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Hollywood artist - Leo trotskiy (Bronstein) - by his own persona! There is! Long-awaited information! Who read Stoleshnikova "rehabilitation not will be" antigulag.htm they remember that he mentioned about the fact that Trotsky, being in the beginning of 1917 in New York it were removed in Hollywood in the film. Now I obtained the fresh issue ? of 458 underground American newspapers "coward 3t fin" ("finally Pravda") here is it in the internetnom, reduced version, but here article, about which I will speak, there are no; therefore 4 here prevedu.: Http:// Its editor - doctor fildz. Newspaper leaves practically underground in the state of Georgia: Large article on page 12. the "communism, originated in the fruit-bearing ghetto of New York". Leo trotskiy in New York ". "Leo trotskiy, father of Bolshevik revolution in Russia swam up to New York on 13 January, 1917, and stayed in New York two and one-half of month. To a few people it is known about its activity during this period. Leyba Trotsky, who ran out from the reference, counted in the search not only in Russia, and also in the countries the allies of Russia in the war, namely: in France, in Angliii, Spain and sotvetstvenno Trotsky was consecutively banished from France and Spain. England, evidently, to admit him, in order to avoid of scandal, and did not want. And here then Trotsky was declared in New York. Newspaper "coward 3t fin" is assigned by the question: "how quick katorozhnik Leo trotskiy could obtain visa in THE USA being iznannym from France and Spain?" - in principle this it is not possible to obtain visa in THE USA with such matters, to quick katorozhniku. You that do think, then to obtain visa in THE USA was easier than now? We found answer to this riddle buried in the references on the page of 409 books "The Roots of American Communism", where it is written, that "" new -c1orkTa1ms of 14 January, 1917, (this is why old newspapers they are not of interest, but VERY OLD NEWSPAPERS THEY ARE OF VERY GREAT INTEREST), it reports: "representative" Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society "(KHIAS - it, until now, there exists and it is known to entire brighton and

it met Leon trotskiy and his family on the pier and drove away them with itself ". (i.e., Leon trotskiy with the family passed neither medical examination nor quarantine nor inoculation. Leon trotskiy, future first Jewish emperor of Russia, entered to THE USA on the special position, along the Jewish channel). The newspaper of the russkoyazychnykh Jews of New York "new Mir" 1925 this name was reproduced by Soviet Jews in the Soviet journal "new Mir", which and on the personnel and the spirit was the successor of American newspaper), it reported to the readers that to Leon trotskiy was immediately given the work in the russkoyazychnoy Jewish newspaper "new Mir" to 77 Street at mark's Place in Manhattan, where to it already worked as editors two Russian Jews - Nikolai Bukharin and Aleksandr Kollataj -Domontovic The owners of newspaper were two Jews Grigoriy Weinstein (Gregory Weinstein) and Isaac Gurvich (Isaak Hourwich). To Trotsky it was given apartment in the center of Manhattan into the bildinge- lux with the telephone, the refrigerator (this in 1916!), and also automobile with the chauffeur- bodyguard. Since Trotsky, as to it Maxim Gor'kiy- Peshkov, to which to Trotsky, the Jewish organizations also arranged paid meetings in defense of Jews against Russia in New York, did not know English, Jewish organizations ensured the attendance of meetings in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, fitting on them the audience, govoryashuyu in the Russian and idish. Trotsky called at the meetings to all Jewish socialists they will be combined under the Communist banner. Some of the first leaders then the organized by Trotsky American communist party there was: Benjamin gitlov, Karl brodskiy, Bertram Wolf, Jay Lavstoun, Charles Ruthenberg







