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The Totalitarian State


What is a "totalitarian state"?  Is it a state like Russia or Cuba where children aren't prohibited from saying a spoken Christian prayer in public schools, or where citizens aren't subjected to police roadblocks in the middle of the night to test their bodily fluids to assure that they meet an exacting but quixotic government standard?  Travelling all over Russia for a year and a half and never having seen a roadblock, nor having been stopped at any border other than to flash a passport, only to get back home and be hasseled by some extremely rude affirmative action hirees at the airport for 4 hours, and then to go through two roadblocks where police were testing BAC levels, provided a different perspective on that question.  So a little statistical comparison was in order. 

Reports from Amnesty International that the US is top on its hitlist in 7 different human rights areas, which are legion in Europe and even in Russia, provided the first clue that something is seriously wrong here:

  1. We are one of the few remaining countries with a death penalty.
  2. American children were three quarters of the children in the world who were executed.
  3. We have the undisputed highest incarceration rate, bar none, with Americans being one third of the people in the world who are behind bars.
  4. 84 inmates who were sentenced to death were released ONLY after DNA tests proved their innocence.
  5. The US is one of the few countries which executes the mentally retarded.
  6. The number of women in American prisons tripled since 1989.
  7. We are the only country which uses stun belts in court during trial.

This is a pretty miserable track record.  But further research was to prove that this is a mere tip of the iceberg.  The prevalence of these roadblocks indicated that something sinister was going on behind the scenes, so a comparison between the US and Japan, a country which this author was educated in and   has some familiarity with, seemed appropriate.  One of the reasons for this comparison was the observation that most news stories about Japan in our "free press" were completely contradictory to direct personal observations of that country.   The reason for this contradiction is another issue, but using Japan as the basis for the statistical comparison enables us to make a value judgement of our own social pathology.

Japan has 1,545 citizens incarcerated for traffic violations, whereas we have 58,700 just for violating the DUI  laws alone, a rate that's 17 times greater.  It wasn't possible to find the figures for other traffic violations in the US, but our current policies suggest that our overall incarceration rate for traffic related offenses is at least 20 times higher than Japan's.  The question then becomes, are American drivers tha much worse than Japanese drivers, or is this nothing other than a cottage industry for lawyers?  It's certain that Japan's level of traffic enforcement is more than adequate to provide an orderly and efficient transportation system, so how can our 20 fold overkill, which costs an extra $20 billion per year, be justified?

American children are taught that we have a "Second Amendment" to the US Constitution which provides "the right to bear arms".  They are being taught a LIE.  With 22,000 gun control laws, no country has more restrictions on gun ownership than we do.  There's a gun shop in Moscow within sight of the "red, white, and blue" flag on top of the Kremlin where you can buy an AK-47 for $30, and never even mention your name, much less "show your papers"  or wait for an "instant gun check".  Japan is forthright with their children--they teach them that they have no right to own a gun, but they also teach them other self-defense methods which make guns superfluous.  Do our gun control laws work?  Only if you're proud that we have 308 times more citizens per capita incarcerated for violating gun control laws than Japan could you believe that.

Our official murder rate is 5 times higher than Japan's, which is partially explained by the 12% of blacks who are 10 times more likely (25 murders/100,000 population) and the 8% of Hispanics who are 5 times more (12.5 per 100k)   likely to commit murder than Whites (2.5 per 100k).  

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Subject: FW: Top Columnist Compares Family Courts to Nazis &
Communists Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 00:23:42 -0700 Is another
Holocaust around the corner??  Read this and as our founding
fathers said "Join or Die".  If you are a male in this country, you'd
better stand up and be counted. You'd better make every effort to
fight this insidious evil, because if you don't, it appears it won't be
long before we are rounded up and shot, or gassed.  (Bill Wood)

>From today's Washington Times.  This is strong language but, as we all
know, justified.  Roberts has exposed numerous injustices in the

Stephen [Baskerville]

"Both the Nazis and communists are infamous for state intrusions
in family affairs. . . . Most Americans are unaware of the existence
of these relatively new 'courts.' . . .      Family courts claim
immunity from the Constitution and from scrutiny by federal courts.
. . .  'Such an institution is intolerable in a free society.'"
(also at:
html )

