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The Non-Existent, Undocumented Ukraine Famine LIE!



Between 1 and 15 Million Dead

In January 1964, Dana Dalrymple published an article in Soviet Studies, entitled

'The Soviet Famine of 19321934'. He claimed that there were 5,500,000 dead, the

average of 20 various estimates.

One question immediately comes to mind: what are these sources of the 'estimates'

used by the professor?

One of the sources is Thomas Walker, who made the famous 'trip' to Ukraine,

where he 'presumably could speak Russian', according to Dalrymple.

Another source was Nicolas Prychodko, a Nazi collaborator who worked for

the Nazi-controlled 'Minister of Culture and Education' in Kiev. Prychodko was

evacuated West by the Nazis during their retreat from Ukraine. He provided the

gure of seven million dead.

These are followed by Otto Schiller, Nazi civil servant charged with the reorganization

of agriculture in Nazi-occupied Ukraine. His text, published in Berlin in

1943 and claiming 7,500,000 dead, was cited by Dalrymple.

The next source was Ewald Ammende, the Nazi who had not been in Russia since

1922. In two letters published in July and August 1934 in the New York Times,

Ammende spoke of 7,500,000 dead and pretended that in July of that year, people

were dying in the streets of Kiev. A few days later, the NYT correspondent, Harold

Denny, gave the lie to Ammende: 'Your correspondent was in Kiev for several days

last July about the time people were supposed to be dying there, and neither in

the city, nor in the surrounding countryside was there hunger.' Several weeks later,

Denny reported: 'Nowhere was famine found. Nowhere even the fear of it. There

is food, including bread, in the local open markets. The peasants were smiling too,

and generous with their foodstus'.12

Next, Frederick Birchall spoke of more than four million dead in a 1933 article.

At that moment, he was, in Berlin, one of the first U.S. journalists to publicly

support the Hitler r�gime.

Sources six through eight are William H. Chamberlin, twice, and Eugene Lyons,

both anti-Communist journalists. After the war both were prominent members

of the American Committee for the Liberation from Bolshevism (AMCOMLIB),

better known as Radio Liberty. AMCOMLIB funds were raised by 'Crusade for

Freedom', which received 90 per cent of its funds from the CIA. Chamberlin gave a

first estimate of four million and a second one of 7,500,000 dead, the latter number

based on an 'estimate of foreign residents in Ukraine'. Lyons' five million dead

were also the result of noise and rumors, based on 'estimates made by foreigners

and Russians in Moscow'.

The highest figure (ten million) was provided, with no details, by Richard Stallet

of Hearst's pro-Nazi press. In 1932, the Ukrainian population was 25 million


90 Another view of Stalin

Among the twenty sources in Dalrymple's 'academic' work, three come from

anti-Soviet articles in Hearst's pro-Nazi press and five come from far-right publications

from the McCarthy era (19491953). Dalrymple used two German fascist

authors, a former Ukrainian collaborator, a right-wing Russian �migr�, two CIA

collaborators, and a journalist who liked Hitler. A great number of the figures

come from unidentied 'foreign residents in the Soviet Union'.

The two lowest estimates, dated 1933, came from U.S. journalists in Moscow,

known for their professionalism, Ralph Barnes of the New York Herald Tribune

and Walter Duranty of the New York Times. The first spoke of one million and

the second of two million dead of famine.

Two professors to the rescue of Ukrainian Nazis

To help the new anti-Communist crusade and to justify their insane military

buildup, U.S. right-wingers promoted in 1983 a great commemoration campaign of

the '50th anniversary of famine-genocide in Ukraine'. To ensure that the terrifying

menace to the West was properly understood, proof was needed that Communism

meant genocide. This proof was provided by the Nazis and collaborators. Two U.S.

professors covered them up with their academic credentials: James E. Mace, coauthor

of Famine in the Soviet Ukraine, and Walter Dushnyck, who wrote 50 Years

Ago: The Famine Holocaust in Ukraine  Terror and Misery as Instruments of

Soviet Russian Imperialism, prefaced by Dana Dalrymple. The Harvard work contains

44 alleged 19321933 famine photos. Twenty-four come from two Nazi texts

written by Laubenheimer, who credited most of the photos to Ditlo and began

his presentation with a citation from Hitler's Mein Kampf :

'If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples

of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will,

as it did millions of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men.'14

The majority of the DitloLaubenheimer pictures are utter fakes coming from

the immediate World War I era and the 19211922 famine, or else portray misrepresented

and undocumented scenes which do not describe conditions of famineholocaust.


The second professor, Dushnyck, participated as a cadre in the fascist Organization

of Ukrainian Nationalists, which became active at the end of the thirties.

'Scientic' calculations

Dushnyck invented a 'scientic' method to calculate the dead during the 'faminegenocide';

Mace followed his method:

'(T)aking the data according to the 1926 census : : : and the January 17, 1939

census : : : and the average increase before the collectivization : : : (2.36 per cent

per year), it can be calculated that Ukraine : : : lost 7,500,000 people between the

two censuses.'16

These calculations are meaningless.

The world war, the civil wars and the great famine of 19201922 all provoked a

Collectivization and the 'Ukrainian Holocaust' 91

drop in the birth rate. The new generation born in that period reached physical

maturity, 16 years of age, around 1930. The structure of the population would

necessarily lead to a drop in the birthrate in the thirties.

Free abortion had also dramatically reduced the birthrate during the thirties, to

the point where the government banned it in 1936 to increase the population.

The years 19291933 were characterized by great, violent struggles in the countryside,

accompanied by times of famine. Economic and social conditions of this

kind reduce the birthrate.

The number of people registered as Ukrainians changed through inter-ethnic

marriages, changes in the declared nationality and by migrations.

The borders of the Ukraine were not even the same in 1926 and 1939. The Kuban

Cossaks, between 2 and 3 million people, were registered as Ukrainian in 1926,

but were reclassied as Russian at the end of the twenties. This new classication

explains by itself 25 to 40 per cent of the 'victims of the famine-genocide' calculated

by DushnyckMace.17

Let us add that, according to the o-cial gures, the population of Ukraine

increased by 3,339,000 persons between 1926 and 1939. Compare those gures with

the increase of the Jewish population under real genocidal conditions, organized

by the Nazis.18

To test the validity of the 'Dushnyck method', Douglas Tottle tried out an exercise

with gures for the province of Saskatchewan in Canada, where the thirties

saw great farmers' struggles. The repression was often violent. Tottle tried to

'calculate' the number of statistical 'victims' of the 'depression-genocide', caused

by the 1930's Great Depression and Western Canadian drought, complicated by

the right-wing Canadian governments' policies and use of force:

Saskatchewan population 1931 921,785

Saskatchewan population growth 19211931 22%

Projected Saskat



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