and that concealed subsequently in the Kremlin wall, John silas Reed, who in reality was also Jew - you will look on photo, and by the colleague of American special services on the nickname "jack". In addition to this John Reed was the husband of well-known American feminist, jewess of Louise Brian: After poisoning of John Reed in Moscow Louise Brian married the former personal secretary of the President Vudro of Wilson William Bullitt, with whom subsequently she bred because of open lesbiyanstva. The famous conjugal couple of Reeds arrived to Russia from New York on the steamship of Trotsky. It is interesting, vetches it reports that Charles Ruthenberg, who was being borne in America American Communist and prezzhavshiy into Soviet Russia only by visits, and dead person in 1927 in THE USA, is also buried into the Kremlin to wall. Is created impression, that Kremlin wall - this international Jewish cemetery. At that time, in 1917, "Hollywood", in the sense, American motion picture industry, it were located even in New York. Motion picture studio "Vitagraph Studios" - and (since 1925 it is called "Warner Brazers" was located on Long Island. The owners of motion picture studio were two Jews Emmanuel Cohen (Emmanuel Cohen) and Sol Of varttsel' (Sol Wartzel). They rapidly devised scenario, the advertising "red revolutionaries" and invited Leon trotskiy to the main role in the film "my official wife". Female main role was fulfilled by the film star of silent cinema by jewess Klara kimboll Vetches it reports that in this film Of kimboll it plays Russian revolutionary, but, it adds, that the film is for some reason "lost", which in principle in America never occurred, and is shifted by yr of production by 1914, without mentioning about the participation of Trotsky, although, as you see, in the unofficial press this is not secret. And the fact that film enjoyed great success, as it reports vetches, the this only because of the fact that it left into 1917, but not in 1914, i.e., it would be to the topic of the day, what it did not happen if film about the Russian revolutionaries it left in 1914. So that vetches here again is caught on the lie. Then yet not there were bed scenes, so that to Trotsky transported to slip from this situation with the stainless reputation. To Trotsky under this role isolated money gorozdo greater than even film star - on the order of 20 million dollars of those days, that order of trillions of dollars in the dollars of present.


Thus, it turns out that the most highly-paid film actor of all times and peoples was Leo Trotsky- Bronstein, who received for the role in the film "my official wife" trillion of dollars to the present money. This was an example - "otmytiya of money", i.e., revolution in Russia was produced to the money, on the papers, which were being counted by fee of Trotsky for the role in the film. To conduct from Russia about the unexpected coup d'etat, and the renunciation of tsar, caused enthusiastic enthusiasm in numerous New York Jewish diaspore, already then by that counted approximately 3 million only clean and fresh Jew- emigrants. Trotsky began urgently it is prepared for the return to Russia and to collect the international group of Jewish volunteers. Especially were greeted New York gangsters from the Jewish gangster gangs, rotation with the weapon had experience. These people, such as Moisey The uritskiy first chief OF VCHK, and The volodarskiy (Moisey Goldstein) first commissioner of press - "two Moiseya" the former gangsters, became the leaders of the individual forces of Jewish volunteers. In all were collected 267 volunteers. New York Jews then affectionately said: "our it is left it will go to select work in Russian tsar". But as soon as 27 March of 1917 the steamship Of "kristianaf'ord" already swam off from America it was coast, it was arrested by the Canadian Coast Guard on the basis of the fact that Canada, as the colony of its majesty Korolev of England, country, which is been the ally of Russia in the war, after hearing about this enemy transport, arrested steamship in Halifax, Canada and; in addition to this also to to the top well-packed by Colts and as "Maxims" which still will serve large service in future bloodshed. Trotsky was delayed together with the wife, two children and five secretaries and all 267 mercenary- volunteers. However, influential New York Jewish jurists Nikolai aleynikov and Artur Wolf, personally through the Canadian general postmaster (minister of connection) sent the order of first Loda of Winston's Adiralteystva Churchill, to free all and to make it possible to continue floating. In the publication of this order the action of three people is reliably established: the New York multi-millionaire of Yakov Schiff, the President OF THE USA Vudro of Wilson and first lord of the admiralty of England Winston Churchill. "vetches" he clearly indicates that Trotsky was freed on 29 April, 1917, on the order of British government, (Churchill), what was the straight treason of ally in the war. On 4 May Trotsky continued floating aboard the same ship in the direction of Stockholm.