September 29, 2000
The tyranny within

Paul Craig Roberts Tyranny is creeping up on us. If you don't
believe it, consider the most prominent hallmarks of the Nazi and
communist regimes, which sought to supplant democracy in the
20th century. In National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union,
there were no First Amendment rights. No one could voice an
opinion contrary to the politically correct views enforced by the
Gestapo and the KGB. Media and education were used to instill
politically correct thinking and bring denunciation upon anyone who
departed from politically correct thinking. This is precisely the
situation that exists today in the vast majority of American colleges
and universities. Verbal and facial expressions that are contrary to
political correctness result in sensitivity training (a form of
brainwashing) or expulsion for the offender, who may have done
nothing more than laugh. If the source of mirth is an ethnic joke, a
blonde joke or a hilarious claim by a multiculturalist, the hapless
offender discovers that his constitutional protections do not exist.
In Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, there were victim groups
that were championed and oppressor groups that were suppressed.
In Germany, the "victims" were Aryans, who were said to be under
the financial hegemony of Jews. In the Soviet Union, the
hegemonic group was the bourgeoisie, who allegedly held sway
over an oppressed proletariat. In both countries, victims were
permitted to exercise violent language and actions against
oppressors. In the United States today, white heterosexual able-
bodied males constitute the hegemonic group. Everyone else is a
member of a victim group. In Germany and the Soviet Union, the
abstract and imaginary group roles of oppressor and victim were
given a frightful reality by ideologues. Race and class categories
became the basis for discrimination and new legal systems that
favored victims' groups with preferences. On American campuses,
multicultural ideology has revived the concepts of race and class
oppression, and added new ones based on gender and sexual
orientation. Men oppress women, and heterosexuals oppress
homosexuals. According to multiculturalists, our culture and values
reflect nothing but the arbitrary domination of society by white
heterosexual males. University of Pennsylvania professor Alan
Kors says that, thanks to multiculturalism, "half a century after the
defeat of Nazism, we distinguish by blood and we equate blood
with culture." We now think like Nazis and explain our society and
culture in terms of race (and gender) hegemony. Tyrannical states
attack the family. Both the Nazis and communists are infamous for
state intrusions in family affairs. In the United States, similar
bureaucratic and political intrusions come from family courts. Most
Americans are unaware of the existence of these relatively new
"courts." Howard University Professor Stephen Baskerville is the
leading authority on these courts. He says family courts are "the
most dangerous institution posing a threat to constitutional rights
in our society. The only parallels are the ideological-bureaucratic
dictatorships of the last century." Family courts claim immunity
from the Constitution and from scrutiny by federal courts. Mr.
Baskerville describes them as follows: "Their proceedings are
secret and unrecorded. Their orders are enforced by bureaucratic
police who do not wear uniforms and whose sole responsibility is to
conduct surveillance over families and private lives. As such, these
police are akin to secret police. By the very nature of their
jurisdiction, these courts and police are the most intrusive and
invasive arm of government, and yet they are accountable to
virtually no one. Such an institution is intolerable in a free society."
Recently a family court judge ordered the parents of a 7-year-old
boy in Berne, N.Y., to put their child on Ritalin, a behavior-control
drug. The alternative was to be found guilty of "educational
neglect," an offense that would open the possibility of their child
being seized by Child Protective Services - a Hillary Clinton
"village" institution straight from the pages of the Gestapo. The
child suffered serious side effects from the drug, but parents no
longer have the right to decide what is best for their children.
Tyrannical states assault the individual in the inner recesses of his
consciousness. He is not permitted to think certain thoughts or to
express a prohibited thought privately to anyone. Recently, Janice
Barton encountered a Spanish-speaking couple while leaving a
restaurant in Manistee, Mich. She turned to her mother and said, "I
wish these [ethnic slur] would learn to speak English." An off-duty
deputy sheriff overheard the private remark, followed the woman to
her car and noted her tag number. Janice Barton was sentenced to
45 days in jail for her thought crime. This couldn't happen in a free

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