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The Unmarried American Woman

According to Population Estimates for the U.S. and States by Single Year of Age and Sex: July 1, 1999: Population Estimates Program, Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, DC 20233 Contact: Statistical Information Staff, Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau 301-457-2422, there were 135,171,000 females in the US in 1996 of whom 106,031,000 were over the age of 15 [read: of marriageable age].

They lived in 101,081,000 households, of which 26,184,000 were married women with children and 27,420,000 were married women without children, leaving 52,427,000 women or 49.4% of them unmarried in 1996, 8,957,000 of them with children.  At that time, this was the highest rate of un-marriage and illegitimacy in US history, but the population, un-marriage, and illegitimacy rates have all increased since then.  As of November 13, 2001, the US population was 285,537,020, which is 8% higher than it was in March 1996, but since we don't know precisely how much the un-marriage and illegitimacy rates have grown since then, the best estimate is that there are now 8% more for a total of 56,621,116 unmarried American women.

The median income of two working parent households was $51,950 which was $33,950 higher than for single women with children, so these 8,957,000 unmarried mothers are living in and raising children in an environment with $1,358,000 less income over a 40 year career.  The median income for the 43,470,000 unmarried women without children is $21,432, which is $37,224 less than that for married households without children where the wife works, or $1,488,960 over a 40 year career.

Not being able to get married costs these 56 million women almost a million and a half dollars in lost income, but their biggest loss, one which is impossible to assign a dollar value to, is the reduced premature mortality rates and better health conditions available to married women.   Compared to married women, divorced or single women are:


Twice as likely to die of circulatory diseases.


Twice as likely to die of cancer.


Three times as likely to die of diabetes.


Four times as likely to be killed in an accident.


Four times as likely to be murdered.


Five times as likely to die of respiratory diseases.


Five times as likely to commit suicide.


Five times as likely to die of cirrhosis.

By making so many American women undesirable as wives and incompetent in their effort to be men, feminism has robbed them of a fortune and given many of them a literal death sentence.  The only thing that their new husband, the government, can do for them is make them once again desirable as faithful wives, and that requires the elimination of the government programs that caused the percentage of unmarried women to skyrocket in the first place, from less than 15% in 1950 to almost 50% today.

After all of the best efforts by that new husband to make women productive members of the economy, the contribution by wives to family incomes is still only 9.6% which isn't enough to pay for the increased child care costs, much less to buy a second car.



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