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5 A male manifesto - Future rights for men

Primary school teachers - 50% male representation

Currently a small proportion of primary school teachers are men. Female teachers reward the talents shown by girls and male characteristics from boy pupils are discouraged. We are also seeing poorer achievement in the traditional male areas of mathematics and sports. This again can be directly attributed to the lack of male teachers. For children who grow up in a fatherless family the male contact at school may be the only opportunity for male role modelling a child has. The teacher bias must be altered now.

Removal of all governmental involvement in family life

Governments do not raise families, parents do. The removal of government recognises the severe harm done to families by meal-ticket/agenda-infested professionals. Parents have a direct genetic investment in the best upbringing of their child. The only incentive government agents have to be involved in family life is money. The Cleveland and Orkney Island affairs have shown that social workers remove children without good reason. The Rosemary West and Rikki Neave affairs have shown that social workers do not intervene when they should. Where then is the benefit in having social worker involvement? There are so many times when they never get it right. Recent reports have highlighted the huge number of abuses that take place when the state takes the place of parents. The best protector of a child is the biological father.

Open court justice and family tribunals

Family matters will be heard in open court by trained tribunals. At present the hearing in secret behind closed doors by chivalrous male judges results in what has been called the 'rape of the male' in British courts.

Presumption of 50/50 Joint physical residence

In cases of divorce or separation fathers will be assumed and encouraged to care for their children on a 50/50 basis. This will be considered the norm. There will be no transfer of income in this situation, and there will be no alimony or alimony via child-support payments. In general parents will be left to settle their own arrangements. Reversal of residence should be ordered on contact obstruction or upon a significant geographical move of a child away from the father. Men will be granted equal rights in the family as women now enjoy in the work place.


For many years men have had complaints from women that they do not have equality. This must be addressed and there will be various programs to give women absolute equality. State benefit will be divided into two funds: women will pay into one social fund and men will pay into another social fund. All costs related to: unemployment, maternity, and retirement will be paid separately by each fund. Women will therefore be able to claim from their earnings safe in the knowledge that they are not subsidising men.

Rogue males

There are many men with marginal mental stability who would normally lead healthy, respectable lives. However men are now being marginalised in employment with affirmative action programs, and deliberate closing of industries that employed men such as mining and ship building. To add to this men are being left by their wives and partners and their children are also being taken with the blessing of family court judges. Men are learning that relationships and employment can no longer be taken for granted. We can therefore expect record numbers of incidents of rogue males who will exact terrible tragedies on the population. These males will often have no work and be without a loving partner. If these men are not given status within the system then we can expect them to exact terrible revenge upon it. To reduce this problem male-unemployment will be specifically addressed.

End the sponsoring of alternative family lifestyles

The practice of funding alternative family lifestyles such as two lesbians living together on benefit with one pregnant by doner sperm will no longer receive state funding. Especially since this is funded on the backs of working two parent families. Widowers and widows will of course receive full and equal benefits.

Right to life - Pro Life

A father's wish to protect the child and have a baby born must override a womens wish to abort/murder their baby. The father must be able to show ability to care and provide for the child and to compensate the mother for any loss of earnings during pregnancy.

Right to termination - A mans right to choose

The right women have had in the past to terminate a babies life must now be extended to men. A man prior to the babies birth will be given the right to terminate all his future involvement with a baby, both: financial, emotional and otherwise. Expected to be a small minority, the fathers should receive counselling before embarking on this extreme option. This option does solve the date entrapment problem i.e. The using of a mans body solely for fathering a child is regarded as a non-contractual breech of the use of his body, a so called sperm theft.

Men only environments - 'safe havens'

The epidemic rate of malicious false sexual harassment and other charges clearly demonstrate that men need the right to 'safe havens'. A man can suffer false abuse accusations anywhere, for example: a man eating in a restaurant is accused by his waitress of harassment which leads eventually to his work dismissal [Times 16-Jul-96]. Nowhere is safe for a man at present, especially with record levels of sexual harassment charges at work. Some men may experience constant day long verbal abuse in the home from their partners and with record male unemployement the traditional 'safe havens' such as bars and working mens clubs may be unavailable to them.


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