independance. These colonist had a sense of loyality on the part of the British crown, that is why the name Tory was usually given to these people (The Encyclopedia Americana). King George relied very much upon the Tories for support during the war. The Tories supported George for the first 20 years of his reign. Without them it would have been harder for the British during the war.

bulletExiling the Tories.
bulletPersonal story of an exiled Tory.
bulletTories were refugees.

Maryland Loyalists in the American Revolution tells the story of Marylanders who couldn't engage in the passionate rebellion breaking out all around them. Although many were nearly as disillusioned with English rule as their rebel counterparts, the Loyalists held their ground and refused to join in an armed conflict with the mother country. More than three hundred Eastern Shore men joined the First Battalion of Maryland Loyalists, a Provincial red-coated regiment raised in 1777.

In the first book ever devoted to the subject, Maryland Loyalists in the American Revolution delves into the lives of the officers and soldiers of the unit and examines their motives for not defying England's authority. Among the colorful cast of characters are Lieutenant Colonel James Chalmers, a wealthy Kent County planter known for writing Plain Truth (a rebuttal to Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"), and Philip Barton Key, the uncle of Francis Scott Key and a future U.S. congressman! The rest were fishermen, farmers, merchants, and deserters from Washington's army.

Their tale is tragic. They were ill-used by the British high command and shipped off to Florida to fight England's enemy, Spain. Many lost their homes and jobs. They were banished to Nova Scotia and some died in a shipwreck in Canadian waters. Their thoughts and reasons for siding with England were brushed aside, their regiment seldom mentioned, their struggles and hardships forgotten.

Using many previously unpublished documents, muster rolls, and letters, the author examines the words and deeds of these forgotten Marylanders. The book is neither an indictment nor an apology for Maryland's loyalists; rather, it portrays their point of view -- and the heavy price they paid for it.

M. Christopher New, a Baltimore native, is a filmmaker and writer, and a self-confessed anglophile.



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