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Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 5:01 AM

Subject: [repeal19th] Re: [ChristianPatriot] The Social Scale

From:        Christian Party, [email protected]

>ability to create and sustain just societies.  If you disagree with the>following and would like to provide your own input, click here.
Nah, your social misscaling is just another confirmation of how stupid and deluded you are and that you are completely out of touch with reality, especially that you have ignored and/or disregarded every email forwarded past you of contributions to society of a few listed groups that you are too incompetent and unstable to have met.  I just wish I got the chance to kill you before you got to infect others' computers.

What wasn't included in those emails was that Alan Turing was a "sodomite" and it was likely that Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton were also, you damned wrinkly bag of crap.



From: "Autymn D. C." <[email protected]>

> >Or do you have a reasonable explanation for how this could have happened?
> >Since they were your compatriots with the same emotional baggage and
> >view of reality, maybe you can help us understand how it happened.  We

> I do not have one because I've never taken, seen, or heard of the TIMSS.
> I don't admit to have seen the wording, clarity, completeness, and
> difficulty of each question, or known who and which groups take the
> TIMSS, or whether the TIMSS is mandatory for every group or for select
> groups.

We've referenced TIMSS in just about every of the "Womens' brains" posts,
and provided abundant url's for the source data, and you still don't know
what it is?

That tells us a lot, right there, doesn't it?

> >you feminazis would rather scream and shout and sweep this under the
> >but even you might be able to detect that this won't begin to address the
> >problem, much less solve it?

> I have, however, seen parts of the threads about the TIMSS lately, and
> the others you "think" are "feminazis" did not exhibit negative knowledge
> at all.

American 12th grade girls scored lower than if they'd just guessed on ONE
THIRD of the questions, and you don't think this is "negative knowledge"?
The morons on the usenet were provided a complete answersheet weeks ago and
STILL can't get it right, are STILL arguing about it, were presented with
the correct answers by a Norwegian who hardly speaks English, and they STILL
couldn't solve the problems, and you don't see any negative knowledge?

> Their analysis of what to be assumed was correct, and it would
> be the fault of the test if it did not consider that analysis.  Some
> people make more assumptions than others, such as you, which is why
> takers who match the assumptions of the writers score better.

This is a cop out.  When people make WRONG assumptions, as they did, it's
not the test's fault--IT'S THE STUPID STUDENT'S fault.

They're arguing that it's "ambiguous", they IGNORE that more than half of
the boys in the world who got it correct didn't find it at all ambiguous,
and now you're supporting the MORONS who blame their inability to understand
the simple questions on the test itself?

This might make sense to you feminazis, but to normal people, this is REAL

> Ability in
> getting a correct answer depends on selecting which conclusion out of
> many analyses is relevant to the scenario, but the scenario is not always
> fully specified in the question.  Those who score well then would be the
> dim students who hardly analyse but who only spit out what they were
> taught in class, if applicable, which doesn't count as understanding the
> scenario.

This is EXACTLY why feminazis should NEVER vote.

Let me paraphrase so I can get this right.  It's the "dim students" who
answer a test question properly, but the real brilliant .unts out there are
the ones who scored LOWER than if they'd just guessed?  But it doesn't make
any difference at all that they got the wrong answer, because at least they

Is this what you believe?

Is that your final answer?

BZZZZZZZZZt.  outta here.

> And I do know that not every concept in questions given in
> competency exams was covered in class, which is why students would need
> to infer or guess the answer in multiple choices by concepts that they
> /did/ learn and why they scored low in the essay portion.  Before I can
> discuss the test scores further, you would have to give me a full
> description of what the TIMSS (as opposed to the GRE, SAT, PSAT, AP,
> etc.) is.
> -Aut

One more time.

It has links to all the TIMSS references--original questions; breakdown of
answers by country and sex and subject area; percent of questions ignored,
not reached, or other improper answer;  mutliple choice, and which answers
were selected by how many students; etc.

This page also highlights the questions where girls scored LOWER than if
they'd just guessed.  If you feminazis think this is acceptable for some
obscure reason (like you believe they're the real brilliant ones, whereas
the boys in Norway who got 100% in some areas didn't taket the time to
properly worship the question), then FORGET about trying to ever fix the
problem, because such excuses will only make a VERY bad situation MUCH



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