WhiteArmyPropagandaPosterOfTrotsky.jpg But 6- oho April of 1917 OF THE USA entered the war on the side of Russia; therefore, if Trotsky let out until 6 April, 1917, then in the disturbance of its allied debt before Rossiyem it would be possible to accuse only Angliiyu and Canada, but since this occurred after 6 April of 1917, THE USA also destroyed before Russia their allied debt. Canadian newspaper "maklin store" ("Maclean's Magazine" during June 1919 wrote: "some Canadian officials bear enormous responsibility for the continuation of war and continuous human victims....Trotskiy had and it continues to have enormous secret support. Trotsky has so absolute power that its orders are fulfilled first of all ". President Wilson (Etogo always give frontal photo, but it has this "knife switch" - this something, look on you inete: depended on its advisers -kuklovodov, the main things from whom they were: banker Yakov Schiff and, banker Bernard Baruch and the chief judge OF THE USA Louis Brandes - all Jews. Photos: Winston Churchill and Bernard Baruch 1961 - not to understand this friendship if we do not know that Winston Cherchil' Jew, as a minimum, according to the mother. Http:// These three ordered Vudro Wilson to press on the Canadian government both directly and through Churchill, to let go Trotsky with all, that also who there is in that. The President OF THE USA Vudro Wilson at this moment even signed the assignment of American citizenship and passport to Leon trotskiy, thus, that Trotsky v'ekhal into Stockholm by American citizen and with the American passport Banished from Germany German emperor Wilhelm of the second in the expulsion, in Holland, in the interview for newspaper to "Chicago Tribune", (The Chicago Tribune") on 2 July, 1922, said: "for the Bolshevik revolutions, both in Russia and in Germany bears responsibility international jews. During my administration the Jews made its intolerable, and I sourly will regret, that favoritiziroval to Jewish bankers ". - in the article is given black and white photo from the film "my official wife". On the photo: Klara kimboll, Leon trotskiy and one additional man actor. The unfortunately this site holds images only from the links. You will look the poster of 1918 - Trotsky as holy Georgiy - the patron of Russia (entire in the Jewish asterisks) (Nesvyatoy Jewish Zhora - patron of Russia ", that crushes the hydra of kontrerolyutsii in the person of the Russian people: and again reference to the classical work of prof. stoleshnikov A.P. for those, who interested themselves: Antigulag.htm By the way, you never did see the photo of Pavel "efimycha" of Dybenko - "matrosika from Avorory", which did flood with the blood the Crimea and its Kronstadt in 1921? "Matrosik"- that - the concrete Jew: Http:// I still of photo of one, which is counted by Russian, classical Bolshevik, 100% of Jew - Antonov -Ovseenko: Http:// I this entire kagal:




Protocols_.of_.the_.Elders_.of_.Zion_1927_.Paris_.Ru_.emig.jpg This drawing vzglyan'te: and A this Sasha parvus (born Israel Gelfand) - the banker of the Bolsheviks: Http:// A this to a question about this modern idiotic "anti-terrorist war", to which in proper time does give answer the old work of Trotsky "TERRORISM and COMMUNISM" - so here comrades George Bush and Tony Blair Down's -"dva" you our, terrorism in the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks - this good - and why you, two idiots, Bush and Blair, were not borne up to 1917? Here then you have the outstanding possibility "to wet" multitudinously Jewish terrorists. Thus, Watson, you do see that it does occur? - already decades ago in order to report the information given above, I must sit with tens of books, cover with saliva by the finger of page, poke there here, and you would get tired much earlier than 4 to you that or it would have time to prove. But with the computer and the Internet - once, and into the queens! And 4 to you in a moment did decompose entire patience before the nose, and that? - Zhidov'e of the conformation does not maintain! Not all to the tomcat of maslennitsa. - I that now? We will make pogroms? - not the fig of similar! No pogroms! - all everything understood, entire game. - it is called into the "Zionist wise men" - "three playing are taken on four chips". For example, certain "marrying Lukashin" it had a custom of times per year for new yr to walk with the friend- Jews into the bath, where they it gave to drink to the unconscious state, and afterward, either they loaded it into the aircraft in Leningrad, or it fell under the electric railway, and your obedient servant, as the doctor of "fast", then it walked along the rails and guts were gathered - there was this time. But now this "teapot" marrying Of lukashin, after being collected the truthful internetnoy information, from which, as of the "spark", accurately will flare up flame, after arriving following time with the Jewish by friends into the bath, it vydet, in to an example to smoke... podopret from naruzhi the door, chinarik will spit out, will throw match and will leave. - "A steppe grass does smell of bitterness...!" - A you did think how the strange countries to conquer by quiet sap?





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jewn McCain

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killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

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the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

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10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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