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Project TOTO: Nationwide Plan To Expose and End the Illegal Operations of the Income Tax System

Individuals are being invited to a special meeting to be held from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., February 17th, 2001, at the Crystal City Hilton Hotel in Arlington, VA.  We hope many will attend.  While the meeting is not secret, we are not seeking any media publicity.

The meeting is being organized by individuals from several key freedom groups who have been working together over the last several months to plan, prepare and execute a large, coordinated, nationwide, multi-media public information campaign ("Project TOTO"). The goal is to educate scores of millions of citizens (along with accountants, tax attorneys, legislators, judges, IRS employees, and prospective jurors) about the true nature of the income tax laws, to expose operations of the IRS that are unauthorized by law, and to put an end to their illegal collection of taxes from people who do not owe them -- the vast majority of US citizens.  We will present the plan for this multi-million dollar project that will utilize nationwide electronic, print and broadcast media to put detailed documentation before the public.

If the government has legitimate answers to the questions raised by the legal research that has been done, we hope this kind of public informational campaign will force those answers to the surface.

We have started to see some results from previous direct, large-scale, public educational efforts. We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education ran full-page ad messages about the income tax in the Washington Times last June and in USA Today on July 7th. Read the USA Today ad here:

These ads were a big factor in prompting the New York Times to assign its senior tax reporter, David Cay Johnston, to research and write an investigative report. His article appeared on the front page of the November 19th national edition, and was followed by an editorial on Tuesday, November 21, 2000. See the article and We The People comments here:

Both pieces focused on the increasing number of employers who have stopped all tax withholding from their employees.  The IRS failed to rebut the legal claims of the employers. Although the articles were heavily biased, it shows that the subject is gaining national attention.  Another example: a producer for CBS' 60 Minutes II has now contacted Joe Banister for a piece that will air in April, which will presumably focus on Mr. Banister's decision to resign from his position as a Special Agent in the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, because he could no longer enforce the Internal Revenue Code as if payment were compulsory.  This was after completing a two year private research project in which he concluded that payment of the tax was voluntary.  Another example: a producer for John Stossel and ABC's 20/20 has requested a copy of the tapes of the four symposiums and conferences the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education has sponsored at the National Press Club on the subject of the fraud and illegal operations of the income tax system.

As the story of the tragic events of a taxpayer's life unfolded in Massachusetts recently, we are reminded once again of the trail of carnage and human tragedy left by our income tax system and the government that refuses to address the legal grievances of the Freedom movement. Even if Mr. McDermott was liable for the income tax (which is not the case for most U.S. citizens), the law prohibits the IRS and employers from doing what they were about to do to Mr. McDermott -- garnish his wages without a court order.

We believe that the tide has finally turned and NOW is the time to publish and broadcast the collective detailed, statutory and regulatory arguments of the Tax movement -- to put these facts before the American public to reach a critical mass of people demanding an end to these unconstitutional and illegal (corrupt) acts.  We believe public exposure is the worst enemy of governmental wrongdoing.

This is our project. Everyone is invited to participate, contribute and join with others to manifest a moment in history rivaling the legacy of our Forefathers.  Just as those Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the cause of liberty, we will be asking each of you to consider a similar pledge. Each of you who participates has access to either intellectual property, a network of citizens and/or access to financial resources.

Although the primary project strategy is to widely disseminate our message for FREE, the plan also provides an opportunity for those who are major contributors of intellectual arguments and property to market their products and services.

All financial donations toward the cost of the public information and education plan ("Project TOTO") will be held in trust, managed by an independent attorney, and released only for the stated activities of this project. If needed, arrangements may be made for protecting intellectual property rights, etc. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible :-)

We believe that by standing together and sharing the collective burden of this calling, we can more rapidly and effectively accomplish together what none of us has achieved alone thus far. We intend to ignite a public discussion the likes of which our Nation has not seen for 225 years.

Please come to our February 17th meeting, join your fellow countrymen and become the heart of a moment in history when We The People carried forth a great Light and took back our country. Reservations are required so that proper facilities and amenities will be available. To register for the conference, visit our registration page at:


The Hotel is minutes away from Washington, D.C., and has a shuttle that runs there every half-hour, until midnight. Also, the Hotel is near National Airport, which is now called the Ronald Reagan National Airport, and is accessible to the Metro Blue Line at the "Crystal City" Station stop.

The registration fee is $35.00. This fee will include lunch and its tax and gratuity (for which the hotel is charging $30.00).

The registration fee can be sent to us in advance of the meeting (see instructions below) or it can be collected at the door. It will help to cut down the overall check-in time at the door if people paid in advance, so please consider this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If anyone who has already registered is NOT planning to stay for lunch and the afternoon session, OR if anyone who has registered and would like to stay for lunch and the afternoon session but simply cannot afford the $35 fee, they must let us know by contacting Martelle Green (at [email protected]) or Burr Deitz (at [email protected]). Otherwise, we will assume that everyone who has registered (or will be registering) is planning to stay for lunch and the afternoon session and will be paying the registration fee. We need to tell the hotel the number of lunches to prepare.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: We have arranged for individual room rates of $89.00/night (plus 9.75% tax). This rate is guaranteed ONLY if you reserve before February 7, 2001. You MUST state that you are attending the Project TOTO meeting sponsored by the We The People Foundation. Parking fees are being negotiated, and we believe that they will be nominal.

Those who have already registered at another hotel may want to change hotels.

Reservations can be made via or by calling 1-(800)-HILTONS (445-8667). The full name of the hotel is Hilton Crystal City National Airport. It is located at 2399 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202. For direct contact: (Phone)(703) 418-6800 or (Fax)(703) 418-3763.

The $35.00 fee can be paid at the door, or you may make out a check to We The People Foundation and send it in advance to: Mr. Burr Deitz, Treasurer, at 444 Whitehall Road, Albany, NY 12208-1520.

If you have any questions regarding these new arrangements, please contact either Burr Deitz at (518) 489-0167, or Martelle Green at (201) 825-3643.They will be more than happy to assist you.

To make a donation without attending, please send to We The People Foundation, 2458 Ridge Rd., Queensbury, N.Y. 12804.  For wire transfers please call us on the number listed below.

Blessings and safe travels to you all.

Bob Schulz
We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education
2458 Ridge Rd.
Queensbury, N.Y. 12804
(518) 656-3578 Phone
(518) 656-9724 Fax
[email protected]



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